10 Most Expensive Bicycles in the World in 2022 – Reviews

If you were told right now to imagine the most expensive bike in the world, you wouldn’t be able to come up with a figure close to reality.

For most people, a bike has no business costing more than $2000, and that’s still too high for a majority of them. Still, there are bike enthusiasts who would give anything to own certain bikes, whether they’re a limited edition like the Pinarello Dogma F12 bike or one used by a big name like Lance Armstrong.

Believe it or not, there are expensive bicycles out there that cost more than cars. Below is a list of the top 10 most expensive bicycles in the world and the reasons they cost so much.

Top 10 Most Expensive Bicycles in the World

They don’t vary much in shape or design from conventional bicycles. It’s not like they can outrace a car or fly, but these bikes do cost exorbitantly high that people can’t help but bring them up when it’s all about the most expensive bicycles in the world.

1. 24k Gold Extreme Mountain Bike – $1 Million

The 24k Gold Extreme Mountain Bike leads the top 10 most expensive bikes ever made, costing a mind-blowing $1,000,000. That’s more than several luxury cars combined.

The 24k Gold Extreme Mountain Bike, sometimes known as the Beverly Hills Edition, was designed by Hugh Power of the House of Solid Gold. The bike weighs a whopping 52 pounds.

This bike is more art than a vehicle. It’s electroplated with 24k gold on every metallic surface, features customized emblems that are decorated with 600 black diamonds and 500 golden sapphires, comes with seats made out of alligator skin, and sports a gold-plated water bottle inside a fancy bottle holder.

The House of Solid Gold claimed that it takes 750hrs to make just one bike. Those who buy it have it delivered to their doorstep by Hugh Power himself wearing white gloves.

2. Trek Butterfly Madone – $500 000

Second on the list of the most expensive bicycles in the world, the Trek Butterfly Madone (500,000) was ridden by Lance Armstrong in the 2009 Tour de France race. He’s the reason why the bike cost that much as it was auctioned for that price by Sotheby’s for a cancer benefit program.

The bike was created by Damien Hirst and comes in bright pink with colorful purple patterns. The company behind its design came under fire from animal rights activists who criticized the move to use real butterfly wings on the bike.

The frame of the bike is made out of carbon fiber, and the overall weight is 17 pounds.

3. 24k Gold Racing Bike – $393,000

Designed by Rolls Royce, this all gold plated handcrafted bike can be described as the apex of sophistication, and the price tag is right there to back that claim up.

Everything metallic on the Rolls Royce bike is covered by 24k gold with every sleek design trick put into use to turn the bike into a marvelous piece of machinery.

The solid aluminum gold framework shines bright yellow in the sun, and the riders will feel the most comfortable with the fine leather saddle that has top of the range shock absorbers.

The bicycle is adorned with diamonds and other precious stones in various places. It weighs about 20 pounds.

4. Trek Yoshitomo Nara Speed Concept Bike – $200,000

Another Trek entry, this bicycle (which people often mistakenly call Trek Yoshimoto Nara – $200 000) had been one of the most expensive bicycles in the world for a while before it was unseated by the Butterfly Madone.

The speed bike is designed by Yoshitomo Nara who incorporated the use of cartoonish art on its covered hind wheels, giving it a very quirky and bright appearance. The bike offers one of the best aerodynamics ever seen on a racing bike, thanks to advanced head tubes.

It was used by Lance Armstrong and a host of other famous racers.

This Yoshitomo creation fetched $200,000 at a Sotheby’s charity event, putting it up there among the most expensive bicycles in the world.

5. KAWS Trek Madone – $160,000

The KAWS Trek Madone is another offering from the Trek line of expensive bicycles around the world. It was designed with elegance and comfort as its core, and it does a great job of ensuring that the rider enjoys their journey throughout.

The KAWS Trek Madone received the endorsement of several famous Tour de France racers, including Lance Armstrong.

The bicycle is visually pleasing to the eye; It’s yellow in color and sports a very aesthetic shape built for speed. It has a proprietary chomper teeth pattern in its rims, something that can only be found in KAWS cycling bikes.

The aerodynamics of this 20-pound racing bike is off the charts, thanks to primely positioned drop bars that give the rider the perfect cycling posture for easy control.

6. Aurumania Crystal Edition Gold Bike – $114,000

Manufactured by Aurumania, a French company, this bicycle is a limited edition product that’s designed with that vintage look with everything plated in pure gold.

Unlike other expensive bicycles on this list, the design of the Crystal Edition Gold Bike is really simple.

It has the conventional shape of a racing bicycle with drop bars and a raised seat. At first glance, it’d be hard to accept that it costs $114,000 but it’s worth it.

It’s encrusted with diamonds and a host of other precious stones on its solid frame, as well as on the stem supporting the comfortable leather saddle.

The luxury on this cycling bike that was unveiled in 2008 is subtle and not the flashy kind you’d find on a luxury offering.

7. Trek Madone 7 Diamond – $75,000

This is the fourth Trek making an appearance on this list of most expensive bikes in the world, proof that the Trek brand is a leading player in the luxury cycling industry.

The Trek Madone 7 Diamond is a $75,000 sporting performance machine that’s revered by adventurers and racers alike.

The Trek Madone has a carbon fiber frame that’s encrusted with diamonds and sapphires. It’s also coated with 14-carat yellow and white gold.

Backed by powerful disc brakes, the spokes of the wheels also have diamonds embedded in them, and this makes them glitz when they ride in light.

According to information available online, the bike was auctioned for charity.

8.  Chrome Hearts X Cervelo Mountain Bike – $60,000

This 20-pound masterpiece is a limited edition bicycle born out of the collaborative efforts between Chrome Hearts and Cervelo. The all-black bike is a sight to behold.

The Chrome Hearts X Cervelo mountain bike has a goth-like design that gives it an expensive and luxurious feel. Add the diamond encrusts that dot the bike in various places and the silver cross leather seat, and you’ll start to understand why it costs $60,000.

The rear wheel is covered with a leather canvas that acts as a mural for the iconic silver cross emblem.

Looking at this expensive bicycle, you can’t help feel like you’re staring at a crossbreed between a Harley Davidson machine and a time trial bike.

The design that inspired the Chrome Hearts X Cervelo is another cycling bike by Cervelo called the P4 TT that costs about $6,000.

9. Montante Luxury Gold Collection – $46,000

The Montante Luxury Gold Collection is a women’s luxury bicycle that has been designed with such dexterity that you’d be forgiven not to want to touch it but just marvel at it from a distance. Most of the cycling bike is covered in 24k gold plating, including the frame, the handlebars, the rims, and other metallic components. 

Read this: the expensive bicycle has some parts made out of rare birch wood, which is then plated with gold. The wood is used for the fenders and the pedal supports for providing a good foothold.

The luxury bicycle is also covered with precious Swarovski stones totaling over 4,000.

The saddle is covered with the skin of the Brazilian ball python. The same material has been used for covering the handlebar, the chain, and the bicycle pump.

10. Phanuel Krencker’s Bicyclettes de Luxe – $35,000

The Phanuel Krenker’s is another luxury carbon fiber road bike that takes the simplicity route as it doesn’t have any fancy additions. It’s a pure conventionally designed cycling bike that features a Cyfac frame.

What makes it one of the most expensive bicycles is the quality of the parts used. Chrome finishes with a mirror-polished appearance make it stand out so much in public that it’d be a miracle if you ride along unnoticed.

Designed by the legendary Phanuel Krencker, the expensive bicycle was made as an entry to the annual North American Handmade Bicycle Show. The frame of the bike is crafted out of carbon fiber, making it one of the most luxurious mountain bikes in the world.

5 Factors that Qualify a Luxurious Bike

It’s quite evident that every expensive bicycle on this list is in a league of its own. Even without considering the price, they simply look and feel the part.

This brings up a pertinent question, what makes a cycling bike luxurious? The following are a few pointers.

1. Price

The principle behind the pricing of these expensive bicycles is simple. If it can be afforded by everyone around the world, then it’s just a normal bicycle.

Luxurious bikes have price ranges that would make anyone’s jaw drop to the ground. Some are even costlier than luxury cars—the kind of money a huge chunk of the human population will never come across in their lifetimes.

2. Availability

They aren’t the type of cycling bikes that you ran into on your way to buy groceries at the market.

Luxury bicycles are limited editions; only a handful of them are made and are owned by the elite few. Most of them are kept in display rooms by the rich, never to be seen outside.

3. Precious Stones 

It isn’t a luxury bike unless it’s covered in diamonds, sapphires, and rubies and plated in gold. Otherwise, how will the price tag be justified?

One thing to know about expensive bicycles is that they aren’t infallible; they’ll break like any other bicycle. What sets them apart from most is what is put on them, and the precious stones do the trick.

4. Hand-Crafted

Unlike normal bicycles made by just about anyone in the many bicycle factories across the world, luxury bikes are given special attention. They’re designed by the very best of creators and world-renowned artists.

This is one of the most important allure that expensive bicycles have: the right to name drop the designer in a conversation like it’s nothing.

While users of normal bicycles want to be associated with big brand names, expensive bicycle owners want to be associated with designer names. 

5. Controversy

When Hirst chose to decorate the Butterfly Madone with real butterfly wings, he knew exactly what he was doing and the kind of reaction he was looking for. Controversy sells, and what better way to ramp up publicity than doing something outrageous.

That’s why many expensive bicycles use skins and parts of exotic and rare animals and boast saddles made out of alligator or python hide or handlebars made out of ivory—the sort of thing that would make headlines around the world. 

The Bottom Line

A majority of people will never own even the cheapest bicycle on this list of most expensive bicycles in the world, let alone come close or even see it.

Luxury products like these are made with a specific target in mind, a group of people who don’t mind spending that kind of money on something as superficial as these expensive bicycles. Most will never ride them, in fact.

Expensive bicycles don’t function any differently from normal ones; they just cost a lot more and are equipped with accessories that have very little to do with cycling performance.

Therefore, unless you are the long-lost prodigal son or daughter of Jeff Bezos, you’d be served well managing your stress levels by sticking to your usual $500 road bicycle that has been serving you well through the years.