5 Best Indoor Cycling Shoes For Women in 2022 – Reviews & Top Picks

So, your indoor cycling sessions are going really well and you want to take things to the next level? Well, one of the best things you can do to elevate your spinning game is to invest in a high-quality pair of indoor cycling shoes.

The right pair of indoor cycling shoes will provide unrivaled comfort and will have you spinning more efficiently and more effortlessly than ever before.

However, what makes spinning shoes for women so special? You can, of course, just use a regular pair of shoes but there are things that make cycling shoes for women unique that are worth discussing.

First is what is referred to as the “last” which essentially the overall structure that the cycling shoe is built on. On average, a female’s shoe last is narrower at the ankle and is quite a bit lower in the volume department.

The way the cycling shoes fit at the ankle is crucially important, especially when you’re engaging in long, sweaty spinning sessions.

You want to feel the heel cup of the shoe comfortably hug the back of your foot. This is a sign that you have a correct, secure fit, and a well-supported ankle.

Second are the cleats, which are the fancy name given to the clips at the bottom of the indoor spinning shoes. These sole clips attach to the pedals of your indoor spin bike to provide a secure and comfortable riding experience.

Most indoor bikes use SPD cleats and most indoor bike shoes either have a 2 or 3 hole pattern. SPD cleats are compatible with a 2-hole pattern and most good indoor cycle shoes have this pattern.

Plus, the best women´s indoor cycling shoes allow you to convert from a 2-hole to a 3-hole pattern and vice versa, providing you with the highest compatibility possible.

So, taking all of that on board what are the best pair of spinning shoes on the market today?

At A Glance: Our Top Picks for Best Indoor Cycling Shoes for Women

If you’re in a hurry, you can jump straight into our top picks (these are the indoor cycling shoes for women that most people buy).

  • Pearl Izumi Select Road v5 Women´s Shoes Top Pick
  • Giro Techne Road Cycling Shoes Runner-up
  • TIEM Slipstream Cycling Shoes Runner-up

Top 5 Best Indoor Cycling Shoes for Women – Our Reviews:

1. Pearl Izumi Select Road v5 Women´s Shoes

The Pearl Izumi Select Road v5 are consistently one of the best-selling women´s indoor cycling shoes on the market, and for very good reason.

One of the biggest stand-out features of these Pearl Izumi women´s cycling shoes is how they’re engineered for hot and humid environments. They have an anti-microbial upper mesh which effectively resists nasty odor-causing bugs, which is especially important when you’re engaging in long spinning sessions.

There’s also the PE sock liner and Silvadur anti-microbial material on the top of the shoes which provides further resistance to nasty bacteria.

Finally, the spinning shoe pair has conveniently placed ventilation holes to provide superior breathability for long cycling sessions.

So, these women´s spin shoes score top marks when it comes to cleanliness and anti-microbial activity, but how strong are they?

Well, you’ll be pleased to know that the Pearl Izumi v5’s are incredibly robust and are clearly built to last with attention paid to durability throughout the shoe, from the synthetic leather collar lining all the way through to the closed-cell foam padding. No expense is spared when it comes to these cycling shoes.

The only one small issue in these cycling shoes is that some women find them a little too narrow and the sizing doesn’t agree with them.


  • Top marks for anti-microbial activity for these cycling shoes
  • Superior breathability to keep your feet dry
  • Very strong and durable pair of bike shoes


  • Some women find them a little too narrow for spin bike shoes

2. Giro Techne Road Cycling Shoes

Giro is a name long been associated with high-quality cycling gear and these indoor women’s cycling shoes are no exception.

The cycling shoes are designed to be equal parts attractive and comfortable, a hard balance to strike. They come in a variety of colors but the all-black versions are the most popular and feature some glossy accents on the front.

The cycling shoe option features a three-strap retention system that allows you to adjust the shoe fit to precisely how you want it. This allows for superior comfort for the vast majority of owners of this shoe.

I wore these shoes for hours in my test and they really do keep your feet comfortable for hours on end.

What I love most about these cycling shoes is that, unlike many on the market, these are universal cleat compatible, and work equally well for cleats with 2 and 3 bolt systems.

Each shoe provides very good power transfer but I did have to make sure I was pedaling correctly to make sure of this. As I pedaled more vigorously and felt my heart rate rising, I could then really see the benefits of the cycling shoe’s power transfer.

The nylon outsole conveniently lets you easily mount them either to a mountain bike or road cleats, depending on what you want.

Overall, these are easily one of the best shoes for indoor cycling.


  • Maximum adjustability with three strap system
  • Universal cleat system for maximum compatibility
  • Very high build quality for indoor cycling


  • These spinning shoes can get quite warm around the heel of the foot

3. TIEM Slipstream Cycling Shoes

Next up, we have the TIEM Slipstreams, which are easily one of the most attractive looking pair of spinning shoes on the market. Unlike many indoor cycling shoe options that have somewhat of a clunky and utilitarian look, the TIEM Slipstream can be mistaken for a pair of the latest trendy casual running shoes.

Plus, these spinning shoes come in a dazzling array of colors, from deep maroons to striking blues.

Thankfully, the Slipstream bike shoes do have some serious substance to back up their undeniable style.

They feature engineered mesh that allows superior breathability for long spinning sessions. They also have what is known as a “recessed SPD” assembly with a clever rubber outsole to allow you to easily walk around on these when you are off the bike.

This is huge, as one of the issues a lot of people have is finding these uncomfortable to walk on when not on a bike.

The Slipstreams are compatible with the 2-bolt SPD system, which is by far the most popular type of system in studios. So, these are 100% SPD SL compatible.

The only small downside with the Slipstreams shoe is that it leaves a little to be desired when it comes to comfort.


  • Road shoes are made to be very attractive
  • Wide range of color options to impress at your indoor cycling spin class
  • Recessed SPD for easy walking when off-bike when indoor cycling
  • SPD compatible including SPD SL


  • Not as comfortable as other spin shoes or road bike shoes, so bad for long spinning workout

4. Shimano SH-TR5W Women’s Cycling Shoes

Now we come to the Shimano SH-TR5W spin shoe and what we love most about it is the breathability.

In my tests, I was spinning for over an hour straight, and even as my heart rate was rising, this shoe option impressively kept my feet cool and dry throughout. The manufacturer credits this to what they term “3D breathable” mesh.

The cycling shoes also score high marks in the comfort department. They feature a quick velcro straps design with a wider than normal collar which allows you to effortlessly take them on and off.

This Shimano cycling shoe entry also features a nifty heel loop to let you easily get your finger through the loop and rapidly secure the spinning shoes during busy sessions.

These Shimano shoes are compatible with both 2 and 3-bolt cleat systems, so you don’t have to worry about them not being suitable for the bikes at your local place.

In addition to spinning, they also make for a great road cycling shoe, commonly referred to as a road shoe, and can be used on a mountain bike or hybrid bike for women too.

A final thing you need to know is that the shoes have an ultra-light glass fiber reinforced nylon sole, which is quite the mouthful but results in unrivaled comfort and stability, while the shell-shaped insole further helps in the comfort department.

These really are some of the best indoor cycling shoes on the market right now.


  • This spin shoe has great breathability for spin shoes
  • SPD compatible spin shoes for women including SPD SL
  • Very comfortable on the foot with adjustable velcro straps for long spin classes
  • A large number of shoe sizes in stock across many retailers


  • Uninspiring utilitarian shoe design

5. Tommaso Pista 100

Last up, we have the Tommaso Pista 100’s. The thing I noticed most about the Pista 100’s was just how durable they are without sacrificing too much comfort.

They can surely handle a vigorous pedal stroke or 10! Their durability is achieved by the strong synthetic leather upper with carefully positioned ventilated mesh areas.

The Pista 100’s are also incredibly breathable spinning shoes. They feature a breathable perforated tongue that provides superior moisture removal as well as mesh inserts throughout the upper of the shoe.

The shoes also have a breathable line which is very effective at wicking away moisture, and, finally, a conveniently placed airport that further improves ventilation and goes a long way in keeping your feet dry and cool during long, intense spinning sessions.

The Pista 100’s also score full marks for compatibility as they’re suitable for both the 2 and 3 cleat bolt patterns.

What we love most about the Pista 100 is how surprisingly comfortable they are when not on the bike.

This is an area where a lot of women´s indoor cycling shoes fall short. They are great when you’re on the bike but super uncomfortable to walk around when you’re off it.

The Pista 100’s have innovative non-skid walking strips that any woman would appreciate, which provide unrivaled comfort, stability, and grip when walking off the bike and makes them truly some of the best indoor cycling shoes on the market.

These are one of the few pairs that can also be used as mountain biking shoes or mountain bike shoes.


  • Very durable cycling spin shoe for your feet
  • Great spin shoes for wearing off-cycle in spinning class too
  • Shoes are compatible with many spin bikes including SPD SL


  • Some women have experienced sizing issues for their feet
  • Some not keen on the use of plastic on these athletic shoes

The Bottom Line

That’s our breakdown best indoor cycling shoes for ladies on the market today. While this covers the main best shoes on the market, I must give honorable mentions to the Giro Espada Boa, Louis Garneau Granite 2, and other Garneau women shoes as they narrowly missed this shortlist, but especially the Louis Garneau Granite 2!

If you want a cycling shoe that delivers the goods without sacrificing style, then I highly recommend the TIEM Slipstreams.

If robustness and durability are of paramount importance to you when it comes to women´s cycling shoes then look no further than the Giro Techne Road Cycling Shoes.

Finally, if you’re looking for a great pair of all-rounder women´s cycling shoes that are breathable, durable, and look great then the Pearl Izumi Select Road v5’s are the ones!