Bike Handlebar Types: Which is the Best?

The handlebar is one of the most important parts of the bicycle. It’s the steering wheel without which, nothing much can be done. Bike handlebars come in varying shapes and sizes depending on the bike model and the purpose of the bike. Whether it’s something as simple as flat bars or one as complicated as … Read more

How to Clean and Lube Your Bike Chain? 4 Tried-and-Tested Ways

Every part of the bike is essential to its function, but there are others that carry more weight.  You can ride a bike without brakes or even a saddle, but without a chain, it’s nothing but a dud with wheels. No chains, no ride. To ensure that your chain works efficiently and stays for long, … Read more

How to Remove Bike Pedals?

Many bikers hardly give any serious thought about their pedal. However, there comes a time when you’ll have to remove it to maybe install new flat pedals, upgrade it, or dismantle it for shipping purposes. You don’t have to visit the local bike shop for the simple task of removing your bicycle pedals. I have … Read more

Steel vs Aluminum Bike: Which Should You Buy?

Many often claim that the most important aspect to consider before purchasing a bike is its frame material. I stand by their claims as frame material is crucial in determining the total weight, ride quality, handling, and lifespan of your two-wheeled companion. Now, there are four primary options you can choose from in terms of … Read more

How to Measure Bike Wheel Size? 4-Step Guide

Measuring the bike wheel size is an exciting topic among many bike enthusiasts. This, however, can be a pretty confusing subject for new owners as it requires some level of knowledge. This makes it important to update yourself and learn everything you can on the topic. It’s essential because information on measuring your bicycle wheel … Read more

What is the Average Speed of a Beginner and Experienced Cyclists?

Probably the most asked question regarding cycling is about the average speed of both a beginner rider and an experienced cyclist.  All bikers want to know the standard that they should aspire to or maintain the next time they take their bike out for a ride. The answer to this question, however, is not all … Read more

What Size Bike Do I Need? Bike Size Charts & Buying Tips

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, many have started riding bikes in a bid to improve or maintain their fitness levels. However, many often make the grave mistake of splurging on a new bike without assessing the bike fit to one’s body size. When consumers get on an ill-fitting bike, they’ll experience discomfort, pain, … Read more

How to Treat and Prevent Saddle Sores?

It’s common for many cyclists to suffer from saddle sores after an extended period of riding sessions. Even the most prepared riders, say a triathlete, can experience the side-effects of long-duration cycling as the nether regions, irrespective of how well-protected, are continuously subjected to moisture, chafing, heat, and pressure. Saddle sores can be quite an … Read more

Road vs Hybrid Bike: Which Should You Buy?

If your cycling needs are limited to exercise, commuting, and recreation, you have two options: a hybrid or a road bike. Still, you shouldn’t buy either one at random or just because you like the color.  While both types of bikes are great choices, they excel in different areas. As such, before making your choice … Read more

10 Best Gifts for Cyclists in 2020 – Top Picks

Gifting has always been a tricky business that is dependent on many variables. There’s the aspect of familiarity; how well do you know the person you are gifting? Then you have also to consider their favorite preferences and the significance of the occasion. You also have to consider the availability of the gift. Does your … Read more