9 Best Bike Racks for Small Homes and Apartments in 2022 – Reviews & Top Picks

You’re a cyclist who loves to travel on your bike. However, you live in a small home or apartment and can’t simply lock your bike outdoors.

Bike theft in apartment complexes is very common and no one wants to get their expensive bike practically handed on a silver platter to an opportunist bike thief.

So naturally, you bring your bike inside your home. However, bikes take up a huge amount of space, leaving the rest of your home even more cramped than before.

The solution to this conundrum is a bike rack. Bike racks use the space available in a room in ingenious ways to help store bikes easily.

Below are some of the best indoor bike racks currently available. While there are a lot of products out there to choose from, the products below not only provide good value for money but are bound to make the life of any biker a lot easier and more efficient.

At A Glance: Our Top Picks for Best Bike Racks for Small Homes and Apartments

If you’re in a hurry, you can jump straight into our top picks (these are the bike racks for small homes and apartments that most people buy).

  • Delta Cycle Michelangelo Top Pick
  • Feedback Sports Velo Column Runner-up
  • The Container Store Ceiling Mount Rack Runner-up

Top 9 Best Bike Racks for Small Homes and Apartments – Our Reviews:

1. Delta Cycle Michelangelo

Simple to install and easy to use, the Delta Cycle Michelangelo is a bike rack that makes perfect use of any empty wall space.

Although one can fasten the rack to the wall with a help of a screw, it can also be used in free-standing mode by merely placing it on the floor and supported via the nearest wall. The silver color of the metal tubes disappears into the background so that the rack doesn’t look prominent in your living room.

Another great aspect about the rack is that it supports up to two bikes. The two arms of the bike rack work independently to adequately hold bikes with slanted frames.

Bikes of every size can easily fit on the stand. However, the rack does have a weight limit of 100 pounds.

Overall, the Michelangelo is a simple and affordable bike storage solution for all.


  • Great design enables it to be either fastened to the wall or used as is
  • Very affordable


  • No choice of different colors

2. Feedback Sports Velo Column

A long sturdy column with dual bike supports, the Velo looks like a Christmas tree more than a bike stand.

This free-standing structure is made mostly from aluminum and takes up a relatively small area. The two molded arms are designed to keep your bike stationary and can even be adjusted according to different frame geometry.

To hang your bike, simply lift the bike up and place it into any of the two arms. A basket is fastened to the rack as well for safekeeping of various bike accessories.

Some might find the Velo Column a little expensive. However, it’s a very useful accessory that saves precious space in cramped living areas.


  • Easy mounting and dismounting
  • Comes with a basket for keeping bike accessories


  • Most expensive rack on this list

3. The Container Store Ceiling Mount Rack

Of all the bike storage solutions out there, The Container Store Ceiling Mount Rack is the most unconventional.

This bike storage rack is basically a metal pulley system designed to be attached to a roof. Two bike hooks are placed at each end of the pulley system.

With one hook connected to the bike handle and the other hook placed under the seat post, a little tug of the lifting rope propels the bike up to the ceiling with minimum energy. A wall mounting accessory is provided to fasten the lifting rope.

The Container will keep your bike suspended from the ceiling, making the whole system look more like an art piece than a ceiling-mounted rack.

The mechanism, however, supports only one bicycle with a weight of less than 50 pounds. The Container is also crazy cheap!


  • Provides an ingenious method of bicycle storage (by using the empty space of a ceiling)
  • Most affordable rack on this list


  • To keep the bike stationary, it’s imperative that one doesn’t inadvertently touch it

4. Topeak One Up Bike Holder

The Topeak vertical bike rack is designed for maximum usage of empty storage space.

This indoor bike rack is made of two parts, both fastened to a wall. The top part holds the front wheel of the bike as well as any related accessories while the bottom part is for preventing rear wheels from leaving marks on clean white walls.

The left portion of the top part can hold anything from bike helmets to locks to jackets and bags. Molded rubber pasted into the top part prevents the front tire from rotating at will.

Made from a combination of aluminum and plastic, the rack itself is fairly lightweight at only one and a half pounds. It supports a single bike with a weight limit of up to 35 pounds.


  • Support provided for holding bike accessories
  • Uses extra space in an efficient manner


  • Customer would need to fasten each of the two parts to a wall

5. Iberia Horizontal Wall Hanger

Arguably the smallest bike rack on this list, the Iberia is made from aluminum for extra durability. The rack itself is fairly lightweight and can hold a single bike with a weight limit of 40 pounds.

The two arms that hold your bike are made from ABS foam to prevent damage to the bike’s frame during mounting or dismounting. The arms can also move independently from each other, to cater to different forms of frames.

The best thing about the Iberia is that it isn’t visible at all when a bike is placed on it. This storage rack is an efficient and cost-effective solution for riders who want to use empty spaces on their wall.


  • Blends into its surroundings due to its small size
  • Lightweight aluminum frame


  • Weight capacity is a little low

6. Steadyrack Classic Rack

This wall-mounted bike rack from Steadyrack is a cool little wall mount designed to make the most of empty spaces in corners.

The best thing about the Steadyrack is that the bike frame can be folded along the wall or directly perpendicular to the wall.

When not in use, the Steadyrack can be easily folded back into its base to prevent uninhibited motion across the room.

All sizes of tires, even the large 29-inch ones, can easily fit on this rack. The only lacking aspect is that each rack only supports a single bike.

This bike rack is an absolute must-have for people fed up with having to stress about the safety of their bikes in apartment complexes.


  • Can be folded to save space
  • Simple to set up


  • Each Steadyrack only supports one bike

7. Cyclingdeal Bicycle Rack

Perfect for the whole family, this floor rack can easily hold four bikes or more. Made from reinforced steel, the Cyclingdeal bike rack is stable and sturdy. The powder-coated black glossy finish increases the rack’s visual appeal.

Each bike’s front or rear end tire is fixated in a metal clip that holds the tire firmly. For two parallel bikes, make sure that they’re fastened via their front and rear concurrently to save maximum space.

The rack can easily fit tires of all types, including mountain bike tires. This bike rack provides a simple solution to use minimum floor space for the bikes of the whole family.


  • Perfect space-saving solution for the whole family
  • Built for long term use


  • People may bump into it due to its long thin design

8. Gladiator Advanced Ceiling Mount Claw

A minimalist solution to store your bike vertically, this is a roof-mounted claw that opens and closes to hang a bike of every size from either its front or rear wheels.

Made from PVC, the mount easily attaches to the roof via screws. The claw is large enough to support a bike tire of almost every size. However, bikes heavier than 50 pounds aren’t recommended to be hung on the claw.

While a single Mount Claw can easily hang bikes vertically, the addition of another claw lets you hold your bike horizontally on the ceiling as well.

A single Gladiator Mount Claw is quite affordable and is a versatile and easy solution for anyone looking to use the extra ceiling space for their bike.


  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Very affordable design


  • Long term use may damage the claw as it is built out of PVC

9. Delta Cycle Pablo 2 Bike Rack

The Pablo 2 is an easy to use and lightweight wall mounted storage solution that can hold up to two bikes with a combined weight of 65 pounds.

The support arms are coated with vinyl to ensure minimal damage to bike frames. Another great thing about the rack is that it folds into itself when not in use so as not to take up valuable space.

Moreover, mounting a bike on the Pablo 2 is as easy as lifting it up and placing it on the rack.

With an affordable price tag, the Pablo 2 is a great bargain for a stainless steel wall hanger that holds up to 2 bikes.


  • Can fold into itself to save space
  • Stainless steel frame ensures no danger of rusting


  • Build quality could have been improved


Not all of us live in huge mansions and rental properties in most urban areas are expensive. Therefore, there’s a need to use the minimum amount of space in the most efficient manner.

For bikers who live in small spaces, indoor bike racks provide a fairly efficient way of using the space to store both road bikes and mountain bikes. With the ingenious use of either walls or ceilings, bicycle storage has never been easier.

For those looking for a cost-effective wall mount for bike storage, I would recommend the Pablo 2. Designed to last a long time, the Pablo 2 can keep up to two bikes safe and secure.

For those looking for a cheap hook-supported ceiling mount, The Container hook mount is the perfect option. The hook mechanism included provides a very efficient way of keeping a bicycle suspended from the roof.

If you want more than just a cost-effective solution to store your bike, you can’t do better than the Feedback Sports Velo Column. Its strong and stable design not only holds more than one bike, but storage is also included for bike accessories.