8 Best Women’s Bike Helmets in 2022 – Reviews & Top Picks

Bike helmets to a cyclist are like a shield to a warrior.

It won’t entirely guarantee your safety, but you’ll at least know that the damage incurred is as minimal as possible. That’s what makes having a helmet is essential as you go out for a ride.

There’s no way of ever predicting what may happen on the road; being ready for everything is what prevention is all about. Helmets come in many sizes and shapes, and although they can be considered to be unisex and suitable for people of all genders, there are certain types of helmets that work best for female riders as they were designed with women in mind.

This will be a detailed look at some of the best bike helmets for women on the market. We’ll explore their design and the aspects that make them a hit and a miss, then wrap it all up with a buying guide to help you find the one that’ll suit you well.

At A Glance: Our Top Picks for Best Women’s Bike Helmets

If you’re in a hurry, you can jump straight into our top picks (these are the women’s bike helmets that most people buy).

  • Arx PLUS Bike Helmet Top Pick
  • Giro Reverb Bike Helmet Runner-up
  • Bell Women’s Spark MIPS Runner-up

Top 8 Best Women’s Bike Helmets – Our Reviews:

1. Arx PLUS Bike Helmet

The Arx PLUS manufacturer claims it to be the best women´s helmet that also features a special MIPS brain protection system; whether that can be verified to be true or not is up in the air. However, what can be proven beyond any doubt is that the helmet does deliver on the protection and comfort front.

It’s a lightweight product equipped with enough ventilation holes to allow the unrestricted flow of air through your head and give you a soothing, cooling effect on the road. It’s also lined with a reflective decal that increases visibility on the road at night to prevent accidents and injuries when cycling.

The helmet is designed for seasoned riders who love taking part in races as it possesses great aerodynamics.

The material used in the construction is polycarbonate shell infused with an impact absorbent foam liner which gives the helmet a distinct bounce when you hit the road. This helps to dissipate most of the force from a fall away from the head.


  • MIPS brain injury protection
  • Great aerodynamics
  • Comfortable fit
  • A reflective decal for visibility
  • Optimization ventilation system


  • The straps can be a little distracting
  • Some of the vents are too large

2. Giro Reverb Bike Helmet

The Giro Reverb is one of the best women´s bike helmets from one of the top manufacturers of bike gears. It sports a sophisticated design that makes it appear costlier than it really is.

It has a removable visor that can be fitted back on at any time easily for extra temple protection. There’s also an Auto Loc fitting system that gives the user the freedom to adjust the fit of the helmet to attain a secure and comfortable hold.

The construction is courtesy of a polycarbonate material with an EPS liner inside to give the helmet better protection and strength against impacts. It also comes with 9 vents to give the wearer all the air circulation they need, even if they have a lot of helmet hair on their heads.

The urban look of the helmet makes it the ideal gear to wear to your luster rides around the city. It also comes in many bright colors, so you can whatever fits your style.


  • Multiple stylish colors
  • Stunning design
  • 9 Air vents
  • Removable visor
  • Solid polycarbonate build
  • Auto Loc fit system


  • Prone to scratches and dulling of the paint job

3. Bell Women’s Spark MIPS

This is the ultimate MIPS helmet for women mountain biking adventurers who have no qualms pushing through thickets at full speeds. It has the hardiest constructions of all bike helmets for women, and it has all that well hidden under a stunning exterior.

This mountain bike helmet for women employs a unique In-Mold system that offers longevity and maximum protection by combining the outer hard shell with an EPS foam liner on the inside; you’ll barely feel the impact if you happen to get into a road accident.

To further reinforce it, there’s another MIPS layer that’s the safety assurance you need to go for this helmet without thinking twice.

The Bell Women’s Spark MIPS helmet may have a universal sizing design. Still, it also comes with its own dial system that helps you further refine the fit, providing you with the most comfortable helmet you’ll ever come across.

The visor is also adjustable; you can flip it a little over the eyes to shield it from flying debris as you go mountain biking.


  • Looks good
  • Handles rough environments well
  • Durable
  • Extra protective layers
  • Best women mountain bike helmet
  • Expanded polystyrene foam liner


  • Limited vents
  • A bit steep in price

4. Giro Vasona

Giro is a bike maker based in the United States of America, and the Giro Vasona helmet is one of the best women´s bike helmets around that’s not only stylish but also budget-friendly and packed with some good features that you’d normally find in high-end helmets.

This compact women´s helmet has enough air vents that are complemented by a lightweight construction, which reduces the strain on the rider’s head. To make it a universal helmet, the Giro Vasona has the Roc Loc Sport system, a fit-all adjustment feature that lets you determine how tight or loose the helmet fits the head.

With 12 ventilation holes and quick-dry inner padding, you’ll never have to worry about sweat dripping down from your head as you power up a steep climb in the hot summer sun. The visor on this commuter helmet for women is also removable and comes in an assortment of colors.


  • Stylish design
  • Multiple color options
  • Affordable
  • Has MIPS
  • Versatile
  • Roc Loc system


  • The straps are a little invasive

5. Thousand Women’s Anti-Theft Guarantee Bike Helmet

For such a mouthful name, the Thousand Women’s Anti-Theft Guarantee Bike Helmet is an interesting product.

As far as elegance is concerned, the safety helmet designed for women does pack a stunning visual look; it gives off a racer-bike vibe due to the neat aerodynamics that are the hallmarks of its design.

The safety helmet comes with a feature called “Poplock” that allows the biker to lock the helmet onto their bike when not in use, hence the name. Although nicking a helmet isn’t worth the risk, if anyone happens to have any ill designs towards your helmet, then they’ll have to carry the whole bicycle along with it.

This helmet for women is equipped with a dial fit system at the back that lets you loosen and tighten the helmet depending on how you want it to stay on your head. Other outstanding helmet features is the ponytail compatible design that allows for riders with long hair to simply tuck their hair inside the helmet without affecting the fit.

Lastly, the helmet has about 7 air vents and 3 cooling channels to help keep your head cool all through.


  • Appealing helmet design
  • Ponytail compatible for long hair
  • Lightweight
  • Sufficient air vents to keep you cool
  • Sustainable microfiber vegan straps
  • Dial fit system


  • Expensive

6. Bern Allston Bike Helmet

The Bern Allston is a product of the Bern brand that’s also actively involved in the creation of bicycle accessories of all kinds.

The helmet designed for women employs the unique Zipmold construction, a technology that’s only unique to Bern helmets. This gives the cycling helmet a longer lifespan and a better multi-directional impact protection system for the rider, which is a valuable safety feature.

The helmet has a 360° retention system with a BOA dial, which helps with the easy adjustment of the helmet size to fit your head perfectly without leaving any wiggling room or going in too tight. The helmets have 16 ventilation holes for cooling and allowing fresh air to flow through your long hair as you speed down the road on a hot summer afternoon.

This helmet for women also has a moisture control liner that combines well with the flip visor to help you protect your head. There are also hole mounts in the rear of the helmet for attaching a road helmet light in case you find yourself caught by darkness.


  • Helmet light mounts
  • Flippable visor
  • Good looking
  • Lightweight
  • Sufficient vents
  • 360° retention system


  • Visor clips break easily
  • A bit costly
  • Can’t take too much damage

7. Liv Coveta MIPS Helmet

Liv is a rare bicycle maker who manufactures bikes and accessories for women only, and the Liv Coveta MIPS doesn’t hold back on the quality associated with the Liv brand.

The MIPS bike helmet for women is stylish; it sports a flowing pattern of running strips that start from the back, waving towards the front with large ventilation holes strategically placed across the whole surface to give you the most airflow needed to keep your head cool.

The interior of the helmet is made of a soft absorbent material that absorbs any sweat. The material is treated with anti micro bacterial solutions to prevent any build-up of bacteria in such a closed space as well as reduce odors.

The outer shell of the cycling helmet for women is made through a combination of five in-mold micro shells that overlay a continuous inner shell for a solid construction that can withstand any mild accident.

The way Liv helmets have been able to integrate aesthetics and maximum protection is the kind of engineering that will leave any bike lover speechless.


  • Lightweight helmet
  • Excellent ventilation system
  • Has MIPS and rotational safety
  • Cheap
  • Good pro cycling look
  • Anti-bacterial padding


  • The extra MIPS layer makes it too tight at times
  • Only 2 color options
  • Lacks good aerodynamics
  • Still heavier than better models

8. POC Tectal

The name POC is not new in the bike cycles; it’s a company involved with the manufacture of bikes and their accompanying accessories. Among the many products in their assembly line is the POC Tectal helmet designed for female road cyclists.

The Swedish-made helmet for women is designed for trail biking. It comes with a visor that gives the rider ample protection from the temple areas going all the way to the back of the head; this will render any hanging branch harmless.

This helmet is a great option also because it’s equipped with about 17 air vents for good airflow and providing an avenue for the sweat to evaporate out as you move along; this level of cooling is crucial for your hair and a comfortable ride.

This helmet for women has a 360° chin strap system that helps secure the helmet well on the head, stopping any unnecessary movement as well as countering against rotational forces.

The helmet also has aramid fibers that reinforce the helmet’s structural integrity, which is further backed by an EPS liner. This means that the helmet can get a good beating but still remain intact, which is exactly what you need to protect you from head injuries.


  • Well ventilated
  • Solid construction
  • Comfortable on the head
  • Comes in three color options
  • Comes in over 5 sizes
  • Lightweight
  • High-quality materials


  • Lacks rotational impact protection
  • Costly
  • Not ideal for people with round-shaped heads
  • No place to position a rear light

Things to Consider When Buying the Best Women´s Helmet

There are countless reasons for selecting one helmet for women over the other. It may be due to a recommendation you received or how it looks.

However, to truly get a helmet that’ll protect you well, you need to pay attention to the following crucial factors.


When getting a helmet, another feature to consider is adjustability. Get a helmet that has a dial system that lets you change the fit.

Just like a cap, you’ll never get a bike helmet that precisely fits you as they’re usually made with universal measurements in mind. Therefore, get one that allows you to adjust the fit on the go.

Safety Standards

Safety features are the main reason why bike helmets for women exist, so the one you go for must, at least, address your safety needs.

Keep an eye out for the material used to make the outer shell, the presence of MIPS, padded interiors, and how the general feel of the whole product. Just run your hands over the bike helmet, and you’ll be able to gauge how protective it would be.

Bike helmets that use safety technology should rank highly on your list. Also, go for helmets that have been certified by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Your Features

Your head shape and the amount of hair will determine the kind of bike helmet for women that you need. There are bike helmets designed for narrow heads and others for rounder heads.

Try fitting different ones at the shop till you get one that gels well with your head. If you have big hair, find a ponytail compatible helmet that allows you to tuck the hair inside the helmet.


Most helmets start from $40 and the higher you go the better they become. However, cheap doesn’t necessarily mean that the helmet can’t handle the simple role of shielding you from injuries.

If you can afford the higher-end types then good for you, but there’s absolutely no reason to break the bank for a $200 helmet when a $40 one can do just fine.

The Bottom Line

In some places, it’s mandatory for people to wear a bike helmet when out riding. Regardless of that, if you’re a serious cyclist, wearing a helmet should come as naturally as drinking water, considering it’s for your safety.

The list mentions some very good helmets, but you can always expand your search to increase the likelihood of finding the best road bike helmet from the top helmet manufacturers.