6 Best Winter Bike Helmets in 2022 – Reviews & Top Picks

Riding a bike in winter has its own little perks. Not only does winter riding provide a good avenue for exercise in cold weather, but it also enables riders to push themselves and their bikes to the limit.

However, winter riding comes with its own set of hazards. The trails are more slippery and there’s always a chance of plunging headfirst into the snow.

Therefore, good quality winter bicycle helmets not only need to provide adequate protection but are also required to keep bikers warm and comfortable in unforgiving temperatures.

The list below introduces six of the top winter bicycle helmets currently on the market. While there’s a lot of options and suggestions to choose from, I think each of the six products below provide the best value for money for bikers looking to brave the cold.

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At A Glance: Our Top Picks for Best Winter Bike Helmets

If you’re in a hurry, you can jump straight into our top picks (these are the winter bike helmets that most people buy).

  • Giro Timberwolf Top Pick
  • Garneau Ghost Runner-up
  • Lazer Dissent Winter Bike Helmet Runner-up

Top 6 Best Winter Bike Helmets – Our Reviews:

1. Giro Timberwolf

Being the most renowned bike accessory brand, Giro successfully created a stunning helmet in the shape of the Timberwolf. Widely considered to be the best winter bike helmet today, the Timberwolf provides a slew of features to make winter cycling as comfortable as possible.

Made from polycarbonate in-mold construction, EPS padding provides bikers considerable protection against head-on collisions. Insulation is provided by an internal fleece liner that keeps the head warm in any temperature.

The best thing about this product is that it comes with a retractable air vent at the top that can be opened or closed at will. There are a dozen other ducts to regulate ventilation, too.

Additional features include insulated ear pads and a removable summer liner. The back of the helmet even has support for fastening sunglasses.

Overall, this bike helmet provides great safety and comfort at an affordable cost.


  • One of the more affordable winter headwear currently available
  • Retractable top vent


  • None so to speak

2. Garneau Ghost

Weighing only 350 grams due to its microplastic shell, the Ghost is a capable winter bike helmet perfect for riding in every season.

A great thing about the Ghost is that it can be used as a helmet year-round due to detachable ear flaps that can be easily removed in the summer. A total of 10 ducts open into internal evacuation channels that ensure good ventilation throughout.

A goggle fastener is also provided to firmly attach goggles to the helmet.

Moreover, the internal lining not only keeps the rider warm but is also extremely comfortable. This comes in very handy during long journeys.

The helmet meets both ASTM and CPSC safety standards as well, ensuring that bikers are adequately protected against harsh riding conditions.

Lastly, the Garneau Ghost is one of the cheapest winter helmets out there.


  • Great all-weather helmet
  • Extremely affordable
  • Snug-fitting; ensures a comfortable ride


  • The aerodynamic nature of the helmet could be improved

3. Lazer Dissent Winter Bike Helmet

As an entry-level option, the Lazer Dissent is a dependable helmet that scores high marks on both safety and comfort.

Available in a variety of customizable colors, this helmet has a stylish aerodynamic design with 13 vents to provide good ventilation.

Built in line with CPSC impact standards, this bike helmet will stand both the test of time and repeated use. MIPS protection is sadly not included and in its place, the Rollsys system envelops the head completely to protect against impacts.

One of the few negative aspects about the helmet is that goggles don’t go well with the helmet and will end up making the rider uncomfortable over the long run. In addition, the bike’s relatively high price point is also something that’s likely to make customers opt for cheaper models.


  • Rollsys protection included
  • Great stylish design


  • Some people may be put off by the shaky fitting of goggles to the helmet

4. Smith Vantage Snow Helmet

Designed with superior protection and durability in mind, the Smith Vantage is made of a tough ABS hard shell designed to survive every conceivable hit.

Good ventilation is ensured by a whopping 21 vents. This is further complemented by a Dual Regulator Climate Control that opens or closes the front and rear vents according to the biker’s needs.

The ear protection provided is removable as well so as to support the helmet for all-weather use. Unparalleled impact coverage to the scalp is provided by MIPS that slides to protect the skull cap during collisions.

The Vantage is for the serious professionals who wish to push themselves and their bikes to the limit. If it weren’t for its high cost, the Vantage would be the best winter helmet on this list.


  • Perfect for people who love extreme winter biking
  • Plush interior is not only comfortable but also ensures a great fit


  • One of the more costly helmets

5. Bern Macon 2.0

Boasting an aerodynamic design and lightweight micro plastic construction, the Macon 2.0 is among the most affordable cycling helmets for the unforgiving winter weather.

MIPS protection is included to prevent brain injuries from rotational motion while the retention system can be easily adjusted to heads of all sizes.

The design of Macon 2.0 ensures that space remains between the base layer and the head to allow for a cycling cap to be worn comfortably.

A dozen vents are interspersed throughout the helmet frame to make sure that proper ventilation is provided to the rider in all temperatures.

The Macon 2.0 provides sufficient features that will be embraced by both entry-level bikers and athletes.


  • One of the more affordable winter helmets
  • Great ventilation on the inside even if the fit is tight


  • Some people may not like its shoddy build quality

6. Specialized Centro

The Centro is a lightweight winter helmet with a body made from an in-molded plastic shell.

One of the great features of the Centro is its variable fit, meaning riders of different sizes can use the same bike helmet with a little tweaking.

Almost two dozen vents are built into the frame and the rear vent also works with every type of cable lock to deter theft.

A cool little feature of the Centro is its rear LED light that apprises the people below regarding the rider’s location in limited visibility. Unfortunately, there’s no ear coverage which is something that winter riders can’t live without.


  • One helmet can fit people of all sizes
  • Rear LED light is helpful in the dark


  • A lack of ear pads will make some customers opt for other options


A bike helmet for cold weather not only has to provide superior head protection against all kinds of threats, but it also has to keep the biker warm.

While some bikers may be tempted to use ski helmets during their mountain biking exploits (due to the superior hard shells of such headgear), the fact remains that a ski helmet warms the scalp a lot more than a mountain bike helmet.

Therefore, a dedicated bike helmet is necessary that not only works in winter but also in summer equally well.

For those starting out, I would recommend the Ghost from the renowned bike accessory brand Garneau. The Ghost is an affordable and dependable helmet perfect for beginners.

For those unfazed by high costs, there’s no better helmet than the Smith Vantage. Thanks to its use of some of the most revolutionary protective technology out there, the Vantage ensures both unparalleled comfort and safety against all types of foes.