10 Best Upright Exercise Bikes in 2022 – Reviews & Top Picks

With schedules becoming more packed and days becoming more hectic, it’s becoming difficult to make time for exercise in a park or gym.

For those who wish to burn excess calories but unfortunately do not have the luxury of time to accomplish this in the outdoors, this represents a conundrum. How do they exercise without leaving the comfort of their home?

Thankfully, upright exercise bikes offer a simple solution to this problem. Upright exercise bikes (or spin bikes) are stationary bikes that individuals can mount and exercise on, exercising a range of body parts such as the hands, torso, and legs to burn calories.

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At A Glance: Our Top Picks for Best Upright Exercise Bikes

If you’re in a hurry, you can jump straight into our top picks (these are upright exercise bikes that most people buy).

  • Schwinn 130 Upright Bike Top Pick
  • Proform Studio Bike Pro Runner-up
  • Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Resistance Bike Runner-up

Top 10 Best Upright Exercise Bikes – Our Reviews:

The list below introduces ten of the top upright exercise bikes currently on the market. While there’s a lot of options to choose from, I think the ten exercise bikes below provide the best value for money for fitness freaks.

1. Schwinn 130 Upright Bike

With a minimalist design inspired by bikes in popular science fiction films, this upright bike combines great performance and comfort in an affordable package.

The frame is designed to mimic the experience of riding a regular bike. The resistance system is magnetic and contains a whopping 22 levels for users to power through.

The large LCD is easy to control and comes pre-installed with almost a dozen workout programs. Heart rate sensors are included as well in addition to dual speakers and a water bottle holder.

The bike is shipped disassembled and users are bound to be taken aback by the sheer number of components that they have to put together themselves. However, an easy to read instruction manual is included for quick assembly.

The seat post is designed for maximum comfort and will support user weight of up to 150 kilograms. It’s also easily adjustable, making the bike useful for people of various heights.

The Schwinn 130 stationary bike sits comfortably in a price range affordable by most prospective customers. Easy to use and maintain, I vote the Schwinn 130 to be the best upright exercise bike currently available.


  • Affordable considering the level of features offered
  • Magnetic resistance makes these bikes very quiet
  • Lots of positive exercise bike reviews


  • Requires self-assembly by customers

2. Proform Studio Bike Pro

With a complicated visual design, this upright bike from Proform is designed for individuals who command a deeply immersive training regimen.

With 22 different resistance levels, every type of fitness athlete will find it easy to complete his or her training on this bike. The levels gradually rise up in difficulty chronologically.

The belt drive is enclosed in a see-through case that adds to the visual beauty of this upright exercise bike. The supports at the base also include pop-out wheels to easily transfer the upright bike from one point to the next.

The 10-inch high definition screen not only has hundreds of pre-installed classes but also displays important data such as heart rate, pacing, calorie loss, and kinematics.  A free subscription for online competitions is included as well which allows the user to compete against athletes online.

Overall, the Proform Upright exercise bike is a beautiful and stylish machine fit for both joggers and high-performance athletes.


  • Takes up small space, making it the perfect upright bike for small homes
  • Athletes and professionals can also train on this upright exercise bike
  • Beautiful casing and design


  • Not for weekend joggers
  • Frictional resistance may result in noise

3. Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Resistance Bike

This stationary exercise bike is one of the cheapest on this list. Ergonomically designed for the right posture, this magnetic upright exercise bike is primarily meant for recreational fitness sessions at the comfort of home.

A cool thing about this exercise bike is the pulse sensor built into both handlebars. Simply grabbing the bars for a couple of seconds will display a user’s pulse on the LCD screen.

Eight levels of magnetic resistance enable a quiet and hassle-free training regimen, too.

The bike’s 2-way adjustable seat is foam-filled and will easily support a user weight of up to 140 kilograms. Each purchase of this upright bike comes with a month-long money-back guarantee to ensure a hassle-free return if a user finds the bike less than satisfactory.

Perfect for a low impact workout, the Sunny upright exercise bike is a cost-effective solution for maintaining your fitness level at home. While not for intensive workouts, the bike works well as a recreational distraction from the stress of work.


  • Comes with money-back guarantee
  • Very cheap at only 215 dollars
  • Low resistance which results in noise cancellation


  • Not for professional athletes or those

4. Nautilus U616 Upright Exercise Bike

The Nautilus U616 upright bike is one of the most capable cycles available. Boasting an affordable price tag, this upright bike features a plethora of capable features to help you lose extra calories efficiently.

This exercise bike is made from a combination of metal and plastic parts and features a seat post with adjustable settings. With most of the weight concentrated at the bottom, this exercise bike is quite stable as well, even during quick workout programs.

A whopping 25 different magnetic resistance levels are provided, and the magnetic resistance system is both super quiet and compact.

The large LCD display screen has built-in training programs for those on a tight schedule. For those who want to keep a keen eye on their fitness goals, it also supports apps such as Strava.

Extra features include built-in speakers, USB charging ports, and a water bottle holder for post cardio workout hydration needs. Easy to assemble and easy to move around the house, the U616 spin bike is a blast to work out on.


  • USB charging ports included which will come in handy for charging phones etc
  • Super quiet due to magnetic resistance
  • Built-in training programs are an added bonus


  • Plastic parts will not last for a large amount of time

5. Sole SB900 Bike

Specially designed for individuals who are not technologically capable, the Sole SB900 indoor bike might be the perfect upright bike for your parents.

A big monitor displays vitals clearly while the buttons to control the display are bright and large as well. Support for wireless chest straps is built into the bike as well.

The frame of this stationary bike is heavy duty courtesy of the steel and aluminum used in its construction. The plastic pedals come attached with saddles for one to fix his or her feet while pedalling.

Frictional resistance, rather than the more popular magnetic resistance, is provided in this upright stationary bike in almost a dozen different levels to burn calories.

With a weight limitation of up to 155 kg, the seat of this upright bike can accommodate even the heaviest of consumers. A three-year warranty is also provided for peace of mind.

The SB900 is one of the most popular exercise bikes today primarily due to its ease of use for the older demographic. In addition, this upright bike will also last a long time due to its superior build quality.


  • Perfect for laid back consumers who don’t want high tech features
  • Support for wireless chest strap included in these upright bikes
  • Will support riders who are up to 155 kg


  • Not for tech-savvy consumers
  • Frictional resistance may result in high noise

6. Marcy Upright Exercise Bike

The Marcy Upright Exercise Bike is a very affordable upright bike that is sure to be loved by those contemplating switching to indoor biking.

This upright exercise bike has both magnetic resistance and an ergonomically designed seat. An upright stationary posture is also ensured through a high seat tube angle.

The bike also supports a maximum user weight of 130 kilograms.

The user can easily toggle between any of the 8 magnetic resistance settings by turning an easily adjustable knob. The ergonomically designed handles also minimize stress in the hands over long periods of time.

The battery-powered display is small, which may cause difficulties for spectacled people to read the data properly. However, all basic data characteristics such as speed & distance are readily displayed.

Make no mistake, these upright exercise bikes are for everyone, not just athletes. Home-based workers, first-time exercise bike users, and weekend joggers will all love this simple indoor cycle that is as easy on the pocket as it is on the eyes.


  • Easy on the pocket due to its low cost
  • Takes up a small amount of space, enabling the bike to be used almost anywhere


  • Lack of built-in training programs will not entice younger consumers

7. Nordic Track S22i Upright Exercise Bike

This indoor bike from Nordic Track is a beautiful, sturdy machine jam-packed with a plethora of features.

A two-way adjustable seat is provided and the exercise equipment is designed in such a way so as to prevent back problems from ever taking hold in its user.

There are a shocking 22 levels of resistance, enabled by a magnetic flywheel that doesn’t make any sound even during fast pedaling.

As far as upright exercise bikes go, the display is one of the largest. A large 22-inch touchscreen not only displays the required vitals but also connects to a wide variety of phones and fitness devices with ease.

Therefore, the user is even privy to real-time heart rate monitoring during his or her interval training.

Further perks include holders for a couple of water bottles, a stand for hanging pouches, and support for holding up to two dumbbells.

The bottom line is that the S22i magnetic upright exercise bike is an extremely comfortable and capable machine. The only bad thing is that it costs serious money.


  • Makes no noise (due to low belt resistance) which means it can be used in workspaces as well
  • Several extra features included to improve the consumer experience
  • Positive bike reviews


  • Really expensive

8. Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright

For those who have limited space in their home, this folding exercise bike might be the perfect solution to their fitness woes.

One of the best things about this bike is that it runs quietly. The LCD screen provided is pretty basic though as it only displays time, calories burnt, distance driven, and the average speed.

One great thing about the bike is its adjustability. The reach, stack, and seat height can all accommodate riders of different sizes.

In addition, the bike features a magnetic resistance mechanism that can be easily tweaked, providing a range of resistance levels to compete against.

The build quality of the bike itself is somewhat questionable. The quality of both the pedals and the seat could be improved, and it wobbles a little during fast pedalling.

This upright stationary bike takes up less space and provides basic fitness features in a comfortable package. While the plastic components could be made of a better standard, I’m certainly not complaining solely due to the low price tag.


  • This is a foldable exercise bike which means space is not an issue
  • No phone support, no built-in programs
  • No noise due to low resistance


  • Low build quality of plastic components

9. Concept2 BikeERG Stationary Exercise Bike

The Concept2 spin bike is a mean machine for all possible fitness needs. Made from aluminum, the bike is quite heavy which gives it great stability during intensive cardio workouts.

The LCD included with the bike is quite large. Not only does it display the usual time speed, distance units, it also provides real-time calorie burn rate, cadence, and pacing averages.

The monitor can also seamlessly connect through WiFi with ANT+ devices, enabling a customer to measure heart rate as well. ANT compatibility also means music support is enabled through the exercise bike, so your cycling headphones don’t have to take a break.

A high-quality belt drive means that every session isn’t only quiet, but also requires less maintenance. The belt will also last a long time, so buyers don’t have to worry about its fracture for quite a while. The seat is adjustable as well, meaning all family members can use the same bike with a little tweaking.

Concept2 has gone a step further and provided a two-year warranty for their upright exercise bikes. While some may scoff at the high price tag of these bikes, I believe the value provided by these upright exercise bikes to exceed their retail price.


  • Large display
  • ANT compatibility opens up the upright bike to a new avenue of compatibility
  • Very quiet due to low resistance


  • A little expensive

10. The Peloton

This upright exercise bike was initially hyped by bloggers and celebrities. Frequently dubbed as the ‘iPhone of exercise bikes,’ this cardio machine soon found itself in high demand.

The bike itself is quite stable, even during faster pedalling. The alloy frame seems sturdy enough and the adjustable seat post is quite comfortable, even after an hour or so long session.

The curved handlebar enables riders to grasp it in a variety of ways, and Strava support is also included. It’s one of the most stylish looking upright bikes out there, too.

A 22-inch LCD monitor is provided to watch online exercise classes. However, the attached speaker directs sound outwards, meaning people around the room can hear the classes better than the person on the bike.

Another gimmick included is that the monitor can easily be paired with a TV for streaming content while burning calories.

One can even compete against several other people in the workout programs provided. However, the support for these online classes costs a monthly fee.


  • Biggest LCD monitor on a bike that I have ever seen
  • Very stylish design


  • Subscription-based fitness package
  • Expensive

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Upright exercise bikes (also known as spin bikes or stationary bikes) provide a great opportunity to whip oneself back into shape.

Selecting the best upright exercise bike depends on a variety of factors such as available space, budget, type of resistance, seat height, comfort, and the level of fitness offered by the machine itself. Each of these factors has been carefully considered in formulating the list of best upright exercise bikes above.

The best upright exercise bike for individuals on a budget is undoubtedly the Schwinn 130. While this is not the cheapest stationary bike on this list, its affordability and supreme level of performance mean that I would absolutely recommend this to any customer looking for a not so pricey model.

For individuals searching for the best upright bikes without budget limitations, the most fitting machine has to be the Nordic S22i. Packed with technological gizmos and capable of performing a variety of grueling training regimens, the S22i is the best exercise bike if money isn’t an issue.

If you’re interested in recumbent exercise, it’s best to get a recumbent bike, though. Recumbent bikes allow the same workout level but in a reclined position, which is something some people would prefer.