10 Best Noseless Bike Seats in 2022 – Reviews & Top Picks

The most important accessory that determines the level of comfort over the length of the journey is undoubtedly the bike seat.

Having a comfortable bike seat means bikers can ride along for hours without any sense of discomfort or irritation. Conversely, an uncomfortable bike saddle means a biker would be resting by the roadside after each brisk thrust of a few minutes.

However, the problems don’t end here. No matter how comfortable the usual bike seat is, the design of popular seats is such that they end up hurting bikers in the long run.

A normal bike seat distributes the entire weight of a person in a region where there shouldn’t be any weight to begin with. This affects the nerve endings in the region around the crotch.

As a result, every year, a new article and study make it clear that normal seats are responsible for erectile dysfunction in men and a slew of similar issues in women as well. Normal bike posts have even been blamed for lowering the sperm count in men.

Science, therefore, came up with a solution to this conundrum in the form of bikes with noseless saddles. Noseless saddles are designed according to human anatomy and are in line with how weight distributes naturally.

Designed according to how humans sit and how body weight is distributed onto the sitting bones, a noseless bike seat is definitely more comfortable for a cyclist than a nose saddle.

Below is a list of 10 bestselling noseless seats. While there are many options available in bike shops to choose from, the 10 bike seats below combine great comfort with good value to make riding bikes easier and more comfortable.

At A Glance: Our Top Picks for Best Noseless Bike Seats

If you’re in a hurry, you can jump straight into our top picks (these are the noseless bike seats that most people buy).

Top 10 Best Noseless Bike Seats – Our Reviews:

1. ISM PR 3.0

The ISM PR 3.0 might be the most enjoyable and comfortable saddle on this list with high marks in every feature necessary to create the perfect noseless saddle.

Scientifically designed to remove pressure from sensitive pelvic regions, the ISM bike seats have become quite popular with both men and women.

Due to its near-perfect design, the PR 3.0 will work seamlessly on most types of bikes, including mountain bikes and hybrid bikes. It provides equally good support on both paved roads and mountain trails.

This makes the ISM bike seats a preferred choice for both professionals and casual riders alike. A gel encapsulates the foam underneath, providing an unparalleled level of ease over both short and long haul use.

The only negative thing that I could find about the ISM PR 3.0 bike seats is their somewhat high price. However, contrasting this cost with the level of comfort offered, I believe the price to be justified.


  • Great build and low weight
  • Unparalleled comfort through the ergonomic distribution of pressure
  • Great for long-distance riding


  • Quite an expensive bike seat

2. Fizik Tritone 5.5 K

The Tritone 5.5 K is one of the most beautifully designed saddles on this list. Full black with a red crevice in between for ergonomic comfort, the 5.5K is for enthusiasts and pros alike.

Padding encapsulates the carbon-reinforced shell while Microtex fabric makes up the outer cover. The seat post is 135 mm wide which is perfect for young riders and athletes.

Since the padding is firm and thin, a biker may experience some irritation and discomfort over long distances. This is one aspect where the 5.5 K, unfortunately, lags a little behind its competitors.

The carbon fiber shell means that the 5.5K is one of the lightest bike saddles on this list at only a quarter of a kilogram.

In addition, the cutoff shape at the front improves the aerodynamic nature of the ride, providing a more seamless high-speed experience.


  • Beautiful color and shape
  • One of the lightest bike seats on this list causing minimum mass addition to bikes
  • Very comfortable


  • May become uncomfortable over long distances due to its firm padding

3. ISM Touring Noseless Bike Seat

This U-shaped saddle from ISM has been extremely popular among law enforcement personnel who are expected to spend several hours in one go on bicycles when patrolling urban areas.

Sitting several dozen hours a week on nose saddles leads to nerve issues in the pelvic region. Therefore, ISM came up with these 200 mm wide bike seats filled with foam and gel for maximum comfort.

Primarily designed for men, these bike saddles are a little tilted for getting on and off the bike easily. In addition, satin steel rails allow the saddle to be easily added to road bikes and mountain bikes alike.

The Touring Seat from ISM provides perhaps the best level of comfort on this entire list. However, its unorthodox shape may put off some buyers from adding this accessory to their bike.


  • Competitively priced for such a great product
  • Amongst the most comfortable bicycle seats on the market
  • Good pressure distribution that results in lasting comfort


  • The unconventional shape of these bike saddles may discourage customers who want style over comfort

4. Spiderflex Noseless Seat

The Spiderflex isn’t the cheapest bike seat on this list nor it is the most expensive. Designed to keep your butt cheeks in place, the Spiderflex makes use of thick foam for utmost comfort on a variety of terrains.

As far as bicycle seats go, the Spiderflex might be the most hilarious to look at. The two sides of the seat with holes in between are designed to look like spider eyes, and a sticker of a spider on the back really drives this point home.

With a large size that would easily accommodate every size of rider, the build quality seems sturdy enough. The alloy rails ensure easy fitting of the Spiderflex on every type of bike.

The Spiderflex may not be the first choice of bikers due to its unconventional shape but its unique pressure dispersing design will definitely win a lot of fans down the road.


  • Extremely comfortable
  • Can easily accommodate every butt size


  • Weird shape may put off some prospective buyers

5. Un-Saddle

The first thing that comes to mind after seeing the Un-Saddle is that it’s shaped like a heart. This particular shape has been chosen to provide a comfortable seating position.

The peculiar shape of these saddles means that they’re perfect for riding around town at a small pace. No uneasiness or irritation was observed even after a long time on the bike seat.

Pressure is easily distributed over a wide region protecting the sensitive regions from harm. In addition, the saddle can easily be mounted and dismounted by men and women of every size.

However, the heart shape of the saddles would undoubtedly cause pro cyclists some discomfort as sprinting, powering and other types of biking maneuvers would no longer be possible on this bike seat.

This bike seat is perfect for recreational cycling with friends for a bit of outdoor fun on the weekends.


  • Can easily accommodate many different bum sizes
  • Extremely comfortable seat post


  • Only for slow-paced recreational rides, not for professionals

6. ISM PS 1.1

The third noseless bike seat from ISM on this list, the PS 1.1 isn’t quite as comfortable as the PR 3.0 but holds its own due to its dynamic style and shape.

The back portion of these saddles is tilted upwards to provide added support to professional bikers who arch forward during performance riding.

Designed primarily with the male anatomy in mind, the ISM PS 1.1 comes with Chromoly rails that easily fit onto any bike frame.

The foam and gel combo padding provides superior comfort to the genital regions and ensures that rides remain irritation free over a long time.

With a width of 130 mm, the ISM PS 1.1 may not feel comfortable to those who are obese. It also costs a lot.


  • Available in a choice of several colors
  • Great ergonomic shape that distributes pressure equally


  • May require assistance from a bike shop to set up

7. Ergo The Seat

Unlike its unconventional name and weird shape, Ergo The Seat provides a great degree of comfort for riders at a very affordable price.

The extremely simplistic design of these bike seats makes them perfect for both men and women. In addition, someone with prostate issues would love these saddles as well as they’re designed to provide maximum support to a person’s nether regions.

A foam seat pad provides the main source of comfort while a gel coating is also included between the foam and outer fabric for additional support.

Optimum for individuals with weights of less than 250 pounds, Ergo bike seats ensure uniform distribution of pressure over its large surface area, causing minimum undue stress on sit bones.


  • Quite affordable
  • Good level of comfort over long distances


  • Basic shape will deter a portion of consumers

8. Hobson Easy Seat 2

The Hobson 2 is a noseless saddle that perfectly combines both style and comfort. The Easy Seat 2 sports a split design that enables the seamless distribution of pressure from the sitting bones to both the seats.

A superior level of comfort during bike use is provided by both foam padding and gel padding tucked into the seat. For a more comfortable seat, a dial ensures easy adjustment of the Hobson 2 to accommodate a variety of leg lengths.

Easy adjustment of the seat means that the same seat can be used by every member of the same family. It’s one of the more affordable noseless seats, too.

The Easy Seat 2’s standard clamp ensures that it efficiently fixes onto all bikes. Weighing around half a kilogram, the Easy Seat 2 is also one of the lightest noseless seats on this list.


  • Extremely affordable
  • Lightweight as well, causing minimum mass addition to bikes


  • Questionable durability may result in a shorter service life

9. Schwinn No Nose Saddle

Visually, the Schwinn No Nose is the most simple and basic saddle on this list. However, don’t let this simplistic design distract you from the fact that it’s one of the most comfortable seats on this list.

Made from an extremely soft material, the exterior of the seat doesn’t cause irritation or discomfort even on long rides. The simplistic rectangular design means that both men and women can easily switch to the Schwinn.

With a sit bone width of 255 mm, this bike seat will fit even the most obese riders. The seat fits easily to every type of bike and really exhibits its worth in difficult terrain where extra pressure is applied to the backside.

Available at a shockingly low price, the Schwinn saddle is hard to beat in comfort and ease. While its basic design may turn off some prospective buyers, I believe comfort and ease are more important than a fashion statement.


  • Uniform pressure distribution due to basic shape
  • Cheapest amongst the bike seats on this list


  • The soft material may rip open due to repeated use

10. Nexride Pro Noseless Saddle

This saddle from Nexride is the most visually different seat on this list. However, it’s also the most ergonomically comfortable as the flat seat is designed to provide maximum comfort while sitting.

The cross-section of the saddle imitates the riders’ seating position while the small weight of the seat doesn’t add anything to the bike frame.

A thick foam padding ensures that jumps on bikes aren’t transferred up the frame to the body. The seat can even move around 15 degrees horizontally to aid movements on sharp turns.

It’s evident that Nexride has put in a lot of work in designing the seat as it succeeds in distributing pressure across a large area, protecting the nether regions of the rider from long term harm.

However, even in the presence of such a revolutionary design, the Nexride Pro doesn’t quite live up to the comfort level of its competitors on this list. This bike seat is good but not good enough.


  • Visually distinct
  • Lightweight


  • Not as comfortable as the others


As much a product of scientific achievement as they are a fashion statement, noseless bike seats are here to stay.

Although masses, in general, have up until now found it somewhat difficult to transition to these ergonomically designed seat pads, their superior comfort level means enthusiasts of the cycling world are gradually accepting their superior performance and viability.

For individuals looking for cheap bike seats, we would recommend the Schwinn. These seats are a steal for the level of comfort that they provide.

For those who like to delve deep into their pockets for bike seats that deliver, we would recommend the ISM PR 3.0. The style and technology of these seats are unmatched and the level of comfort they offer is also better than almost every other competitor out there.

If I were offered a choice between noseless and normal saddles, I would always go with the noseless ones not only due to the superior level of comfort offered by them but also due to the slew of health benefits that come with.