10 Best Multi Tools For Cyclists in 2022 – Reviews & Top Picks

Bike multi-tools for cyclists are like the stethoscopes to doctors. They simply have to have them somewhere on their person at all times, ready for action when an emergency pops up.

In layman’s terms, these are the repair tools that cyclists use to deal with minor issues that bikes tend to have after prolonged use.

Eventually, along the way, a bike is bound to develop some mechanical mishaps that may be too minimal to warrant a visit to the mechanic but big enough for the bike to stop performing as intended. When this happens, you’ll have no other option other than to get down and dirty.

This is going to be a detailed look at some of the most important bike multi-tools that every serious cyclist must have in their arsenal somewhere, waiting for a rainy day. If you have ever wondered what a cyclist’s tool kit looks like, then strap up and sit back.

At A Glance: Our Top Picks for Best Multi-Tools for Cyclists

If you’re in a hurry, you can jump straight into our top picks (these are the multi-tools for cyclists that most people buy).

  • Unior Euro17 Multi-Tool Top Pick
  • Park Tool MT-10 Runner-up
  • Fix It Sticks Blend Edition Runner-up

Top 10 Best Multi-Tools for Cyclists – Our Reviews:

1. Unior Euro17 Multi-Tool

Unior, a European manufacturer with years of experience, is involved in the manufacture of bike multi-tools that are in high demand by bikers around the world. They make high-grade tools, and the Euro 17 doesn’t disappoint in that regard.

Each tool in this multi-tool is coated with black oxide at the tips for increased longevity and solid fit. As much as you may not be able to use all the tools, as they’re many and varied, having this multi-tool with you is never a waste.

It contains just about anything you’d expected from this kind of box save for a tire lever.


  • 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 8 mm Allen key
  • T10 and T25 Torx bits
  • A single Phillips screwdriver
  • 1×5 mm flathead screwdrivers
  • Chain tool
  • Spoke wrenches
  • Presto and Schrader care tools
  • Quick link holder


  • 17 tools
  • High strength bits
  • Longer tools


  • Bulky

2. Park Tool MT-10

The Park Tool MT-10 is much smaller when compared to the other tools on the list, but it still packs enough to be considered among the elites.

It has a barebone design, and it’s lightweight. The size is so small that there’s always the risk of misplacing them without noticing.

This is the kind of tool that you carry with you if you’re looking for a hassle-free, dependable, and quick multi-tool to fix any nagging problems you may encounter on the way. It can fit in your jersey pocket or back pockets, or you could simply throw it into your cycling backpack where chances of falling out will be minimized.

The only drawback to this diminutive tool is that it lacks a chain tool and tyre levers. Otherwise, it’s a cheap and handy multi-tool that comes highly recommended.

The Park Tool MT-10 has an affordable price point and weighs 76 grams—great bargain value.


  • 3, 4, 5, 8 mm Allen key
  • T25 Torx
  • Stright tip screwdriver
  • Keyring holder
  • Chain tool


  • Compact build
  • Lightweight
  • Sleek design


  • Costly

3. Fix It Sticks Blend Edition

Now, this is a uniquely designed multi-tool. While a majority take the shape of a rectangular box, the Fix It Sticks is shaped like a miniature drilling screw complete with a T-shaped handle and a drilling stem.

It can be described as a user minimalist tool that would come in handy for riders who find using many tools too much work.

To use the Fix It Sticks Blend Edition, you simply stick the bit you need onto any other three ends and convert the other two ends as the pivoting handle for leverage. The multi-tool also comes with a carrying case.

The tool is lightweight at only 116g and costs well within the affordable range of many cyclists.


  • 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 8 mm hex wrenches
  • A #2 Phillips screwdriver head
  • Chain tool
  • T25 Torx


  • Replaceable bits
  • Simple design
  • Added T-Bar function


  • Expensive
  • Bits get lost easily

4. Crank Brothers F15

When it comes to delivering quality accessories and tools, nobody does it better than the Crank Brothers brand, and the F15 isn’t any different. Wrapped inside a functional magnetized case, the Crank Brothers F15 is packed with a variety of reliable tools that you can use to deal with every part of your bike without breaking any sweat.

The case is a bit clunky, but that doesn’t stop you from sliding it snuggly into a jersey pocket or a bag. Inside the toolbox, you’ll find a bottle opener for your mechanical work once you’re done with your ride.

The F15 is exactly what you carry with you when you go out for long rides; small as it may be, it’s your best chance of getting back home with your bike still working optimally. It weighs about 164 grams.

The only hiccup that has been found with this function multitool is that some of the hex bits can come loose, sometimes without warning. This is why it’s advisable to always have it inside a bag or the pocket if it isn’t in use.


  • 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 8 mm hex wrenches
  • 0, 1, 2, and 3 spoke wrenches
  • Chain tool
  • Phillips and flathead screwdrivers
  • Bottle opener
  • Torx T25
  • Quick link holder


  • Beautiful design
  • Magnetized Case
  • Iron finish


  • The bits tend to come loose at times
  • A bit costly

5. Topeak Mini 20 Pro

Topeak makes all kinds of accessories for bikes, and the Topeak Mini 20 Pro is one of the most essential things that a bike owner should have in their arsenal of repair kits.

It has wrenches that range from 2mm to 10mm, with an L-shaped wrench being the smallest of them all. In this tool, Topeak has included both the T25 and T10 Torx bits, some flathead tools, a wide range of Phillips head screwdrivers, and a chain breaker.

The Topeak Mini 20 Pro also comes with a metal tyre lever for making tire repairs manageable without any need to pay a visit to your repairman. Other things also included are a chain breaker that works with integrated spoke wrenches and hex keys of all varying wrench sizes and side plates.

The Mini 20 Pro also comes bundled with a neoprene bag.


  • Allen Wrenches
  • T10 and T25 Torx wrenches
  • 14G, 15G, and Mavic M7 spoke wrenches
  • CrMo Chain tool
  • Chain hook
  • Phillips Screwdrivers
  • Hardened stainless steel bottle opener


  • Neoprene bag
  • Compact
  • Varied tools


  • Metallic tyre levers

6. Lezyne CRV-12 Bike Multi-Tool

Lezyne is another brand that continually creates highly dependable tools that have received raving reviews from users who’ve had the chance to use them. Weighing 115 grams, the Lezyne CRV-12 multitool is one of the lightest on the market, a factor that has played a huge role in making it popular with cyclists.

The tool parts are machine-coated with a chrome-vanadium layer that helps make them super strong and avoid corrosion. The tool is compact and has a sturdy case that shields everything that’s inside from the elements as well as from dropping down without the owner’s knowledge.

The casing also helps to shield your phone from being scratched by any tool if you happen to have them together in the same pocket.


  • 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 8mm hex wrenches
  • A single Phillips head screwdriver
  • Chain tool
  • Spoke wrenches
  • Star-shaped T25
  • Chain breaker compatible with 9 to 11-speed drivetrains


  • High-grade bits
  • Neoprene casing


  • Hard to get into bottle cages

7. Silca T-Ratchet + Ti-Torque Kit

This is the tool you want to have nearby if you have problems adjusting your saddle height. Dealing with seat adjustments is everybody’s nightmare. There’s always the risk of something delicate breaking if you use too much force.

The Silca T-Ratchet has a solution for this complicated situation in the form of the Ti-Torque bar. It works in the same way as the Park Tool TW-1 beam style torque wrench.

You don’t have to apply too much force. Once you have it in place, all you need to do is twist it gently, and it’ll do the rest of the work delicately.

The tool case itself has a compact construction and is constructed out of aluminum. One convenient feature that gives it an edge over most of the other bike multi-tools is that the tools inside can be interchanged if you need different sizes from what you already have.


  • 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, and 6mm hex wrenches
  • T10, T20, T25 Torx bits
  • 2mm Phillips screwdriver
  • Ti-Torque Beam for 2-8Nm
  • Magnetized ratchet extension
  • Steel bit extender
  • Chain tool


  • 72-point ratchet works
  • Has a T-handle


  • The RRP is too high
  • Torque markings are too crowded to read

8. Blackburn Big Switch Multi-Tool

The Blackburn Bike Multi-Tool has a straightforward design. It has the perfect L-wrench that provides the leverage you need when dealing with some of the bike parts.

Everything is stored inside a wallet that has tiny compartments for storing each tool; this is a very neat setup that allows you to store everything in one place in an orderly manner.

The tool has been broken down into 5 independent bit ends upon which the holder can be installed easily. As much as it may look complicated at first glance, it’s easy to use and can handle the normal kind of maintenance tasks.

The construction is of high quality, using strong materials that can’t break or tarnish even with continued usage.


  • 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 8mm hex wrenches
  • T25 and T30 Torx bits
  • Flat head screwdriver
  • Chain tool
  • Spoke wrenches
  • Disc-pad spreader
  • Presta valve core tool
  • Ratcheting handle


  • Beautiful Carrying case
  • Has a quick link holder
  • Solid construction


  • Lacks a crosshead screwdriver

9. Wolf Tooth Components EnCase System Hex Bit Wrench Multi-Tool

As far as simplicity goes, the Wolf Tooth takes the crown for being the most convenient multitool on this last.

Everything is packed around a tiny shaft with each tool inserted into its own slot and held into place by tight rubber bands to stop them from falling and getting lost. Despite its tiny frame, this tool case has over 14 functions.

The build is so slim that it can be stored inside the handlebars easily. It can be used to work on all common types of handlebars that come with storage sleeves, and this includes both carbon and aluminum frames.

Besides the rubber O-Rings, it has magnets that help keep everything in place when not in use. It also has a small ball swivel head that allows the user to access some of the hidden places of the bike that may be too hard to reach.


  • 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 8 mm hex wrenches
  • T25 and T30 Torx bits
  • #2 Phillips screwdriver
  • #3.5 flat head screwdrivers
  • Spoke wrench
  • valve core wrench


  • Handlebar storage
  • Solid design
  • Small


  • A bit pricey
  • No end caps

10. Pedro’s RX Micro-20 Multi-Tool

This is another tiny and handy mini-tool that has all the basics you’d need to deal with some of the most common issues that a bike experiences on a daily basis.

It’s especially ideal for trek and mountain bikes that cover long distances. With this in tow, you won’t have to worry about being stranded in the middle of nowhere.

It has a 6061 aluminum construction and it’s one of the most durable bike multi-tools on this list, and you can use it for years without any tarnishing taking place. It has steel bits coated with an anti-corrosion finish to make them durable.

It weighs about 160 g and has over 20 tools.


  • 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 8 mm hex wrenches
  • T25 and T30 Torx wrench
  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Chain tool compatible with 1 to 12-speed drivetrain
  • 7 and 8mm flare box wrenches
  • bottle opener
  • A crack cap tool
  • Presta valve core tool
  • Micro tyre lever
  • Quick link storage


  • 20 functions
  • Lightweight
  • Rust-free bits


  • Still bulkier than most options

Understanding the Tools

Having mentioned hex bits, Allen keys, Torx bits, and other unfamiliar words, it can be a little confusing for a beginner who may be wondering what these tools are and what they do. The following is a quick overview of each tool mentioned so far and what it is they serve in the bike multi-tool setup.

Hex Keys

Better known as Allen keys, these are hexagonal tools that make up the most important parts of the multitool. Every carry case has to have hex keys owing to the fact that they handle most of the needed adjustments.

When you want to change the height of your saddle or the handlebar or make some quick changes to the pedals, it’s the Allen keys that will help you do that.

Allen keys range from 2mm all the way to 8mm.


Screwdrivers are your everyday tools that are versatile enough to be used on any part of the bike as well as other things outside cycling. Cycling multitools come with two types of screwdrivers, flathead and Phillips screwdrivers.

Torx Drivers

Torx drivers used to be limited in mountain bike disc brakes, but they’re increasingly getting used in other parts of the modern bike. You’ll now find them in the chainring bolts, where they help in holding movable parts together.

Chain Splitter

A chain splitter is what you use to dismantle a broken chain so that you can correctly join it up again. Nothing wrecks a bike harder than a broken chain; once that is done for you can’t move anywhere.

However, if you have a multitool on you that features good chain tools, then you won’t have much to worry about.

Tire Levers

Some select few multi-tools come with a tyre lever. Tire levers are what you use to deal with a flat tire.

They’re designed in such a way that allows you to get the tube without leaving as much as a scratch on them. If you use other tools, say screwdriver heads, you’d end up puncturing the tube further, so always use tire levers.

Spoke Keys

When spokes get broken in the middle of your ride, you’ll need spoke keys. Using anything else other than a spoke wrench will only serve to conflict further damage.

Find a spoke key that matches the size of the sokes in your bike wheel. Non-standard spokes like Shimano or Mavic need matching keys.

Bottle Openers

This is the strangest feature found in most multi-tools, but it’s simply an added extra that can be used to open bottle caps.

Imagine you’re cruising on a hot summer afternoon, and you decide to take a break. You take out a bottle of soda for a quick refreshment; rather than break your teeth struggling to open it, use a bottle opener in the multi-tool. Problem solved.

Swiss Army Knife

Carrying a knife around is associated with danger, but for a biker, it could save your life. Swiss army knives are highly versatile and can be used in many ways.

Whether you need a metal saw to cut through another metal piece, the Swiss army knife will come in handy as it’s well serrated and can get the job done.

Sometimes, it comes as part of the multi-tool, but in most cases, they’re sold separately, and there are some models that can have over 32 different tools within them. This is like a toolbox inside a toolbox.

The Bottom Line

Multi-tools are essential. They’re your lifeline during emergencies, and if you’re the type that does long treks every time, you’ll need to invest in a good one just to be on the safe side as they have everything you need to get your bike running again in a short span of time without outside help.

There are many other multi-tools out there that you can still look into; this guide simply points you in the right direction, granting you the vital information you’ll need to find the right tool that will serve you well.