10 Best Mountain Bikes For Tall Riders in 2022 – Reviews & Top Picks

Tall riders have it hard every time they try out a new bike.

Sometimes, the frames won’t fit them while other times, the seat post may come up short. There have even been instances when their knees have touched the handlebars.

With no bikes for tall people to ride with ease, they may find themselves gradually disillusioned in the sports as a whole.

However, this is seldom a reason to worry as bike companies have now specifically introduced endurance frames for tall riders to cater to this rising demand.

The list that I have put together below has some of the best mountain bikes perfect for tall riders. All of the bikes here are perfectly suited for people above 6 feet and have been selected based on their ease of use and value for money.

At A Glance: Our Top Picks for Best Mountain Bikes for Tall Riders

If you’re in a hurry, you can jump straight into our top picks (these are the MTBs for tall riders that most people buy).

  • Diamondback Release 3 Top Pick
  • Marin Pine Mountain Bike Runner-up
  • Orbea Occam Runner-up

Top 10 Best Mountain Bikes for Tall Riders – Our Reviews:

1. Diamondback Release 3

With a large saddle height and a long top tube, the Diamondback Release 3 is the perfect machine for tall riders to take into the mountains.

Featuring an aluminum frame, the Release 3 is fairly lightweight compared to its counterparts. This markedly improves its sensitivity and control, particularly over rough terrain.

Unlike other road bikes, the Release 3 is shipped fully assembled, so customers don’t have to frantically stumble to put the bike together themselves. In addition, the bike’s handlebar is around 780 mm in length, perfect for a tall person to grasp the handles ergonomically. 

An 11-speed gear train is provided for maximum power and control on nature trails while the stopping power is provided by RS brakes by Guide.

This mountain bike is a perfect combination of competitive pricing and top-notch features. A high-performance machine that will stand the test of time, this mountain bike is definitely the most comfortable mountain bike for tall bikers.


  • Low cost means affordable by a greater proportion of consumers
  • These bikes can be carried anywhere due to their light weight


  • None so to speak

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2. Marin Pine Mountain Bike

A sleek thin alloy frame and wide 29er tires make the Marin Pine a well-performing machine in the most adverse of mountain biking circumstances. 

The 26-inch top tube enables large cyclists to fit with ease on the bike while the inclusion of an adjustable saddle means that anyone up to a height of 6′ 4″ can tweak the sitting position according to his or her requirements.

A large wheel size further increases stability and control while dual suspensions will make rocky descents feel a little less scary. 

Since this mountain bike is a hardtail, rear suspension is unfortunately not included. However, the inclusion of the Shimano drive train means superior performance on difficult terrain.

This mountain bike is one of the cheapest full-suspension bikes on this review. A generously large frame means that a tall mountain biker will easily fit on this bike. 


  • Perfect for tall people due to its saddle height and body size
  • Very comfortable ride


  • A lack of rear suspension may cause added disturbance on difficult terrain

3. Orbea Occam

Ditching metal frames for a carbon composite might be the best decision that Orbea ever took in regards to the Occam.

Not only does the composite body make the mountain bike easy to carry everywhere, but it also improves its control over difficult terrain significantly.

With large-size handlebars and 27 5-inch tires, tall individuals will find the Occam a breeze to ride on. Full suspension forks at both the front and rear provide further damping on uneven terrain.

Plus, hydraulic disc brakes from Shimano are of an extremely sensitive type, providing the same level of stopping power on paved and unpaved surfaces.

Coming in with a hefty price tag, the Orbea Occam is worth every penny. With the best drivetrain components available in a lightweight frame, the Occam would have been the first choice for tall bikers if it wasn’t so expensive.


  • One of the easiest mountain bikes to ride
  • Full suspension enables the bike to ride over anything


  • Has a prohibitively high retail cost

4. Kona Ti Explosif

The name of this mountain bike may be downright weird but its build is nothing to scoff at. Boasting a titanium frame, the Explosif combines supreme endurance with top-notch components to make a sturdy, durable machine that can overwhelm almost anything.

The frame has been designed to perfectly fit a rider up to 6′ 4″. The saddle height is also perfect to accommodate a rider of this size.

A large-size head tube ensures a more upright position to prevent back pain over long-distance travel. The wheels to be used with the Explosif should be 29ers for dampened motion and good control over uneven surfaces.

A 12-speed drive set with a dedicated bottom bracket is provided for easy movements, both uphill and downhill. Hydraulic disc brakes are included as well to offer the necessary stopping power for uneven terrain.

With an affordable price tag, the Explosiv is a sturdy downhill bike perfect for long-distance nature retreats.


  • Ensures a great mountain biking experience due to superior control of the bike
  • Disc brakes come in handy on slippery surfaces


  • Limited adjustability of the saddle

5. Santa Cruz High Tower

A capable but lightweight solution for tall bikers, I simply must include the High Tower from the famed bike manufacturer, Santa Cruz.

Part of the bike´s high cost is due to its carbon frame which makes the High Tower half as heavy as its metal and alloy competitors. Front and rear suspensions that result in a marked improvement in performance also increase the overall cost.

The 12-speed drive set from SRAM provides the power while the 29-inch tires provide control. Front and rear SRAM disc brakes also come in handy on elevated surfaces.

As far as a mountain bike for tall individuals is concerned, the High Tower is one of the easiest to use. Jam-packed with powerful accessories to make any nature excursion a breeze, the High Tower can easily be taken on even the most unforgiving terrain that nature has to offer.


  • Half as heavy as its competitors
  • Perfectly encapsulates the one size fits all approach


  • Carbon body is not malleable, thus will not be able to absorb repeated impacts

6. ChroMag Rootdown XL

Built for conquering the rough terrain, the Rootdown XL is a sturdy hardtail bike for tall people with entry-level components to boot.

The extra-large option of this bike comes with a 21-inch seat tube that provides riders with long legs considerable comfort while pedaling. Meanwhile, a 26.3-inch top tube enables longer hands to grasp and use the handlebars ergonomically.

A larger head angle is also provided for an upright riding position that prevents back pain. The frame is rustproof stainless steel, and the 12-speed drive set provides the necessary power and control over mountain trails.

Plus, the large Schwalbe tires supported by the frame keep discomfort over wobbly surfaces at the minimum.

The Rootdown XL is sure to provide a tall person with a memorable mountain biking experience.


  • Extremely affordable option
  • No worrying about rust due to its stainless steel body


  • Full suspension not included which may result in a less than satisfactory experience on wobbly surfaces

7. Niner Rip 9

To say that every part of the Rip 9 has been tailor-made to perform in the roughest areas on the planet is not an overstatement.

Front and rear shock absorbers enable the biker to ride comfortably even on stone-filled paths while the powerful SRAM drive set will make any uphill or downhill trek a breeze.

This full-suspension mountain bike is supported by a top tube of 25.7 inches and a seat tube of almost 20 inches will allow even 6′ 4” tall individuals to have absolutely no problems when riding the mountain bike.

The Rip 9 is a highly expensive machine that has some of the best components available and a perfect reach and stack criteria for bikers with a tall height.

Taller riders, even a basketball player, will love this machine for the almost unmatched level of ergonomic comfort that it has to offer.


  • Perfect saddle height
  • Top-notch components make the bike a near-perfect machine


  • One of the most expensive bikes

8. Ibis Ripley

The Ibis Ripley XL is specifically designed for tall individuals, with the seat tube length at almost 21 inches, enabling tall people to posture themselves comfortably on the bike.

A 25-inch top tube length is also provided for tall individuals to extend their arms properly during biking. The saddle height is also ergonomically viable for maximum comfort.

With a weight of less than 6 pounds, the Ripley might be the lightest bike here. The light weight enables this bike to be easily pedaled to elevated surfaces and easily controlled when going downhill.

Riding a bike needs to be a fun-filled endeavor and the Ibis Ripley mountain bike is designed to fulfill this criterion for tall people with ease.


  • One of the lightest MTBs for tall individuals at only 6 lb
  • Very comfortable to ride on


  • The seat could have been improved with a thicker foam

9. Marin Nail Trail 6

The Trail 6 from Marin is a well-built machine that tall riders are bound to love. Same as its counterpart Marin Pine above, the Trail 6 is also a hardtail MTB with no rear suspension.

The aluminum frame of the bike houses a top tube of 26 inches and a seat tube of 22 inches, both of which aid the movement of riders with heights greater than 6′ 2″ inches.

The 29-inch wheels provide the bike with good stability and control on rocky terrain. In addition, the superior damping ability of the tires makes any rocky terrain on mountain trails a breeze to dash through.

Both the hydraulic disc brakes and the 11-speed gear set in the bike are from Shimano. A RockShox Recon fork is also included for superior performance on rocky terrain.

The Trail 6 is a well-built and capable bike designed to provide superior performance to tall riders.


  • Sturdy aluminum frame
  • Wide tires provide good grip


  • No rear suspension

10. Evil The Wreckoning XTR

With extra-wide handlebars and a frame that will support riders up to 6′ 4″, The Wreckoning mountain bike turns out to be a suitable mountain bike for tall riders.

Its lightweight carbon frame makes pedaling easy and a large top tube ensures that large riders face no discomfort while holding the handle over long distances.

Full suspensions at both front and back ensure the bike will survive even the most brutal of conditions with relative ease. A rear derailleur is also provided for speed shifting at difficult elevations.

The bike comes with 27 5-inch tires that will not only diligently support the weight of large riders but will also provide the necessary grip and control on uneven terrain.

The XTR is a beast designed to be let loose in the outdoors. Its XL frame is packed to the brim with powerful components and will easily support large riders over long distances.


  • Great performance on difficult terrain
  • Especially designed mountain bike for tall people


  • Limited seat adjustment capacity


To find a bike that provides ergonomic comfort for a tall rider used to be a difficult task. Tall bikers wouldn’t only frequently admonish the cramped up riding styles of their bikes but also the resulting health problems from riding these bikes over long distances.

The best mountain bike for tall people on a budget is undoubtedly the Marin Nail Trail 6. Compared to other bikes above, the Trail 6 is the lightest on the pocket while sacrificing none of the comfort required by tall individuals on their nature adventures.

At the other end of the spectrum, we have the Niner Rip 9 as the best mountain bike for tall people with deep pockets. Featuring the very best of mountain bike components, the XL version of the Rip 9 will fit even those as tall as 6’8″ with considerable ease.

While a measurement from the torso to the feet is frequently used to determine the perfect bike size for each individual, the best process to make sure the bike is of the right size would still involve riding the machine around the block in your preferred riding style before finalizing the purchase.

This will not only help customers achieve peace of mind but also prevent returns later on.