10 Best Mountain Bike Shock Pumps in 2022 – Reviews & Top Picks

A bike’s performance on any type of terrain depends a lot on its suspension. Ensuring that the suspension works as it’s supposed to is the responsibility of the air pressure inside the fork—this is where a shock pump comes in.

While performing the same basic function as normal tire pumps, shock pumps don’t require as much exertion as normal pumps and can easily reach pressures of up to 300 psi.

This is partly because shock pumps are low-volume, high-pressure devices as opposed to T-handle tire pumps that are high-volume, low-pressure devices.

Below is a list of the 10 best MTB shock pumps on the market. Through dozens and dozens of examples available, I found these 10 to be the most superior in terms of both value addition and performance. 

At A Glance: Our Top Picks for Best Mountain Bike Shock Pumps

If you’re in a hurry, you can jump straight into our top picks (these are mountain bike shock pumps that most people buy).

Top 10 Best Mountain Bike Shock Pumps – Our Reviews:

1. RockShox High-Pressure Shock Pump

The RockShox High-Pressure Shock Pump provides the highest capacity of air pressure available in any shock pump, 600 psi. This makes it the perfect accessory to maintain the bike’s shock absorbers.

With a glossy black coating and slim design, the RockShox not only looks good but is also easy to carry around.

The pump’s hose can move a complete 360 degrees, enabling it to be used in all orientations. The pump gauge is analog while the bleed valve ensures minimal air loss.

A hand pump plunger is used to increase the pressure during use.

This pump from Rockshox is popular because of its extremely high-pressure capacity and sleek design. Preferred by both professionals and enthusiasts, this accessory holds a significant share of the shocks pump market.


  • Beautiful design
  • Slim, can be carried around with ease
  • One of the highest capacity shock pumps in the market


  • A little longer than its competitors

2. Fox Racing Shox Digital Shock Pump

Bike shock pumps with digital gauges are a dime a dozen with the market mostly inundated with manual gauges.

The Fox Racing Shox digital pump isn’t only easy to read due to its digital gauge but is also more accurate compared to its analog counterparts.

It’s also designed in a way that it feels like an extension of the pump itself. The end result is that this bike shock pump looks a lot better than its competitors.

The maximum air pressure supported is 300 psi which is good enough for every type of suspension out there. A sleek looking hose pump head that connects to every type of valve also adds to the style of this device.

A cumbersome thing in this model is the apparent difficulty in accessing the battery area. One would have to remove the lid of this area through a screw.

There’s no bleed valve as well, which may cause some air pressure to escape.


  • Easy to use due to its digital meter
  • Stylish design and slim body
  • More efficient than a floor pump


  • Difficult to replace batteries
  • Lack of bleed valve may put off some end users

3. Lezyne Digital Shock Drive

As far as portable bike shock pumps are concerned, the digital pump from Lezyne is one of the best.

Made from aluminum, the air pump feels grand but lightweight. Powered by replaceable batteries, this shock pump can easily achieve a pressure of more than 300 psi.

The digital gauge is easy to read due to its large screen. An added feature is the toggle between PSI and BAR to cater to different pressure units used in different regions.

Plus, the hose that connects to the pump head rotates in a complete 360 degree for ease of use.

Some riders may find this shock pump a bit on the expensive side. However, considering the compact design and the highly accurate digital gauge in a stylish body, I believe this shock pump to be well worth its amount.


  • One of the best-designed pumps on this list
  • Smaller and thinner than competitors
  • Highly accurate


  • Somewhat expensive

4. Topeak Pocket Shock DXG

The Topeak Pocket Shock DXG is built to last. Compact, stylish, and boasting great dependability and accuracy, this shock pump has been quite popular among both professionals and novices for quite some time now.

An analog gauge is part of the pump and is both highly accurate and easy to read.

The performance of this air pump is further increased by the addition of a Pressure Rite connector. This device ensures minimal air loss from the valve during the pumping process, thus improving the accuracy of the pump.

A rotating hose is also included which makes the pump easy to connect to the rear shock valve.

The Topeak Pocket shock DXG is a small lightweight solution to keep the MTB’s suspension working at optimum levels.


  • Built for durability and endurance
  • Presence of pressure rite connector ensures no loss of air


  • Quite affordable

5. Fox High-Pressure Shock Pump

The Fox High-Pressure Shock Pump has been around for quite a while, and venerable riders aptly consider it a classic.

An analog gauge is part of the pump that reads up to 300 psi while a plunger pump is also part of the mechanism for easily increasing the shock pressure manually.

A Schrader valve is included and it not only prevents air leakage when disconnecting but also helps in fine-tuning the pressure required.

This shock pump is durable, dependable, and accurate enough for most circumstances. It’s also very light which means that riders wouldn’t have to worry about lugging it around on their trips.

Considering that this is one of the most well-known mountain bike shock pumps in history, this Fox pump has won an unparalleled amount of consumer support and confidence due to being a dependable product that has stood the test of time.


  • Extremely affordable
  • Durable and will last a very long time
  • Analog gauge is accurate


  • May be difficult to use on bikes with external wiring

6. Syncros SP1.0 Digital Shock Pump

The SP1.0 from Syncros is a heavy-duty shock pump that is built for repeated use. Made from a combination of aluminum and composite materials, this shock pump will seamlessly complement every mountain bike.

The digital gauge is accurate to the nearest 0.01 bar and the hose is designed to conveniently fit in a 360-degree orientation. The release valve is the 2-step Schrader which prevents air loss.

Another great thing about this shock pump is that it only weighs a quarter of a kilogram. This makes it easy to carry around in a backpack, and riders surely wouldn’t even notice its presence on long trips.

Engineered to help suspensions of all types of mountain bikes, the SP1.0 is a precise instrument that will stand the test of time. Although it’s somewhat expensive, I found the pump to be worth its value.


  • Accurate digital sensor displays pressure precisely
  • Easy to carry around due to its light weight
  • No loss of air due to 2-step valve


  • One of the more expensive pumps out there

7. Birzman Zacoo Macht Shock Pump

This shock pump from the Taiwanese bike maker Birzman might just be the lightest pump on this entire list. Weighing a shocking 85 grams, this shock pump has all the capabilities of its competitors and more.

Made from aluminum alloy, the air pressure gauge of this shock pump is analog. In addition, the shock pump 300 psi pressure capacity is in line with the capabilities of most pumps on the market.

A great little feature is the presence of an Air Lock Valve adaptor that not only fits nicely onto a Schrader valve but also prevents pressure loss through the hose.

With a very affordable price, this pump from Birzman will win customers based on its slim design and light weight alone. Although the makers could have made the pump a little bit more durable, its affordable price tag means that I’m not complaining.


  • Great ease of use due to simple design
  • Lightest shock pump in the market
  • Air valve prevents pressure loss


  • Build quality is a little off, may not survive for a long period

8. Venzo Mini

Small, stylish, and sturdy, the Venzo Mini is a great mountain bike shock digital pump.

The best thing about this small pump is how good it feels in hand. Made from a combination of stainless steel and aluminum, this digital air pump feels grandiose.

The pump gauge is digital and displays the pressure in a variety of units in use around the globe. There is no T-handle and a hand plunger is provided instead to increase the pressure amount.

A 360-degree hose movement ensures that the hose easily connects both a check valve and a bleed valve. Definitely better than the high volume normal pumps available, the Venzo still occupies a tiny share of the market as it’s not as well known as its competitors.


  • Cheap
  • Its small size and low weight means easy carriage
  • Digital gauge ensures accurate measurement of air pressure


  • Instruction manual is not in English

9. Giyo GS-01 Bike Shock Pump

Featuring a full aluminum body, the GS-01  has a manual pressure gauge that measures pressure up to 300 psi.

A micro-adjustment button is included on the gauge for precise measurements while the valve head hose can easily fit onto a variety of mountain bike valves.

The GS-01 is a simple dependable pump that does what it is made out to do accurately. Although the design is nothing to write home about, casual bikers will appreciate it for its simplicity and low cost.


  • Easy to use due to its simple design
  • Competitively priced


  • Questionable build quality

10. Quarq Shockwiz

The Shockwiz is a peculiar little device that has almost no visual comparison to the other pumps on this list. It’s a nifty little gadget that monitors all the important characteristics of a mountain bike shock.

This data is then periodically sent to the user’s mobile through Bluetooth. As the device checks the shock pressure several dozen times a second, the user is able to receive near real-time information regarding the condition of the shocks.

The Shockwiz easily connects to the Schrader valve or bleed valve and provides timely data for fine-tuning the bike’s suspensions. The Shockwiz is the product of scientists trying to use data to improve the biking experience.

Although this device works in tandem with a shock pump, its usefulness merits a separate spot on this list.


  • Provides real-time data regarding pressure in the shocks
  • Extremely small enabling it to be carried around in a pocket


  • Costs a large amount of money


Mountain biking is a demanding and challenging sport that tests the bike to its limit. A bike will only perform as good as its shocks and suspensions as uneven surfaces, hard rocks, and zig-zag elevations will push the bike to its breaking point.

Shock pumps are thus an extremely important accessory for mountain bikes and it’s imperative that the right type of shock pump be taken along on every biking expedition.

While the 10 mountain bike shock pumps on the list above are the best in comparison to their competition, I believe it important to highlight the most fitting ones for professionals and novices alike.

Novices can do no wrong if they decide to go with the Fox High-Pressure Shock Pump.

This one is cheap, dependable, and has been around for decades, thus making it perfect for those starting out. It also has a good service life ensuring that it will support the shocks for a long time.

For professionals, I would recommend the Rockshox High-Pressure Pump along with the Quarq Shockwhiz.

This mountain bike shock pump provides pressure up to an unbelievable 600 psi and is durable enough for excessive use. The Shockwiz will work in tandem with the pressure gauge to provide real-time data for timely tuning of the suspension.