5 Best Mountain Bike Gloves in 2022 – Reviews & Top Picks

Mountain biking is one of the popular cross country outdoor activity in the world. It is great for both teams and individuals and is a great way to keep fit while getting great pleasure as well.

As with all outdoor activities, being properly geared cannot be overemphasized. Just as the feet, head, and delicate parts of your body are covered with the right gear, it is expedient that you protect your hands as well.

They have to be protected with the right material and yet comfortable enough to grip the bar hard enough to ride—precisely what MTB gloves are for.

However, getting the right MTB gloves with the right fit, grip, and protection can be challenging. The POC resistance, back and palm coverage, silicone print, and plenty of other features come into play when choosing a pair of gloves.

To help you out, here’s an article with a list of the best-selling gloves for mountain cycling that you can get right now.

At A Glance: Our Top Picks for Best Mountain Bike Gloves

If you’re in a hurry, you can jump straight into our top picks (these are mountain bike gloves that most people buy).

  • Giro DND 1  Top Pick
  • Giro Remedy X2 Runner-up
  • GoreWear C5 Thermo Glove Runner-up

Top 5 Best Mountain Bike Gloves – Our Reviews:

1. Giro DND 1 

Giro is a big brand well known for its diverse cycling products and kits, and their DND gloves.  Yes, Giro DND cycling gloves are that good, especially for what they offer.

These are tough gloves with AX micro-fiber suede palm for a strong and comfortable grip, as well as highly absorbent synthetic material for better airflow.

The makers employed great engineering to allow for a well-fitted glove pair and amazing flexibility at the knuckles for a comfortable shift during rides.

It also features moisture-wicking material that covers the back of the hand, making for a snug fit that doesn’t compromise on traction and allows for improved airflow, just as we like it.

This particular mountain bike glove is unisex and available in most sizes.

The only thing I don’t like about it is its touch screen compatibility which is a hit and miss during use. Other than that, it is perfect for mountain biking cyclists.


  • Tough with 2mm EVACrashpads
  • AX suede palms
  • Moisture-wicking material at the back of the hand
  • Double-stitched seams to prevent tears
  • Well-engineered and fits well
  • Comfortable grip
  • Highly absorbent synthetic material
  • Great knuckle flexibility and protection
  • Presence of silicone grippers in the fingergrips of each glove


  • Touchscreen compatibility is here and there

2. Giro Remedy X2

If you love the thrill of riding fast around bends and objects downhill, getting a trail glove specifically made for that will be a no-brainer.

Downhill gloves are what these tough protective gloves are called, and trust Giro, a well-known Cycling gear selling brand, to have them.

The Giro’s Remedy X2 is their gear for this particular cycling segment. Mind you, this is no Remedy X, which was a phenomenal product, but for what this particular glove can do, it is worth the price.

It’s made of synthetic material for flexibility and comfort around the palm and fingers, without losing grip on the bar. Poron XRD, a material that hardens on impact to absorb force during a fall, is used for the crash pad.

Also, the double-stitched seams prevent wear during prolonged use and in accidents.

The Remedy X2 is a lightweight glove, yet tough and best for the rigors of downhill riding.


  • Lightweight
  • Synthetic leather palm protection with crash pads
  • Comfortable fit around the thumb, palm, and fingers
  • Good Velcro closure
  • Well-engineered to fit well when worn
  • Double-stitched seams against tears
  • Made with highly absorbent synthetic material for better airflow
  • Touchscreen compatible


  • Little bit expensive
  • Durability issues
  • Touchscreen capabilities are hit and miss

3.  GoreWear C5 Thermo Glove

The Gore C5 Thermo Glove is made for the sole purpose of keeping your palms and fingers warm and comfortable while riding in cold weather.

Mountain bikers don’t want stiff hands after prolonged exposure to cold chills nor wet hands during intense riding such as mountain biking. Experiencing such for too long is a way to end up on the hard ground, which is why waterproof gloves designed by a company known for making gears suitable for difficult weather conditions are something every tough rider should have.

The Gore C5 pair boasts closure with Velcro links for a secure fit, as well as leather padding for hand comfort. It sufficiently covers the fingertips too without being too tight.

In summary, these are great winter gloves, even in very low temperatures.


  • Lightweight
  • Shock absorbing palm pads
  • Thermo lining
  • Synthetic leather padding
  • Fits thumb and index finger well
  • Velcro closure and adjustment
  • Touchscreen navigational capabilities
  • Highly suitable for winter riders


  • Expensive
  • Prolonged exposure to rain makes the gloves wet

4. Giro Riv’ette C’s

The spotlight tends to fall on the men more often than not, but women also do the outdoor activity admirably well too.  So, we’ll be looking at the women’s segment for our fourth bestselling MTB gloves.

There aren’t many biking gloves out there specifically made for women, even if there are quite a few Unisex variants. To address that,  some known cycling brands like Giro came up with specific women biking gloves, and the Riv’ette CS is one of the best available.

It’s dubbed as the lightest full-fingered glove, as well as the airiest and driest Giro has ever produced. It’s also one of Giro’s line of female MTB gloves without palm padding.

Giro’s Superfit technology has been used here to create a product that can be worn easily, and so light that it’s hard to guess if one is wearing a glove at all.

The light weight gives that bar feel for improved control when the going gets tough.

As with the majority of Giro products, they come in different sizes and colors as well.

This is the perfect glove for mild riding in decent terrains for female mountain bike riders.


  • Very lightweight
  • Airy and dry
  • Well designed and fits well
  • Nice closure
  • Wide range of sizes and colors


  • No palm padding for extra protection
  • Not suitable for cold weather conditions

5. Dakine Covert

The Dakine Covert cycling gloves are unisex, but that’s not the catch as far as this pair is concerned.

It’s how comfortable they feel, and that barebone feel you get without a padded palm when gripping the bar.

These gloves are super airy and with durable, synthetic suede material. The air mesh build allows for better cooling, and the suede palms protect the heel against thorns and mild falls.

They’re light on the hand, comfortable enough to put on for long, and have a firm grip with the silicone gripper to prevent slipping. It offers decent protection from mild challenges despite its lack of padding, and great touchscreen compatibility unlike other gloves on our list.

The microfleece thumb wipe is a handy capability against perspiration as well as the Polygience odor control technology to ward off unpleasant smells. They’re available in different colors too.


  • Unisex lightweight gloves
  • Great airflow
  • Resilient protection against mild challenges
  • Polygience odor control technology
  • Barebone feel
  • Touchscreen compatible
  • Microfleece thumb wiper
  • Comfortable to the fingertips with a strong grip
  • Available in different colors


  • Absence of Velcro wrist closure
  • Lack of padding means it cannot protect against hard falls
  • Durability issues

What to Consider When Buying Mountain Bike Gloves?


Palm padding is actually a thing here. For trail riding, it’s going to be among the important features in the bike gloves you’re going to get.

For some, this particular feature won’t matter in their purchase as they prefer the barebone feel of the handlebar.


Getting the right size and fit can prove difficult as some of these pairs can be either too tight or not. The gloves are hardly ever in that sweet middle for just the right fit for the hand and heel, so most riders look for those featuring four-way stretch designs.

Touchscreen Compatibility

A lot of the bike gloves claim to be touchscreen compatible but that has turned out not to be so during our tests. If that will be a deal-breaker, consider getting those with silicone dots at the fingertips. After all, it isn’t convenient for riders to have to pull off their gloves in order to use their smartphones.


Breathable gloves that allow for airflow are required if you don’t want damp hands after riding for a while. Damp hands will reduce the grip on the bar and cause your fingers to slip.

You want proper palm padding for the rough terrains but in gloves that are allowed to breathe.

Note: Extra features such as synthetic leather, silicone grips, nose wipe, mesh back protection are other things people look for when getting bike gloves as well.


All MTB glove pairs discussed today are full-finger ones; I think it’s the better option for mountain cycling.

The best gloves for mountain climbing are listed up there with each of their features. Still, it doesn’t matter if you’re going downhill, cross-country, trail riding, or enduro cycling, I believe the ideal pair of gloves is among these five.

If you’d still want to look at other glove options though, brands like Pearl Izumi, Troy Lee Designs, Summer Lite, and Fox Ranger are good purchases too.