7 Best Lightweight Bike Locks in 2022 – Reviews & Top Picks

Now that you’ve splurged a hefty amount on your bike, it’s essential to protect your bike as well. 

Therefore, when you’re out and about, you can’t simply park your bike anywhere you like. Keep your bike under the direct supervision of a CCTV camera at a location that isn’t too crowded nor too isolated, and ensure the bike is protected with well-trusted locks.

After all, there isn’t a dearth of bike thieves ready to steal any bike component they can get their hands on.

Fortunately, to discourage bike theft, tons of bike locks have been introduced to the market. Mind you, there exists no bike lock in the world that can’t be broken.

However, while some bike locks can be broken with a hacksaw, an angle grinder, or bolt cutters, other bike locks offer high security and are durable enough to withstand the intrusions of a thief for longer periods.

If you don’t have the time to conduct your own research, I have just the list for you. This list of the best lightweight bike locks has been carefully compiled after hours of trials and discussions with experts.

At A Glance: Our Top Picks for Best Lightweight Bike Locks

If you’re in a hurry, you can jump straight into our top picks (these are the lightweight bike locks that most people buy).

  • LiteLok Silver Top Pick
  • LiteLok Gold Runner-up
  • Kryptonite Evolution Mini-6 Runner-up

Top 7 Best Lightweight Bike Locks – Our Reviews:

1. LiteLok Silver

First, let’s talk about the LiteLok Silver. This lock has the distinct honor of being the lightest “Sold Secure Silver” rated bike lock.

Primarily made of boaflexicore material with the lock housing constructed of sturdy aerospace grade stainless hardened steel, you can expect this lock to provide a decent layer of security. No bolt cutter in the world will be able to break through the LiteLok Silver.

There are many aspects of the lightweight bike lock that I’m fond of. For instance, I like the fact that the LiteLok Silver features a vertical locking motion, helping users close the lock easily.

Since the lock comes in an organically circular shape, you won’t face issues locking your bike to the racks and other immovable objects in your city.

What makes this bike lock so portable, you ask? Well, in addition to being lightweight beyond belief, the LiteLok Silver also takes the shape of a belt which can be worn around the waist.  

Looking for larger LiteLok Silver options? Opt for the LiteLok Silver 70 or the LiteLok Silver 85.

Here’s the best part: if you want to create an even larger locking system, you can do so by joining the LiteLok locks together, thereby allowing you to secure numerous bikes simultaneously.

Go for the LiteLok Silver if you want a highly secure lightweight bike lock that comes in a wearable design.


  • Lightweight beyond belief and is thus ideal for any ride
  • Lock housing constructed of sturdy aerospace grade stainless hardened steel
  • Features a flexible, strong shackle
  • Has a larger locking area than D-locks
  • Priced rather affordably
  • One of the best lightweight locks in its price range


  • Doesn’t offer the same level of security as the LiteLok Gold

2. LiteLok Gold

If you aren’t satisfied with the security offered by the LiteLok Silver, then go for its bigger, tougher brother, the LiteLok Gold. Unlike the Silver version, the LiteLok Gold, as its name implies, is rated as Sold Secure Gold.

The LiteLok Gold lock is also constructed of boaflexicore tech. This tech design enables the LiteLok Gold to be as lightweight as possible while being of the same length as a chain lock or cable lock.

Plus, it also contributes to making the lock a Gold-rated product.

Since the LiteLok G is so darn long, you get more locking options from it than you’d get from a U-lock or a D-lock.  

Is it all sunshine and rainbows with this lightweight bike lock? Unfortunately, like all items, this product has its drawbacks, too.

Priced on the more expensive end of the spectrum, consumers may not like the fact that the lock isn’t as flexible as a chain or cable lock. Plus, the LiteLok Gold is quite bulky as well.

Fortunately, the makers have designed this quality lock to be worn around the waist like a belt, just like the LiteLok Silver.

Completely bolt-cropper-proof and resistant to burst breaking approaches, this lock also benefits from PVC coating, preventing dings and scratches on the lock and making it weather/dirt proof.   

As far as I’m concerned, the LiteLok Gold is definitely worth its weight in gold.


  • Strap design facilitates flexible locking and makes the lock wearable
  • One of the lightest Gold standard locks around and is thus, ideal for any ride
  • PVC coating prevents dings and scratches and makes the lock weather/dirt proof
  • Arguably the best lightweight bike lock around for high-risk areas
  • Easy to carry around


  • Priced a bit too exorbitantly for my liking

3. Kryptonite Evolution Mini-6

Looking for an affordable, lightweight U-lock that, at the very least, possesses a Sold Secure Silver rating? Then, look no further than the Kryptonite Evolution Mini-6.

The lock shackle, though only 11 mm thick, is constructed of “MAX-Performance” steel, making the Kryptonite Mini- 6 completely bolt cutter-resistant and exceptionally secure for its size and weight.

The small shackle of the Kryptonite Mini-6 also makes it extremely portable and less susceptible to hydraulic and twist attacks. You can store this lightweight bike lock into your rucksack or even slide it between your belt loops with minimum fuss.  

Now, there are some things about the mini U-lock that I’m not fond of.

For starters, I hate the fact that the Kryptonite Mini-6 is one of the narrowest U-locks around. With such a small locking space, don’t expect the Kryptonite Mini-6 to be compatible with all types of bike racks/stands.

Though quite durable, make no mistake—this lightweight bike lock has only been designed to offer short-term security. If you’re planning to leave your bike unattended for an extended period, don’t rely on the Kryptonite Mini-6 as your main bike lock.

However, if you want a lightweight, portable lock that ensures your bike stays protected while you wait in line for coffee on your way to work, the Kryptonite Evolution 6 will work like a charm for you.


  • Steel shackle has helped the lock obtain a Sold Secure Silver rating
  • Resistant to bolt cutters
  • Features high-security cylinder and can be mounted to the frame
  • Available with a lifetime warranty
  • Arguably the best lightweight bike lock in its price range


  • Only ideal as a short term security option
  • Single bolted shackle
  • Narrow with a small locking space

4. TiGr Mini

The TiGr Mini brings plenty to the table with its most notable offering being its titanium shackle.

So, without super heavy hardened steel weighing it down, the TiGr Mini could be the lightest bike lock around. To be precise, it merely weighs a pound!

However, don’t let the TiGr Mini’s light weight fool you into thinking that it isn’t any good. After all, titanium is renowned not only for its light weight, but also for its unmatched strength.

It also helps that the mounting bracket system of the TiGr Mini is effective and simple.

The TiGr Mini also excels in the portability department as it can be easily mounted to the frame of your bike.

As for the security it offers, the TiGr Mini has only been rated by the Dutch version of the Sold Secure rating system. There, it has managed to land a score of 2/5—a score equivalent to a Sold Secure Silver rating.

I think the TiGr Mini manages to offer the same level of security as your conventional hardened steel D-lock.

Conclusively, the TiGr Mini titanium lock is best suited for riders who live in low-crime areas as no other lock comes close to the TiGr Mini in terms of minimal weight and easy portability.


  • Weighing a pound, the TiGr is arguably the lightest lock around
  • Comes fitted with a titanium shackle
  • Features an anti-picking cylinder and can be mounted to the frame
  • Best lightweight bike lock in terms of low lock weight
  • Effective mounting bracket


  • Hasn’t been rated by the Sold Secure company
  • Priced too steeply for my liking

5. Abus Granit X-Plus 54 Mini

Why have I included the Abus Granit X-Plus 54 Mini on the list?

Well, I believe this lock is the strongest, lightweight lock around. In fact, the X-Plus 54 has been showered with a litany of awards and trophies for its outstanding performance.

Lightweight beyond belief and impressively secure at the same time, the Abus Granit X-Plus 54 Mini has a Sold Secure Gold rating.

Also, if that wasn’t enough—it is also Sold Secure Motorcycle Gold rated. This tells us that the Abus Granit X-Plus 54 Mini can be used to secure motorbikes, too.

What is the secret of its success? I think the X-Plus 54 excels because of its special parabolic 13 mm shackle. The shackle, though incredibly light, is damn near indestructible.

Now, make no mistake, the Abus Granit X-Plus 54 is a mini U-lock with a measurement of 4.23″ x 5.51″. Thankfully, the X-Plus 54 is wide enough to work well with most bike racks—something you’d usually struggle with a mini lock.

What is its biggest drawback? I would have to say its expensive price tag.

Still, if you want a quality product, you must be willing to splash the cash. Remember, you get what you pay for, and fortunately, the Abus Granit X-Plus 54 justifies its hefty price tag.


  • Secure lock to carry around
  • Perfect for all types of bicycles
  • Has a special parabolic 13 mm shackle
  • Though a mini lock, it offers plenty of locking options and is wide enough to work well with most bike racks
  • Lightweight, yet secure
  • One of the best lightweight bike locks around


  • Priced a bit too steeply for my liking

6. Tex-Lock X-Lock

Manufactured in Germany, the Tex-Lock X-Lock can be best described as a mini U-lock that comes with a textile sheathed 6 mm chain. Though lightweight, the Tex-Lock offers outstanding security. Don´t believe me? Well then, look at its Sold Secure Gold rating.

With a measurement of only 5” x 1.93”, I must admit that its compact size really lets me down. In fact, this lock is only just about capable of going around a Sheffield bike stand.

It would have been perfect if only the lock was a few millimeters wider.  

To fit most racks and stands, you may need to remove the rubber sheath. However, do so with caution as the naked metal shackle could end up damaging the paintwork of your bike.

Before you purchase the Tex-Lock, make sure you test it out in your local bike stands. If it fits perfectly, go for it without any hesitation as there exists no lock that offers the same level of security in such a compact size.

In fact, this lock is small enough to fit into your pocket.


  • Offers outstanding security
  • High-quality secure lock for high-risk areas
  • Compact enough to fit into your pocket
  • Easy to use
  • Excellent weight ratio
  • Best bike lock in its price range


  • This lock model is too small for most bike stands/racks

7. Foldylock Compact

Not only is the Foldylock Compact extremely light with a weight of around 2 pounds, but it also possesses a folding feature while offering a decent level of protection. Also, with a length of 33”, you get more than enough internal locking space with the Foldylock Compact.

One of the best things about the Foldylock Compact folding lock is its flexibility. This useful feature allows you to lock your bike in a variety of ways to numerous different places.

I also like the fact that the Foldylock Compact is easy to unlock, unfold, and portable beyond belief with its frame mount.

As for the security it offers, the Foldylock Compact has a Sold Secure Silver rating. Though not the most reliable main bike lock option, this lightweight bike lock should hold up well in low-crime areas.

Plus, the fact that it is compact, lightweight, and foldable should pique the interest of city bike commuters.


  • Can be folded when not in use, facilitating easier storage
  • Provides ample internal locking space
  • Since it’s flexible, the Foldylock Compact can lock your bike in a variety of ways to numerous different places
  • Easy to use and even has a frame mount
  • Perfect for the city cyclist
  • Best bike lock in terms of portability


  • Doesn’t offer the greatest level of protection

What to Consider When Buying Lightweight Bike Locks?

The general rule of thumb implies that the best locks to protect your bike are often U-locks, D-locks, and full-security chain locks.

When considering bike locks, don’t always go for the cheapest option as they will disappoint you to no end. Go for the best lightweight lock that offers unmatched security and is practical and portable to use.

Also, try to avoid using cable locks, a push-button lock, or any three-digit combination lock version as they are the easiest to break through.

Fortunately, there also exists a “Bike Security Rating” carried out by the company, Sold Secure, to provide consumers with a method of comparing various bike locks.

In the company’s rating system, Bronze Sold Secure is the lowest rating given to bike locks.

Meanwhile, Sold Secure Silver is categorized as an upgrade. These locks offer the best compromise between price and security.

The best lightweight bike locks are rated as Sold Secure Gold.

Consider this rating system if you want to make an informed bike lock purchase. In fact, only go for those that have a  Silver or Gold rating.

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My favorite from this list of best lightweight bike locks is the Abus Granit X-Plus 54 Mini.

Lightweight beyond belief and impressively secure at the same time, the Abus Granit X-Plus 54 Mini has an outstanding locking mechanism largely on account of its special parabolic 13 mm shackle. Also, though categorized as a mini lock, Abus Granit X-Plus 54 Mini offers plenty of locking options and is wide enough to work well with most bike racks.

However, you’re free to conduct your own research if you don’t like the best lightweight bike locks I’ve presented you with. Just make sure you consider factors such as security, practicality, and price before you purchase a bicycle lock.

Also, look into the Sold Secure ratings of your shortlisted bike locks to get a better idea of the level of security they offer.