10 Best Kids Full Face Helmets in 2022 – Reviews & Top Picks

Helmets should be an essential accessory in all biking kits for kids. Kids tend to fall a lot while riding bikes and this high probability of frequent accidents only make helmets more necessary.

Normal helmets only protect the top part of the head, leaving the face and its extremely sensitive parts defenseless. This is where full-face helmets come in.

In addition to protecting the scalp, full-face helmets also protect the eyes, nose, and jaws. Full-face helmets are designed to protect these sensitive parts in case of a tumble down an elevated track or a head-on collision with a rock or tree.

As more and more kids are attracted to mountain biking, full-face mountain bike helmets for kids have become an essential commodity on every biking trip.

This article lists ten of the best kids’ full-face helmets. While there are a lot of different helmets for kids out there, I believe the 10 full-face helmets below offer the best value and protection.

At A Glance: Our Top Picks for Best Kids Full Face Helmets

If you’re in a hurry, you can jump straight into our top picks (these are the kids’ full-face helmets that most people buy).

  • Fox Racing Rampage Pro Carbon Helmet Top Pick
  • Fly Racing Toxin Embargo Runner-up
  • 100% Status Arsenal Runner-up

Top 10 Best Kids Full Face Helmets – Our Reviews:

1. Fox Racing Rampage Pro Carbon Helmet

The Rampage Pro is a high-quality helmet with superior safety features that scores very high marks on every comparison chart.

In addition to foam padding that is a prerequisite in almost all bike helmets, the Rampage Pro goes a step further and includes fluid pads between the padding and the helmet material.

A chin bar is also included and is designed in such a way to absorb a significant amount of impact during any crash. The visor also detaches quickly in case of impact to better protect the head from rotational injuries.

The Rampage Pro is ASTM F1952 certified as well.

The only negative aspect I can think of is the weight. At more than 1200 grams, children may find it a little uncomfortable over long distances.

The Rampage Pro is a product of cutting edge research and design. Considering its unparalleled safety characteristics and winning style, I believe it to be the best full-face mountain bike helmet on this list.


  • Stunningly secure
  • Beautiful, streamlined body
  • Available in every size


  • Maybe a little heavy for a kid

2. Fly Racing Toxin Embargo

Although designed for kids, the Toxin Embargo looks just as good as any other adult helmet out there. The Embargo comes in three snappy colors and three youth sizes: Youth Small, Youth Medium, and Youth Large.

As far as light weight helmets are concerned, the Embargo sits comfortably smack in the middle.

It’s neither the lightest nor the heaviest helmet out there. However, it’s close to being the best kids’ full-face helmet out there.

Regarding safety information, EPS foam lines the inside of the helmet while MIPS technology is also included to prevent injuries to the scalp from rotational motion.

Cheek pads and chin bar provide an added level of protection from direct collisions. This makes the Embargo extremely safe for a child´s head.

DH and ASTM certified, the Embargo has stealthily designed vents streamlined into the body, providing terrific value for money.


  • Great protection offered
  • Quite comfortable during long hours of mountain biking


  • Ventilation could be a little better

3. 100% Status Arsenal

As far as MTB full-face helmets are considered, the 100% Status Arsenal is a top product that exudes both style and safety in a relatively affordable price tag.

The Arsenal arrives in 5 different color combinations and looks absolutely stunning in each of these iterations. The design is aerodynamic and stylish, pulling a futuristic vibe that the kids will love to show off.

Inside, padding runs through the whole structure for added protection on impacts. There are cheek pads as well for an added cost to prevent injury to the cheeks in case of a hit from the sides.

The helmet is ASTM-certified as well.

Beautifully integrated cooling vents with wire meshing add a dimension of style to the full-face helmet. The Arsenal provides your child the confidence to ride around an MTB bike park without worrying about a thing.

While some might consider this price tag a bit on the higher side, I found Status Arsenal to be perfectly reasonable based on the level of comfort and safety provided.


  • Great value for money
  • Beautiful structure
  • Available in every type of size


  • A camera mount could have been nice

4. Troy Lee Designs D4 Full Face Helmet

Made of carbon fiber, the Troy Lee D4 has a beautiful aerodynamic design that extends across the whole structure. A black and white decal adds to the style of the helmet.

A minimum head circumference of 21 inches is required for proper fitting and the padding ensures that the helmet fits optimally on heads equal to or greater than the circumference highlighted.

The D4 has more than 20 vents which ensure constant airflow throughout the bike. The helmet weighs just under a kilogram, which is considered lightweight as compared to its counterparts.

MIPS protection is part of the internal design as well to protect the scalp in case of collision. This bike helmet ensures that nature trails in bike parks become easily surmountable.

The D4 is ASTM F1952 and 2030-BMX compliant, too.

The bike comes in two designs, one composite and one carbon. The composite one is the cheaper of the two.


  • Unparalleled ventilation due to 20 vents
  • Lightweight and secure


  • Somewhat expensive

5. Kali Protectives Zoka Full-Face Helmet

Quite possibly the cheapest helmet on this list, the Kali Zoka provides a lightweight safety solution for kids of all ages.

The Zoka comes with an adjustable visor for added protection to the face and the internal padding is of EPS foam.

The Zoka is both a downhill helmet and a BMX helmet, fulfilling different roles due to its versatile design.

Ventilation holes are interspersed throughout the frame to enable free flow of air. There’s even a set of vents at the mouth to prevent claustrophobia.

Anti-microbial pads also line the internal body to soak in sweat and dirt. The pads are easily extracted for rewash.

The Zoka weighs around 1.5 pounds, which is similar to most of the other helmets on this list. The helmet is also available in 14 different color combinations.


  • Good ventilation
  • Great protection


  • A child must have a minimum of 54 cm head circumference

6. Kent Razor Full Face Youth Helmet

In the realm of MTB helmets, Kent has been a widely known name for several decades now. Continuing the tradition, their Razor Youth Helmet is a strong and sturdy safety accessory that does its job well.

The helmet is available in either glossy red or glossy back and its look seems to have been inspired by Star Wars stormtroopers.

The Kent Razor comes in a variety of sizes. There’s even an extra small size for the littlest one.

Perfect for up to 14-year-old kids, the Youth Helmet has more than a dozen air vents to keep the rider cool over long distances. The large frontal area ensures that a child can comfortably use safety goggles on difficult terrain.

A chin guard is included with the helmet, as well as a visor for added protection against the sun.

Foam padding lines the whole internal body of the helmet and the helmet is DH certified as well. This is a basic sturdy helmet that will do its job without breaking the bank.


  • One of the cheapest helmets on this list
  • Offers good protection


  • Bound to break after repeated hits

7. Bell Sanction Full Face

An extremely popular kids’ helmet, the Bell Sanction provides great protection and comfort for kids of all ages. The Sanction even comes in an extra small size.

Supporting all head circumferences from 52 cm and above, the Sanction combines a sturdy design with bright colors for every kid of every age.

At just 950 grams, the Bell Sanction is one of the lightest bikes on this list. More than a dozen air vents at different locations ensure the constant flow of air around the scalp.

EPS foam padding is included all around the internal area and an adjustable visor is also present to provide shade. However, the limited movement of this visor may be a cause for concern for some customers.

The Sanction might just be the perfect entry-level helmet for your child. The Sanction meets CPSC safety standards as well, ensuring that your child is well protected on all terrains.


  • Very lightweight
  • One of the cheapest helmets on this list


  • Only fit for entry-level use

8. Giro Disciple Full Face Helmet

In the realm of full-face helmets for kids, the Giro Disciple combines safety and comfort in a helmet that exudes style. Available in different colors, the helmet is among the most popular today.

An adjustable visor is also part of the helmet for added protection to the face. One factor which may be detrimental to kids is the helmet’s large weight; the Giro weighs around 1200 grams.

Instead of the usual foam, vinyl nitrile is used as protective padding inside the helmet. This provides a significantly superior level of protection as compared to other bikes.

The chin bar is removable as well so that riders can easily feel the air against their face if they so desire.

One cool thing about the Giro is the notch for connecting a GoPro and other action cams at the top. This may make this helmet highly attractive for aspiring vloggers.

Plus, the helmet fulfills the safety standards of ASTM F1952, too.

The Giro Disciple provides great protection to your kid at an affordable cost. The fiberglass shell is both durable and airy, making for a protective accessory that is a breeze to use.


  • Great protection
  • Superior comfort and ventilation
  • Camera mount included


  • Quite heavy for a kid at almost 1200 g

9. THE Industries Youth T3 Carbon Shield BMX and MTB Helmet

The Youth T3 BMX comes in a full carbon shell and internal foam padding that ensures children would walk away unharmed from even direct collisions.

Extra protection is provided to the child by internal cheek pads, and more than a dozen air vents ensure proper ventilation in all temperatures.

Although the T3 comes in a variety of sizes, it’s best to make sure to try the full-face helmet on the kid before buying. I recommend this due to frequent sizing complaints.

Safety aspects are further improved by the ASTM and CPSC certification of the helmet. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about your kid falling off his balance bikes and hurting himself.

The T3 Carbon costs a little expensive and I feel that for its price, the level of comfort could have been a little better.


  • Lightweight


  • Comfort could be improved a little, the helmet feels a little stiff

10. Bell Super 3r

In the realm of full-face helmets for kids, the Bell Super 3r is an interesting cross between normal safety helmets and full-face mountain bike helmets.

Interspersed with more than two dozen vents throughout its body, the Super 3r includes a chin strap as well. There’s even a camera mount at the top for aspiring vloggers. 

The Super 3r comes in a variety of sizes. There’s also an extra small size for the little one.

The Super 3r is a good entry-level full-face helmet for a kid who is at the start of his mountain biking exploits. With solid safety features and low weight, I believe it will be loved by kids of all ages.


  • Good ventilation and protection
  • Camera mount included


  • Definitely not among helmets for kids who regularly ride harsh trails


As soon as kids’ mountain bikes and fat bikes became popular, it was only a matter of time before kids’ full-face helmets also piqued public interest.

With so many kids’ full-face helmets to choose from, buying a mountain bike helmet can be an overwhelming experience.

However, after a review of dozens of full-face helmets available, I believe the 10 helmets outlined above are the best of the best in terms of both value and safety.

For those looking for the best full-face helmets that are easy on the pocket, I would recommend the Bell Sanction. Not only is it incredibly affordable, but the security it offers to the face is almost as good as its competitors.

For those who just want the best full-face helmet for their kid without worrying about the price tag, we would go with the Rampage Pro. The comfort and security offered by this full-face helmet are unparalleled.

Remember, a kids’ full-face helmet should be a necessary part of your kid s attire as he or she ventures out into the woods. Face helmets provide significant protection to sensitive regions of the face and provide the necessary confidence for kids to consider mountain biking as a safe sport.