7 Best Kids Fat Bikes in 2022 – Reviews & Top Picks

For those who deal with snowy climates, fat bikes provide a mountain biking solution to riding all the year-round, irrespective of the weather condition.

As you must have deduced from its name, a fat bike is a special type of bike that features wide-rimmed wheels and massive tires that run a minimum of 4 inches wide.

Now, why should you get a fat bike for your kid?

The extra width on the tires enables fat bikes to operate at very low tire pressure, thereby facilitating rides on sand or snow. In essence, fat bikes can float on surfaces where normal bikes would sink in, allowing you to explore your favorite cycling trails even during the winter season.

Additionally, fat bikes also double up as a standard mountain bike as the fatter tires provide extra cushioning by absorbing vibrations and shocks felt on rough terrains. Plus, since fat bikes are blessed with wide tires, they offer more traction than regular bikes.

If your kid loves mountain biking and you wouldn’t want to restrict his keen interest in the sport because of snowy, wet conditions, you should acquire a kid’s fat bike that satisfies his thirst for adventure riding.

Trust me—a fat bike is so much fun. Once your kid gets on one, good luck getting him out of it!

The kids’ fat bike market is flooded with numerous viable options with bike sizes ranging from 16-inches to 24-inches. Choosing a suitable fat bike from the plethora of kids’ fat bikes can be an arduous task.

Thankfully, I have you covered in the department. Have a look at my list of some of my favorite fat bikes for kids.

At A Glance: Our Top Picks for Best Kids Fat Bikes

If you’re in a hurry, you can jump straight into our top picks (these are the fat bikes for kids that most people buy).

  • Specialized Fatboy Top Pick
  • Dynacraft Krusher 20” Bike Runner-up
  • Trek Farley 24-Inch Bike Runner-up

Top 7 Best Kids Fat Bikes – Our Reviews:

1. Specialized Fatboy

Available for purchase in both the 20-inch and 24-inch version with the Fatboy 20 and 24, the Specialized Fatboy truly lives up to the billing with its offering of outstanding bike features.

The fat bike comes equipped with reliable Tektro brakes, ensuring your kid is never short on stopping power.

The 90 mm Specialized branded rims on the Fatboy must also be commended for their durable properties. I would be extremely surprised if these rims didn’t outlast your kid’s interest in mountain biking.

Another feature of the Specialized Fatboy that I’m particularly fond of is its handlebar grips. The grips facilitate excellent maneuvering and the handlebar can be adjusted as per the convenience of the rider.

Before I draw the curtains on the Fatboy, I must also mention its durable a1 premium aluminum construction and unique bike geometry. The fat bike has a low standover height for the comfort of smaller riders and has a spacious top tube and short chainstays to make ascents and descents a walk in the park.

All in all, I believe that the Specialized Fatboy will make a fantastic purchase for your little one. It comes laden with outstanding safety features such as ground control tires, excels on the road, regardless of the weather conditions, and has been built to stand the test of time.  


  • The kids’ version of the acclaimed adult Fatboy option
  • Available in two versions: Fatboy 24 and Fatboy 20
  • Durable a1 premium aluminum construction
  • Superior-quality rims
  • Light weight beyond belief
  • Top-of-the-line powerful Tektro brakes
  • Outstanding handlebar grips


  • Not easily accessible

2. Dynacraft Krusher 20” Bike

Is your little one anywhere between 48 to 53 inches tall and does he have “adventure” running in his veins? If so, you should get the Dynacraft Krusher 20” bike for your kid.

Boasting a well-blended red/black color combo design, this stunning bike will have your kid receiving plenty of praises.

Thankfully, this bike is more than meets the eye. It has enough substance about it to go with the looks.

Featuring wide over-sized tires that facilitate smooth, stable, and comfortable rides, irrespective of the trail conditions, deluxe BMX steel frame and alloy rims that aren’t only durable beyond belief but also light weight, padded saddle for extra cushioning, an adjustable seat post for the rider’s convenience, and cozy grips for comfortable handling, the Dynacraft Krusher 20” bike can give any fat bike a run for its money.

For a fat bike to be deemed worthy of a purchase, it must sport reliable brakes too. Luckily, the Dynacraft Krusher comes equipped with well-performing coaster brakes, providing optimum bike control, especially on bumpy terrain.

Also, the fact that the bike possesses handlebars that encourage the best rock climbing experience only adds to its charm.

I also like the fact that the bike comes with a kickstand, facilitating easy storage when not in use.  


  • One of the best bikes for 6 to 10-year-olds
  • Durable steel frame construction
  • Padded saddle for extra cushioning
  • Adjustable seat post and cozy grips
  • Excels on all types of surfaces


  • Some may find the handles a bit too low
  • The inner tubes in the tires may not be adequate

3. Trek Farley 24-Inch Bike

Trek is a recognized brand in the cycling world and the company is known for manufacturing some of the best affordable mountain bikes around.

Thankfully, they don’t disappoint with their offering of the Trek Farley 24-inch  Bike. Ever since its introduction, this fat bike has managed to bring joy to many young mountain bikers.

Contrary to the image it portrays, this steamrolling monster trunk of a bike isn’t as stiff as you’d imagine. It features sharp handling, allowing riders to move freely from one place to another, on all road surfaces.

Some notable features of the Trek Farley 24-inch bike include grippy 4-inch tire size, powerful and reliable hydraulic brakes, a1 premium Aluminum alloy frame, a 1×9 Shimano drivetrain, and a host of Bontrager components.

This monster truck of a bike is capable of accommodating a maximum weight limit of 170 pounds that includes the weight of the rider, bike, and extra cargo.

However, I must admit that the absence of a kickstand ruins the bike’s chances of being perfect.

Trek’s tire choice for the Trek Farley 24-inch bike is also questionable, to say the least. There are no pockets for studs and the knobs are too small to use grip studs.


  • Powerful and reliable hydraulic brakes
  • Lightweight yet sturdy
  • Alpha Gold Aluminum alloy frame
  • Grippy 4-inch tire size
  • Max weight limit of a whopping 170 pounds
  • Good bike option for the budget-conscious


  • Doesn’t come with a kickstand
  • Not a big fan of the tires

4. Framed Minnesota 1.2

One look at the Framed Minnesota 1.2 and you’ll be able to tell that the makers went above and beyond to design this bike.

Constructed of superior-quality bike components to provide stellar performance, the Framed Minnesota comes equipped with a tapered head tube.

How do you benefit from this feature? Well, this feature allows you to install a suspension fork for better performance on off-road trails.

In terms of durability, you can expect the bike to last a long time on account of its sturdy 6061 aluminum alloy frame construction. It also helps that the bike comes equipped with an SRAM 10-speed drivetrain, providing the rider extra smooth gear shifting, irrespective of the terrain.

Another feature of the Framed Minnesota 1.2 that I’m fond of is its multiple wheel configurations. The bike accommodates both fatty slims for summer rides and fatter winter tires for the colder, wet seasons, allowing you to experiment with your riding style.

Regrettably, assembling the bike doesn’t come easy. You’d need to get professional help to get this bike up and running.

All in all, I would rate the Framed Minnesota 1.2 fat bike as one of the best entry-level fat bikes on offer. Give your kid enough time on this bike and he’ll have unbounded love for it sooner than later.


  • The  Framed Minnesota fat bikes are best-suited for kids 9 years and above
  • Durable aluminum frame construction
  • Powerful and reliable mechanical disc brakes
  • Performs well even on low tire pressure
  • The Framed Minnesota fat bikes come with 4-inch tires
  • Good introduction to fat biking


  • Beginners will have a tough time getting used to this bike
  • May need pricey upgrades for better performance

5. IMUST Malamute

Granted that the IMUST Malamute costs a bomb, but bear with me a moment and I’ll tell you why it justifies a hefty price tag.

First and foremost, the IMUST Malamute is a full-suspension carbon fat bike with well-performing RockShox suspension and carbon rims.

Arguably the lightest and most maneuverable bike around, the IMUST Malamute comes equipped with an 11-speed gear range, helping young riders climb hills with relative ease. It should also pique your interest to learn that the IMUST Malamute has been designed with the anatomy of a young rider in mind.

Also, with a pair of powerful Shimano hydraulic brakes, integrated headset, and sealed bearings, you can rest assured that your child will be provided total protection while on the bike.

The tires on the IMUST Malamute also deserve a mention for their performance. They perform an exceptional job of giving the rider a floating effect no matter how rough the terrain, thereby saving your kid from fatigue after long riding sessions.

In short, even though the IMUST Malamute fat bike can burn a huge hole in your wallet, considering the features it offers, the IMUST gives you your money’s worth.


  • Best-suited for kids 8 years and above
  • Well-performing 11-speed drivetrain
  • Durable RockShox suspension and carbon rims
  • Powerful Shimano hydraulic brakes
  • Long-lasting wheels and frame
  • Tire width of 4 inches


  • Priced a bit too exorbitantly

6. Mongoose Logan

If you’re on a tight budget and would like a kids fat bike that offers bang for your bucks, go for the Mongoose Logan without any hesitation.

Constructed of steel, the Mongoose Logan is a tad bit heavier than your standard fat tire mountain bike. However, having a steel construction does have its upsides.

For instance, it ensures longevity. The 4-inch wide tires also do their job excellently, providing great stability and traction during off-road rides.

Plus, these tires come supported by lightweight, yet strong drilled alloy rims that also contribute to the durability of the bike.

Other notable features of the Mongoose Logan steel mountain fat tire bike include a 7-speed gear system with Shimano rear derailleur and exceptional front and rear mechanical disc brakes.

Unfortunately, you’ll need to take this bike to a bike shop to have it assembled properly. Still, after the assembly, you’ll be left with a reliable bike that excels on any terrain, regardless of the weather condition.  

However, make no mistake—some corners have been cut to lower the pricing of the fat bike. Don’t be foolish enough to expect superior-quality components on this fat bike.

If we’re to view the Mongoose Logan only as a budget fat bike, I can assure you that it holds up its end of the bargain.


  • Best suited for kids 7 years and above
  • One of the best budget kids fat bikes around
  • Smooth 7-gear shifting  with Shimano rear derailleur
  • 4-inch tire size
  • Durable wheels and frame
  • Powerful mechanical disc brakes
  • Great introduction to fat biking
  • Also operates as a kids’ mountain bike


  • Not fitted with high-quality bike components
  • Build quality is not up to par with other fat bikes on the list

7. Diamondback El Oso Nino

Officially recognized as the mini version of the adult version,  Diamondback El Oso Grande, the Diamondback El Oso Nino is arguably the best kids’ fat bike money can buy.

Boasting of steel frame construction and with a sturdy fork, you can expect the El Oso Nino to handle all the abuse punishing terrains can dish out!

To ensure the total security of the rider, the makers of the El Oso Nino have fitted this bike with powerful Apex mechanical disc brakes. Plus, with a 7-speed Shimano drive train, young riders have more than enough gearing options for their trails.

The 4-inch tires on the 20-inch wheels are also great at their jobs. They offer great stability and traction, enabling riders to pedal through snow, mud, and sand with minimum effort.

In short, the tires are capable of rolling over anything, making the bike an ideal choice for both winter and beach cruisers.

Search far and wide, you won’t get a 20-inch fat tire bike as good as the Nino at its price range.


  • Affordable price point makes it a great introduction to fat biking
  • 7-speed Shimano drive train
  • 4-inch tire size on 20″ wheels
  • Durable frame
  • Powerful Apex mechanical disc brakes
  • Also doubles up as a kids’ mountain bike with good weight capacity
  • The mini-version of the adult version, Diamondback El Oso Grande


  • Doesn’t come in a 24″ model
  • Tough to find

What to Consider to Find the Right Bike?


Fat bikes for kids can weigh a lot and can thus, be overwhelming for your kids. When choosing a kids´ fat tire bike, go for one with a light weight aluminum frame construction.

Rather than focusing too much on the price and quality of the bike components, concentrate on getting a bike that is suitable for your child weight-wise.

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Wheel and Tire Size

The general rule of thumb implies that kids between ages 6 to 9, who are between 4´0” to 4´5” tall, should go for 20-inch wheel size fat-tire bikes. Kids who are 8 to 11 years old, and with a height of 4´6” to 4´10”, can go for 24-inch wheel size fat-tire bikes.

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As a parent concerned for the safety of your child, spare no expense in getting a fat bike with the best disc brakes.

Tektro and avid disc brakes are excellent choices for rides in wet, slippery, and snowy conditions. I would urge you to give brake pads a miss as they can get saturated quickly.

Bike Components

For a high-quality fat tire bike, you must be willing to spend the big bucks.

Bikes that are constructed of superior materials and components are lighter, more durable, and capable of providing a better riding experience. Plus, such premium bikes have a good sell-on value too.


No other bike is capable of conquering as many obstacles as a fat bike. With huge tires providing a floating experience as you ride through rough terrains, fat-tire bikes are the way to go if you love riding in unfavorable weather conditions.

The bikes on this list are all excellent fat bikes for kids. However, if you’re eager for my suggestion, I would recommend the Specialized Fatboy.

It has high-quality rims, is light weight beyond belief, comes equipped with top-of-the-line powerful Tektro brakes, and has outstanding handlebar grips. This bike comes in two different versions: Fatboy 20 with the 20-inch wheels and Fatboy 24 with the 24-inch wheels.

A ride on this bad boy and your kid will be an adventure junkie for life!