10 Best Hybrid Bikes For Women in 2022 – Reviews & Top Picks

Hybrid bikes are characterized as bikes that take inspiration from both road bikes and mountain bikes to develop a machine suited for optimum performance in both environments.

With women taking a greater interest in cycling, hybrid bikes have exploded in popularity. Nearly every major bike manufacturer now offers hybrid bikes for ladies as part of their product catalog. 

Perfectly optimized for the female anatomy, women’s hybrid bikes have a more comfortable saddle and a shortened top tube for improved comfort and ease.

Below is a list of the 10 most capable hybrid bicycles for women. While there are several different bikes that claim to be best suited to modern women, I found the 10 below to be the best on the market in terms of value and performance.

At A Glance: Our Top Picks for Best Hybrid Bikes for Women

If you’re in a hurry, you can jump straight into our top picks (these are the hybrid bikes for women that most people buy).

  • Co-op Cycles CTY 1.1 Top Pick
  • Cannondale Quick Disc 3 Runner-up
  • Diamondback Haanjenn 1 Runner-up

Top 10 Best Hybrid Bikes for Women – Our Reviews:

1. Co-op Cycles CTY 1.1

From a purely fiscal perspective, the CTY 1.1 may be considered by many to be an entry-level hybrid bike. However, as it turns out, the CTY 1.1 can perfectly hold its own in a variety of topographies, providing a  comfortable experience at an affordable price.

With an aluminum frame and fork, the manufacturer has ensured that the bike is light enough to be carried by its designated demographic.

Mechanical disc brakes come attached and they come in handy both in the city and on nature trails. In addition, flat handlebars and a comfy saddle ensure that the rider is comfortable in all environments.

The 8-gear drivetrain provides the propelling power to the belt drive for best outdoor performance while the attached rack mounts provide luggage solution for ladies looking to camp for the night.

The Co-op Cycles CTY 1.1 is a stylish and durable hybrid bike that is suitable for every woman looking to ride from home to work or planning for a bit of fun on a nearby nature trail. This hybrid bike gets a near-perfect score, making it arguably the best women´s hybrid bike on this list.


  • A slew of features in an extremely affordable price makes it the most preferred women´s hybrid bike on this list
  • Perfectly suited to women´s specific needs


  • None so to speak

2. Cannondale Quick Disc 3

To put it simply, the Cannondale Quick Disc 3 is a formidable women´s hybrid bike. While it may look and feel like a commuter road bike, its plethora of features ensures that the bike performs even in adverse circumstances.

With the inclusion of hydraulic disc brakes, the Quick Disk 3 comes with perfect stopping power as the brakes work perfectly even on wet surfaces.

The bike comes with the Shimano Sora driveset which helps its handling and speed both uphill and downhill. Women´s specific geometrical features, such as a low top tube, ensure that ladies of all sizes can easily mount and dismount the bike.

Not to be outdone, these bikes even contain a wheel sensor that provides real-time data of distance covered, speed, and the number of calories used up on a particular journey.

The Quick Disk 3 is one of the more expensive bikes on this list. However, this retail price makes a lot of sense once one is familiarized with the performance and features of these bikes.

The Quick Disk 3 will provide the confidence to women to take a trip on pristine nature trails, providing and facilitating such a trip through its powerful features.


  • Filled to the brim with various features
  • Optimum performance on all surfaces
  • Disc brakes included


  • May not be preferred by some due to its high cost

3. Diamondback Haanjenn 1

For women looking for a budget option, the Diamondback Haanjenn 1 is among those best road bikes that provide a stunning experience on both paved roads and dirt trails.

With a lightweight aluminum frame, this women´s hybrid bike can be easily handled and carried by women.

A low top tube and flat bar handles ensure that women ride the Haanjenn 1 comfortably in an upright riding position. Further support is provided by the women-specific design saddle which ensures vibrations don’t travel all the way up to the rider from the road.

A 9-gear Shimano Acera shifter and cogset provide power to easily conquer a variety of surfaces. The bike’s wide tires and hydraulic disc brakes provide good grip and control on different surfaces as well.

Moreover, there are rack mounts to carry luggage on long trips. Front and rear fenders are included as well for the best experience in the outdoors.

The Haanjenn 1 has an MSRP perfect for a bike of this style. This road bike has proved its mettle both on off-roading and in urban neighborhoods and is thus among the best women´s hybrid bikes on this list.


  • Competitively priced
  • Designed for the female anatomy
  • 9-gear Shimano driveset provides significant power and control


  • May not be preferred by some professional cyclists

4. Trek FX 3 Disk Women’s Stagger

Trek FX 3 is a capable and versatile bike that would work equally well for fitness enthusiasts and commuters alike. This road bike is for endurance in the outdoors and with a range of quality parts attached, it’s one of the best women´s hybrid bikes on this list.

The aluminium frame is lightweight and durable. Carbon fork at both ends of the head tube prevents vibrations from moving up from the surface to the rider.

FX 3 has hydraulic disc brakes for maximum stopping power, even on slippery or wet surfaces. The drivetrain is from Shimano whose 18-speed gear set provides significant power and control on hills and roads alike through a wide range of gears.

The bike’s frame design is suited for women of every size, making it easy for them to embark and disembark from the vehicle. Further comfort is offered by the saddle, designed especially for support on long distances.

This road bike is also easy to customize and accessorize, thus making it suitable for personalization by each rider. The bike’s tires are specially designed to reduce both drag and vibration.

The Trek FX 3 has an MSRP which some might consider to be on the higher end. However, with the durability and adaptability of the model, I believe that the price is justified.


  • Easily customizable
  • 18-speed Shimano gearset provides significant power


  • Quite expensive

5. Liv Alight 3

Living up to its ‘nom de guerre’ of a hybrid bike, the Liv Alight 3 is perfectly suited for a fun outing in the city or an escape to nature trails.

With a competitive MSRP, the Liv Alight 3 packs ease and performance into a machine that works efficiently and comfortably. The bike’s lightweight aluminum alloy frame makes it easy to carry around by its target demographic.

The balanced geometry of the frame makes it easy for women of every size to mount or dismount even when wearing a skirt. Further comfort is provided by an ergonomically designed saddle, perfect for women as it allows them to travel in an upright position over long distances.

The linear-pull disc brakes provide good stopping power whereas the Shimano Tourney driveset ensures peak performance on any surface encountered through a range of gears.

With a sporty look and eye-popping colors, the Liv Alight 3 looks as good as it performs in a variety of topographies. A very competitive price tag with a wide range of features means this bike should definitely be given a shot when shopping for women´s hybrid bikes.


  • Among the most beautiful road bikes ever designed
  • Competitively priced
  • Lightweight and comfortable


  • Doesn’t have hydraulic brakes

6. Cannondale Quick 4 Women’s Sherpa

Cannondale’s Quick 4 is built for speed and fitness. Sporting a sleek design, the bike features an aluminum alloy frame with carbon fork for perfect vibration damping.

The Quick 4 works equally best in a commuting role in any urban space or in nature supporting a fitness heavy routine. Part of this is due to the Shimano speed drivetrain that provides unparalleled control on any surface.

Mechanical disc brakes from Tektro are always a plus and a women’s specific saddle ensures that riders never have to stop the bike from prolonged exposure to fatigue and irritation.

The women´s specific design of the bike enables women to ride in an upright position with comfort. There’s even a sensor, courtesy of internal cable routing, that provides important specs such as speed and distance covered.

Not only is it a sleek and capable bike, but it is also a joy to ride on. I found the bike performing equally well in both urban and undeveloped environments, meaning it fulfills both the role of a fitness bike and a commuter bike in equal measure.


  • Comfortable and efficient
  • Good braking power from disc brakes
  • Sleek design


  • More expensive compared to its peers

7. Ghost Square Cross 1.8

Not only is the Square Cross 1.8 a beautiful looking machine, but it also has the specs to back up its looks as well.  An aluminum frame provides significant durability and lightness to a machine that is equal parts fitness bike and mountain bike.

Wide tires from Kenda provide great grip and control on off-road trails as well while a 9-speed Shimano drivetrain enables this bike to climb up and slide down steep elevations with ease.

Hydraulic disc brakes and internal cable routing are included in these bikes as well. A tilting top tube and flat handlebars make it easy for riders of every size to mount and dismount the vehicle.

A particular aspect that bugged me out was the bike surprisingly didn’t have options for carrying luggage. This means the rider should wear a backpack if camping out in the woods.

The Square Cross 1.8 is a sporty-looking bike with performance specs to back it up. While some prospective customers may balk at its high price, these bikes work equally well in urban areas as well as on trails and provide a comfortable experience to its female riders. 


  • Absolutely beautiful to look at
  • A road bike and mountain bike in equal measure, performs perfectly in both roles


  • No options for carrying luggage

8. Pure Cycles Classic

Pure Cycles Classic has a shape that harkens back to bikes from the 1970s. However, underneath this puffy exterior is a machine that is simple to maintain and delivers on its promises.

The Classic might be one of the most affordable women´s hybrid bikes on this list. This affordability is augmented by the bike’s durability, courtesy of its steel frame.

Shimano’s 8-gear drivetrain provides the power through a range of gears while rim brakes in the form of v-brakes are also part of the central mechanism of the machine.

A downward curving frame enables women to easily mount and dismount while the double spring women´s specific saddle provides extra comfort at contact points over long journeys. The upright riding position is ensured by the saddle and handlebars being almost at the same level.

Compared to other women s hybrid bikes on this list, this machine may not look like much if judged from its shape alone. However, from a point of view of its price range, this is an efficient, cost-effective machine that performs well both on paved roads and on unpaved trails alike.


  • Quite cheap
  • Its simplistic design exudes comfort and ease for women


  • Bland shape that may put some customers off

9. Raleigh Detour 3 Step-Thru

For women looking for a bike that is comfortable to an unbelievable degree, the Detour 3 might be to their liking. However, all this comfort doesn’t distract from the fact that at almost 20 kg, the Detour 3 is the heaviest bike on this list due to its stainless steel frame.

The seat post is supported by suspension springs and the women´s specific saddle is designed with the female anatomy in mind.

The driveset is Shimano, providing dependable power and control on elevated surfaces. However, the bike doesn’t have hydraulic disc brakes. Instead, we get linear-pull brakes that work equally well on wet surfaces as they do on dry roads.

On its own, Raleigh’s Detour 3 provides a pretty comfortable ride over long distances and short escapades. The only probable downside to this perfectly good machine is that women may find it hard to handle due to its heavy weight.


  • Extremely comfortable to ride on
  • Its stainless steel frame gives it a beautiful look


  • Very heavy at almost 20 kg

10. Carrera Subway 1 Women’s Hybrid

As an entry-level hybrid bike, the Carrera Subway 1 is competitively priced.

The Subway 1’s light aluminum alloy structure has a dropped top tube for easy seating and control for women. However, an absence of carbon forks means vibrations from uneven surfaces are directly transmitted to the rider’s body, resulting in discomfort.

Shimano Tourney gear set provides power and control to efficiently commandeer the bike on a variety of surfaces while the mechanical disc brakes provide the stopping power.

Compared to the other bikes on this list, the Subway 1 is not as comfortable while riding. Whether this is due to the saddle or absence of vibration dampers, the overall result is that this bike offers a bit less ease on long journeys.

While this hybrid bike might be the cheapest bike on this list, it is definitely not the most comfortable. Therefore, women might be inclined to buy this only if they want to cover short distances daily on a machine that is in the range of the smallest of budgets.


  • Cheapest bike on this list
  • Good control


  • Not very comfortable


As illustrated by the expansive list above, women’s hybrid bikes have come a long way. Not only are they available in a variety of styles and shapes, but they also offer varying levels of performance in a price range that starts from $400 all the way up to $800.

If I were to select the best women´s hybrid bike, I would undoubtedly go with Co-Op Cycles CTY 1.1. It’s an affordable hybrid bike, yes, but it also offers peak performance on any surface and is hands down the most capable bike on this list.

For women who are just starting out cycling and want a cheap dependable machine that will endure the test of time, I would recommend the Liv Alight 3.

It’s cheap, good-looking, and works well. It isn’t the best bike on this list but it has everything a beginner cyclist demands from her machine.

For cyclists looking to upgrade to a bike that provides optimum performance, I would recommend the Cannondale Quick Disk 3. Yes, the Quick Disk 3 is priced rather high; however, once the buyer becomes aware of the features and performance of this bike, the price becomes trivial.

With so many models of hybrid bikes to choose from, it’s important to buy a machine exactly according to your needs. In my opinion, the 10 bikes introduced above are the best of the best at what they offer and every woman cyclist can find at least one model here that exactly appeals to her cycling needs.