10 Best Gifts for Cyclists in 2022 – Top Picks

Gifting has always been a tricky business that is dependent on many variables.

There’s the aspect of familiarity; how well do you know the person you are gifting? Then you have also to consider their favorite preferences and the significance of the occasion.

You also have to consider the availability of the gift. Does your local retailer have what you need?

When it comes to the best gifts for cyclists, the options narrow a little, but that doesn’t mean you can’t surprise them with something they don’t expect.

Top 10 Best Gifts for Cyclists:

Gifts for cyclists come in many shapes and sizes. The following are the top 10 that I feel cover all the basics of what a gift meant for a cyclist should be.

1. Smartwatch

For most cyclists, fitness is important, and what better way to keep track of everything that’s happening with their bodies than a cycling computer or bike computer. Smartwatches are designed for cycling and come equipped with helpful features like access to GPS and a heart rate monitor.

A smartwatch as a gift will add more fun to the cycling experience, and anyone who’s into bikes will appreciate the gesture without a doubt. The joys of collecting data from their physiological processes can add excitement to cycling.

The best smartwatches in the market now include the Garmin Fenix 6, the Suunto 9, and the Fitbit Ionic. They aren’t only stylish, but they’re all within an affordable range too.

Ensure you go for smartwatches that have a good battery life that can go beyond a day.

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2. Bottle

Hydration is key when it comes to cycling. Whether it’s a short trip to the shopping center or a bike hike up the local hills, carrying drinking water is necessary, and that can be done in the form of a stylish and trendy bottle that can be fitted into the water bottle cage on the road bike.

When shopping for a cycling bottle, you will want to go for a squeezable bottle with a drinking nozzle rather than the type that needs a bottle opener. It has to be easy for the rider to use while speeding down a track.

The bottle should also have a good grip, so it doesn’t slip from the hand when drinking is done on the go.

The best bottle product you can find right now is the Elite Nanogelite or the Passport Frostbright.

3. Biking Shoes

Not all shoes are ideal for biking. People who cycle for fun rarely pay much attention to the type of shoes they wear.

However, if you’re dealing with an individual who covers hundreds of miles a week, you have to pay attention to the biking shoes you get them.

The ideal biking shoe should be a perfect fit with minimal room left. It should also have a good fastening system that holds for hours on end. 

The most important part would be the sole. It must have sufficient grip to avoid sliding off the pedals.

It would help if you also got the feeling of the padding inside. It has to be soft to avoid feet blisters from forming due to friction.

Consider getting cycling socks in the event the shoe is not padded enough on the inside.

The Shimano RC5 and the Giant Surge Pro cycling shoes are two types that should be on your list when you go out shopping.

4. Bike Gloves

Grabbing the handlebars when navigating a rough terrain isn’t easy on the hands, and most cyclists have had to deal with blisters on the hands after a long ride. The best counter would be biking gloves.

Biking gloves come in two types: warm and cold weather gloves. Make that distinction first when shopping for them to avoid getting the wrong ones.

Good biking gloves have a good grip to stop the hands from slipping off the handlebars during a ride. They should also be elastic for that perfect fit.

You can consider two biking gloves: the Pearl Izumi Pro AmFib, a winter glove, and the Giro Zero CS, a summer glove.

5. Helmet

It’s unlawful to ride without a protective helmet in many places around the world. This is the reason why helmets usually accompany bicycle purchases.

However, it doesn’t hurt to present a new helmet to your cyclist friend.

You could spice it all up by having one customized with art from their favorite show or with words of affirmation; the options are limitless. 

You’ll need to have a good idea of their head size; if you hope to surprise them, you don’t want them to show up with a helmet that is a size too small or too big. 

A biking helmet should be comfortable, neither too tight nor too loose. You should also pay attention to the aerodynamics of the design and the breathability.

To make your work easier, you can start by looking at some big brand names like the Smith Ignite helmet or the HJC Atara. Be warned, though; the best retailer helmets don’t come cheap.

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6. Biking Clothes

If you decide to gift biking clothes, then you may as well go the whole yard.

Don’t merely go for a T-shirt, a jacket or shorts. It makes more sense to buy the whole kit as it isn’t only cheaper than buying fragmented pieces, but you also get them in one matching color.

The fortunate thing about biking wear is that they’re elastic. Therefore, size doesn’t matter much as they can fit over any body type. 

When selecting the gear, consider too how comfortable they are.

It would help if you also gave thought to the weather, do not buy winter gear for someone who plans to go for a ride in the summer and vice versa. For adventurous bikers who don’t care much if it’s raining, consider cycling pants and jackets made of Gore-Tex to help keep them dry and warm in the cold.

A short or a jersey pocket is also a plus, for keeping small items like keys.

The best biking clothes you can try are POC, a Swedish clothing brand, and The Pedla from Australia. To save on cost when buying bike clothes,  steer clear off big brands and go for third party cycling kits.

7. Cycling Bag

As earlier mentioned, cycling is physically taxing on the body. Whether you’re breezing down a flat road n a racing bike or climbing a hill on a mountain bike, you’ll need to take a rest somewhere along the way.

At this point, having a biking bag to carry snacks or your small laptop or a phone power bank comes in handy. These can’t fit onto your body or on the bicycle. Gifting a cyclist a bike saddle bag is one of the most considerate things you can ever do.

A bag meant for cycling should be small and compact, just enough to carry light items. It should also have sturdy straps that hold it in place close to your body to avoid movements when you hit bumps. 

The best bag you can find in the market for the cyclist in your life now is the Osprey Archeon 25L. The Altura Thunderstorm City 30 is another option worth looking into.

8. Adventure Camera

Everybody records everything these days, and there’s nothing as satisfying than a point of view footage recorded by a cyclist. Thanks to technological leaps, products like cycling adventure cameras have become refined.

Buying one is, without a doubt, one of the best gifts for cyclists.

You want to get a camera with an in-built footage stabilization tool that ensures that whatever is recorded is not so shaky. It should also come with straps that allow it to be fasted on the helmet to get the whole ride’s best angle.

Currently, there are countless adventure cameras you can go for. The best ones would be the GoPro Hero 8 and DJI Osmo Action.

9. Cycling Glasses

Protecting the eyes while cycling is equally important, especially when they have to judge the speed distance. There’s also the need to protect their eyes from the glare of the sun when on the roam in an open space. A cycling glass is an important tool that should not be overlooked.

When looking for cycling glasses, do not dwell too much on aesthetics; focus more on their functionalities. You should be looking for dark glasses to counter the sunlight and broad enough to keep the wind and the rain from hitting the eyes. 

The glasses should also stay on the face without making any movement no matter how many bumps the cyclist runs into.

The best glasses for bikes right now include the S2 Glasses and Rudy Project Defender Sunglasses.

10. Bicycle

How about gifting someone with the bicycle itself?

We have covered many cycling accessories that can be used as gifts, and every product is unique in its own right. However, one of the best gifts for cyclists that blows all of them out of the water is a bicycle itself.

This is also the hardest type of gift to come up with because there are so many issues to think about.

You have to know the type of bike they are used to: Are they into a road or a mountain bike? The nature of the terrain they love riding on is equally important.

The bicycle you chase to go for has to be better than what they already have.

Gift Considerations to Keep in Mind

The following are some of the vital pointers you can use to make searching for the perfect gift much easier for you.

The Level of their Enthusiasm

The level of commitment for cyclists varies from one individual to another, and it changes with time.

There’s that individual in it for fun as a fan, non-cyclists, and the one religiously committed to cycling as though their life depends on it. The latter group is normally called road cyclists.

When searching for cycling gifts, determine where the person you’re gifting falls on this scale. If they’re the committed type, you may have to go all out if they already possess everything a bike enthusiast needs.

Clues and Hints

People subconsciously drop hints on what they want without even realizing it. Assuming the person of interest is a loved one, pay attention to the hints they’re dropping.

They could be looking forward to their birthdays, and if you pay attention, you’ll pick up their subtle references to the type of things they wish to have.  If they’re mountain bikers, they’ll probably start talking about a mountain bike more than they usually do.

Your Budget

We can all agree that nothing beats the satisfaction of seeing someone’s eyes light up when they unveil the gifts they receive from people. That is a big driving force when it comes to selecting gifts. 

The more expensive a gift, the better it is. That is the premise that most people operate in, but that doesn’t necessarily hold.

Going all out with gifting is fine, but buying a gift should not force you to file for bankruptcy later on. Buy a gift that is within your budget limits.

Often than not, people will appreciate the effort than the gift itself. Therefore, find a balance between modesty and financial sensibility.

Avoid buying gifts from an expensive retailer. Try online sites like Amazon or eBay.

Their Age

Cycling is a physical activity, and as one progresses with age, there are things they can no longer be able to pull off. The age of the person you plan to gift should guide you towards the most appropriate gift. 

Suppose you decide to buy a brand new bike; it would have to be the easy to handle type if the intended person is old.

A younger person can make do with the more advanced types of bicycles that come with additions and complicated features.

Their Needs

Some cyclists use bicycles for their daily commute and would never consider using cars unless under special circumstances. When looking for a gift for this type of person, you’ll want to look at a bike built for long-distance travel.

The type of bicycle that doesn’t make them expend too much energy when on the road. The needs of an individual will determine the exact type of gift to purchase.

An important thing to note: gifts for a rider don’t necessarily have to be limited to bicycles alone. There are lots of options to derive your ideas from.

Accessories like a chain tool, tire levers, sunglasses, or knee guards from brands like Topeak, Park Tool, Portland Design Works are great options too.

The Bottom Line

There’s no standardized formula or manual that you can use to gift cyclists. For the most part, the sentimentality behind what you buy outweighs the gift itself.

However, that should not be an excuse to go with an underwhelming present for that cyclist in your life. The gift can range from something as little as a tire lever tool, a seat bag, or a bike cleaning kit to a whole bike.

It’s quite clear that the best gifts for cyclists are wide and varied. Do not let the pressure get to you. Take your time in choosing the right retailer and the right gift.

Gifting is a fun activity, and it should be enjoyed. A detailed gifting guide like this one is meant to make your search easier.