8 Best Folding Bike Locks in 2022 – Reviews & Top Picks

Buying a bike, either for leisure, for fitness, or to reach work on time, is only part of the equation. 

The next step is to keep it safe from both opportunistic and veteran thieves who would love to get their hands on a machine they could easily swap for some quick bucks.

This is where bike locks come in. These locks come in a variety of types, from chain locks to U-locks (also called D-locks) offering varying levels of protection for an unattended vehicle.

Folding bike locks, however, are new in this marketplace. Using metal sheets of variable thickness joined together by rivets to secure your bike, bike locks do away with several of the limitations that plague their older counterparts.

Owing to their unconventional design, these locks can fasten the vehicle around almost anything, can be carried around more easily, and provide good protection against thieves.

While there’s a lot of different folding locks that claim to be best suited to protecting bicycles, the 8 below are the best of the bunch in terms of both performance and value.

At A Glance: Our Top Picks for Best Folding Bike Locks

If you’re in a hurry, you can jump straight into our top picks (these are the folding bike locks that most people buy).

  • ABUS Bordo Granit X Plus 6500 Top Pick
  • Trelock FS500 Toro Runner-up
  • Kryptonite Kryptolok 610 Runner-up

Top 8 Best Folding Bike Locks – Our Reviews:

1. ABUS Bordo Granit X Plus 6500

The Bordo Granit X Plus from famed lock maker, ABUS, is arguably the best bet out of all locks available when it comes to security and durability.

Made of hardened steel bars with a plate thickness of 5 5mm, the Granit X Plus is almost impossible for thieves to overwhelm. Available in three colors (black, white, and red), the folding lock also comes with a frame mount.

The presence of metal plates makes the lock a little heavy but this is nothing to scoff at when the level of protection offered is so high. However, this lock ABUS Bordo introduced is also one of the most expensive folding locks on the market.

Owing to its superior level of protection offered, the Granit X has rated off the charts on every security scale.

Assault from an angle grinder notwithstanding, it puts up a formidable fight against even the most determined of thieves to ensure that its owner’s bike remains safe and secure.


  • Almost impossible for thieves to crack
  • Extremely durable


  • Quite expensive

2. Trelock FS500 Toro

The Trelock FS500 Toro not only looks formidable but is also extremely affordable. This folding lock comes in a shiny black coating that gives it a sleek and cool look.

The FS500 is built to endure both the test of time and attempts by thieves. Six TREDUR steel plates make up the lock, giving it impressive security to weight ratio.

The FS500 can be easily carried around through its frame mount. However, the plates make a slight noise when bikes are driven over uneven surfaces.

It’s also longer but lighter than the ABUS 6500, its only real competitor. The locking mechanism consists of a 4-digit combination code.

The Trelock FS500 provides a comparatively higher level of security at an extremely competitive cost, which makes it better than most of the locks on this list. 


  • Cheapest lock on this list
  • Formidable design offering high security; rates highly on every security scale


  • Rattles when driven over rough terrain

3. Kryptonite Kryptolok 610

Similar to ABUS, Kryptonite is also a bike lock market leader. Their Kryptolok is a lightweight bike lock alternative to the heavier ABUS models and other types of locks such as a U-lock or cable lock.

The Kryptolok 610 comes in a sleek black design that goes well with all frames, whether road bikes or hybrid bikes. The lock’s compact design ensures that it doesn’t exceed the frame width, thereby having no risk of touching the rider’s legs during cycling.

Made of hardened steel plates, the Kryptolok comes in two sizes. A dust protector is also included with the lock set.

This bike lock easily fixes to a bike’s frame through its mounting bracket. A pin tumbler lock with two keys secures this folding lock.

The Kryptolok is a great budget lock that offers good protection and comes with a lifetime warranty. Not to be used in high-risk areas, this folding lock will deter anyone except the most skilled and determined thieves. 


  • Sleek and durable design
  • Lightweight


  • Somewhat expensive

4. ABUS Bordo 6000

The ABUS Bordo 6000 is made up of six 5 5mm alloy steel bars that make it one of the heavier options on this list. However, this also makes it one of the most secure folding locks in use today.

Save for heavy-duty cutting machinery, the Bordo 6000 can survive just about anything that a thief might throw at it. However, compared to the flagship X Plus 6500, the level of protection offered here is slightly low.

This bike lock case fits the frame either via screws or Velcro straps. A combination lock is part of the security mechanism offered to provide an added layer of security.

The lock is fairly easy to use as well, slipping into and out of its folded position without hassle. The rivets that enable this may require periodic maintenance over time, though.

The Bordo 6000 provides defense against everything except big bolt cutters. 


  • Extremely durable
  • Heavy steel bars provide good protection against threats


  • Somewhat expensive

5. Foldylock Compact

The Foldylock Compact is probably the lightest folding lock on this list. Weighing a mere one kilo, this folding lock from Foldylock is made of hardened steel plates riveted together with a plate thickness of 5 mm.

Foldylock’s locking mechanism is secured through laser-cut keys which are almost impossible to replicate. The keyhole is also protected from drilling.

The locking circumference of Foldylock Compact is a bit larger than its competitors, but this folding bike lock is easy to carry on a bike’s water bottle mount.

No worries if a bike doesn’t have pre-designed mounts. The Foldylock comes with Velcro straps to firmly holster the lock against the bike frame.

The Foldylock provides good protection and may even survive bolt cutters as well. All in all, this is a sleek and easy-to-use lock that is well worth its cost.


  • Very good cost to weight ratio
  • Large locking circumference


  • Rattles when moving over uneven surfaces


Rock Bros, a Chinese manufacturer, has made one of the most unique looking foldable locks in the form of the Cube. The steel links of the Cube fold into a shape that is similar to a Rubik cube.

This means that the Cube is smaller than all other folding locks in the market when its steel links are folded up. A mounting bracket is included for easy carriage on the bike.

Compared to its peers, the lock circumference is a little small at 27″ while the vinyl coating ensures no scratches occur to the bike frame when the lock is holstered on it.

As far as locking mechanisms are concerned, the security lock is relatively heavy-duty with a 4-digit password input and the Cube’s unconventional design means that it works equally well on folding bikes as it does on any other type of bike.

The ROCK BROS Cube folding bike lock provides good enough protection against theft. However, it should only be used in areas with low crime as skilled thieves could go through the steel plates with relative ease. 


  • Unconventional design
  • Extremely cheap


  • May not protect against skilled thieves

7. Aderoace Anti Theft Lock

Another uniquely shaped folding bike lock on this list is the Aderoace Anti Theft Lock. The curved aluminum alloy bars give this lock a unique oblong shape.

This lock is also one of the largest, far exceeding its competitors in circumference alone. Each bar is insulated in rubber that not only prevents scratches on the bike frame but also reduces noise when you ride over difficult terrain.

This bike lock also comes with a light that may come in handy in low visibility areas. It may also be employed as a rear light of the bike itself.

Some bicycle locks are protected by rudimentary locks (such as wafer locks and slider locks) that enable lock pickers to go through them easily.

Here, however, the locking mechanism is a 4-digit combination lock. While it may be unfair to compare this to a U lock or D lock, the protection offered is more than adequate.

The Aderoace is one of the cheapest folding locks on this list.


  • As far as budget locks go, it’s quite cheap
  • Good protection against lock pickers


  • Will not hold up against experienced thieves

8. Flydeer Universal Folding Lock

This folding lock from Flydeer is a cost-effective solution for securing a bike and an option that can withstand all types of standard attacks.

Easily foldable due to rivets connecting hardened steel bars, this folding lock comes with a 4-digit password so that owners don’t have to worry about storing keys on long journeys.

A thin rubber coating is applied over the body of the lock so that scratches against the bike´s frame don’t occur. The Flydeer is also easily mountable on any frame through a bike mount that is included in the package.

It can even secure two bikes at once and works on all types of bikes, from folding ones to MTBs.

This bike lock provides adequate protection with a wide array of features that may appeal to every type of cyclist.


  • Big enough to secure two bikes at once
  • Cost-effective solution for an average protection level


  • Basic design and look

The Bottom Line

Securing a bike has never been more important due to increasing crime rates in both rural and urban areas. While several types of locks (such as cable locks and U-locks) have been around since the advent of the bikes themselves, most are cumbersome and unattractive.

Folding bike locks are a stylish and easy solution that looks great and provides a good level of security against anyone except the most determined of thieves.

To review, the best folding bike lock today is undoubtedly the ABUS Bordo Granit X.

Not only is its security level unparalleled, but it also incorporates a beautiful design that would go well with any bike´s frame. The Granit X is perfect for a high-risk area like New York where bike theft is fairly common.

For those looking for a cheap solution, the Trelock FS500 is the perfect option. It’s affordable but the level of protection offered is only a step lower than the 6500.

Selecting a folding bike lock perfectly suited to one’s needs is a difficult prospect. However, the list of best bike locks above provides a comprehensive rundown of the strengths and weaknesses of every lock, enabling consumers to easily choose the lock best suited to them.