7 Best Fat Bike Accessories in 2022 – Top Picks

Fat bikes have continued to gain popularity year after year for their solid and versatile construction, making them one of the most-in demand bikes on the market right now. Their versatility allows them to be used on virtually any road, be it a smooth terrain or the challenging rough trails in the mountain.

Being a mountain bike of some sort, fat-tire bikes demand a lot of power to move, making them the most ideal bike for those looking to mix up exercise and fun. As an owner of a fat bike, there are some must-have accessories for you to experience the full range and protection of your bike no matter the conditions.

We’re going to look at some of these fat bike gear and the many ways through which they improve the riding experience in general.

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Top 7 Best Fat Bike Accessories:

1. Mudguard and Fenders

Fat bikes are usually used on rough roads in bad weather and winter as the thick tires they sport aren’t for show; they’re built for gripping the road as much as possible to avoid any form of slipping.

However, this comes at a price: a fat bike tends to pick up dust, mud, snow, and water along the way, throwing it up towards the rider from behind, which could mess up your back.

For the best protection when riding, many riders realize that they must install mudguards and fenders on both tires of the fat bike. Fenders are relatively easy to install and you can even clean them when they become too caked with mud and dirt.

On the last note, most fenders are made out of plastic and are therefore light enough for protection without adding any more unnecessary weight to an already heavy bike.

If you’re looking for fenders, the Farway Bicycle Fender Kit is a great gear that you could try.

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2. Lights

Most fat bike cycling is done during the day when there’s both enough sunlight and enough people on the road. However, it isn’t uncommon to find yourself caught up with the dark or even thick winter fog once in a while and that can be a tricky situation if you’re in an area with limited street lights.

To counter this, you’ll require cycling lights.

These are special lights designed for riders and can be placed in various places, like on the handlebar or the bike helmet.

You’ll require two sets for your fat bike. A front-facing one to light up the way so you can see where you’re going during winter, and a back-facing one to alert any oncoming cars of your presence to avoid being run over.

They’re usually lightweight, have rechargeable batteries, and clipping them onto the helmet or the handlebar is an easy job even without any help.

The Gloworm XS is a bike light you can get as it has an impressive 2500 lumens brightness capacity.

3. Kickstand

Also called a bike stand, this is a great support that helps the bike stay upright when you aren’t using it. Rather than making the bicycle lean on a tree or a wall and risk it falling in the wind, a kickstand is a more stable form of support that allows the owner of the bike to park it anywhere at any time.

Unlike in the past years, modern kickstands are portable and detachable. You don’t have to have it as part of the bike setup, you simply carry it in a backpack and only get it out when it is time to use it.

They’re usually made of aluminum and other great forms of polymers, and a majority of them can handle up to 45 lb for extended periods of time. It’s always a good idea to have a kickstand around because you never know when they can come in handy.

The BV Adjustable Bicycle Kickstand is one good kickstand that you can consider buying as it has all the features that can support a fat bicycle.

4. Phone Bag

When you consider how tight riding clothes are designed, you’ll know that they don’t have any room for other items to be stuffed into the pocket as that’ll negate their purpose by interfering with how the rider is able to move effectively.

At the same time, going out for a long ride without a phone is also a bad idea considering how useful they are for navigation and other roles. The only solution for this would be the phone bag.

Phone bags are the perfect holding place for fatbike phones that keeps them well secured from falling down or shaking around, two things that may lead to damage. The bag is roomy enough to include many other essential objects as well, like chargers, wallets, money, and keys, and is much more convenient when compared to a backpack.

Another key advantage of using such a bag is that you can still use the phone since it can be placed against the stem or the handlebar with the screen facing you, granting you a nice view of the phone as you ride. You can even plug in some earphones and blast some music as you battle the mountain trails.

Of the many phone bags on the market, I highly recommend the Wallfire Phone Mount Bag as I find it both stylish and cheap.

5. Fat Bike Bar Mitts

Bar mitts or pogies are a good alternative for fat bike gloves during winter and snow riding, something that many riders will love to have on their set shopping list.

Rather than deal with a heavy wearable without good grip, you can have bar mitts installed on the fat bicycle handlebar. They look like giant mittens and all you have to do is insert your hands inside and grab the handle with your bare hands as the pogies protect you from the bitter low winter cold.

Fat bike mitts come with Velcro straps to keep the mitt secure on the handlebar and a zipper on the front for closing up the mitts so that cold doesn’t sneak inside. The air circulation is also even which helps to keep your hands from sweating and getting clammy while inside during cold weather.

I love the CXWXC Flat Handlebar Mitts and it’s worth checking out.

6. Gloves

If fat bike mitts aren’t to your taste, you can always go old school and get warm gloves to keep your hands from freezing in the subzero temps of the winter snow.

Fat bicycle gloves are unique. They never completely cover the whole hand; you’ll always have the fingers sticking out for a better grip.

Most fat bike gloves are lightweight but warm, with grip treads on the inner part of the palm to allow the rider to have a firm hold on the handlebar to maintain control of the bike without slipping up.

When it comes to long rides, a glove is your best friend as they’re the only thing standing between you and very painful blisters and winter snow sores on your hands. Therefore, find a good pair or two to be on the safe side.

If you’re searching for a really great pair, then look further than the Fox’s Ranger Glove. They’re durable, comfortable, and affordable.

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7. Bike Rack

A bike rack on a fat bike does sound like another weight addition, the last item you want on your bicycle, but it comes in quite useful at times.

You could find yourself in a situation where you have to carry some water bottles, packed lunch, boots, an extra set of torches, extra gear, or anything that you might need on a trek full of snow or mud and since carrying them on your back can put a strain on your shoulders, it’d be the perfect place to carry the load.

One redeeming thing about riding with a fat bike rack is that it’s removable, which means people get to choose to only have them around when they feel like they’re necessary. Most people that own a fat bike rarely use them anyway.

One great option that would suit your fat bike would be the Hollywood Racks Sport Rider. It has all the properties any rider would need for their fat bicycle.

The Bottom Line

Fat tire bikes are reliable and essential machines with solid gear that can be used to ride in all conditions, be it winter weather, strong wind, or torrential rainfall. For you to get the most out of it, you’ll require all the items mentioned above to keep yourself and the gear safe and warm, and to transform the ride into a more enjoyable experience.

Mountain biking can be tricky, especially when the riders have to deal with subzero snow temps and muddy trails. Therefore, as you search for a new fat bike, it’s really important to remember to inquire about the availability of accessories on this list that will make owning that bike and that ride worthwhile.