5 Best Cycling Socks in 2022 – Reviews & Top Picks

It’s normal for a serious cyclist to go over the intricate details of cycling socks. After all, they look for every chance to stay ahead of the competition.

Also, cycling socks benefit from some high-tech stuff these days. Not only do they allow a rider to make a fashion statement on the road and wow some audience, but the best modern cycling socks also offer aero advantage, compression, convenient padding, ankle protection, and carbon-fiber construction to name a few, helping improve cycling performance.

Now, there are cycling socks for every season. Winter cycling socks provide an added layer of thermal insulation to your legs as you ride in the blistering cold while summer socks help wick the sweat away from your feet and keep the odor at bay.

Finally, there are waterproof socks that manage to keep the water out while being breathable and windproof at the same time. Truth be told—you are spoilt for choices really.

However, as the market is over-saturated with cycling socks, choosing the best thing from a wide range of options can be a tedious task. Lucky for you, I’ve done the homework.

Here’s a list of the top cycling socks available for purchase. Have a look below and choose the best option that strikes your fancy.

At A Glance: Our Top Picks for Best Cycling Socks

If you’re in a hurry, you can jump straight into our top picks (these are the cycling socks that most people buy).

  • Sealskinz All-Weather Mid-Length Sock Top Pick
  • DeFeet Aireator Runner-up
  • Velocio Winter Wool Socks Runner-up

Top 5 Best Cycling Socks – Our Reviews:

1. Sealskinz All-Weather Mid-Length Sock

With the Sealskinz All-Weather mid-length sock, you don’t ever need to go through the horrible experience of sporting wet and soggy socks while riding.

This sock largely benefits from the incorporation of Hydrostop Technology which plays an instrumental role in creating a barrier between the sock cuff and your skin. As it seals shut, no longer will you need to worry about water running down your leg and dripping to your feet.

Featuring a three-layer construction for added durability, thermal insulation, and waterproofing traits, the Sealskinz All-Weather Mid-Length Sock can be your go-to sock for any weather condition.

Also, let’s not forget the integration of merino wool on the product. This material not only helps keep things comfortable but also serves as a moisture control agent.

To top it off, it is antibacterial too. With this pair of socks on your feet, rest assured that you won’t be the victim of foul feet smell.


  • Fantastic Hydrostop Tech
  • Merino wool for added comfort and moisture control
  • Best cycling socks for riding in the rain
  • The average cuff height socks are made to keep your toes dry
  • Doesn’t restrict blood flow
  • The gold standard of all-weather socks


  • Extended use can lead to skin irritation
  • Steep pricing

2. DeFeet Aireator

Who knew that one could create a comfortable pair of performance-enhancing socks from recycled water bottles?

Well, the folks at DeFeet certainly did and created the DeFeet Aireator. This eco-friendly sock is really setting a high benchmark for cycling socks.

The Aireator is the socks best for use in the summers largely because of the incorporation of woven mesh on the top-of-foot panel. The breathable fabric does an exceptional job of wicking moisture and allowing the heat to escape.

I also like the fact the toe and heel seams are minimal, making the sock lightweight beyond belief. Also, unlike the cuffs on compression socks, the cuff of the Aireator rests lightly against your skin.

In essence, everything about the sock yells “comfort!”

Available for purchase in a plethora of styles, colors, cuff height, and quirky designs, it wouldn’t be far-fetched to suggest that the Aireator is one of the best summer cycling socks around.


  • Isn’t constricting
  • Excellent breathability and nice style
  • One of the socks best for summer rides
  • The socks are made to provide a comfortable fit
  • Available in many colorful designs


  • Not the best choice for cyclists who prefer compression socks
  • Doesn’t provide ankle support

3. Velocio Winter Wool Socks

Many may be immediately put off by the high pricing of the Velocio Winter Wool Socks. However, for those who don’t like compromising on comfort and quality, this pair of socks can be an excellent companion for rides in the winters.

This sock has been constructed with a fine blend of nylon, elastane, and merino wool. With these materials, you get a highly stretchable and durable sock that offers moisture control and thermal insulation.

I’m also a big fan of the useful padding in the toe and foot bed.

Plus, it’s sheer genius on the part of the designers to flat-knit the instep and cuff. In doing so, they have reduced the bulk substantially.

Thankfully, unlike some woolen socks around, the Velocio Winter Socks are lightweight and thin. The Velocio Winter Socks only adds weight to the “law” that suggests you need to pay good money for a high-quality product. 


  • The socks keep your feet warm and comfortable
  • Lightweight and thin
  • One of the cycling socks best for winter riding
  • Attractive style
  • Awesome fit


  • Priced a bit too steeply for my liking

4. Swiftwick Aspire Seven

For riders looking for socks that offer unmatched comfort, look no further than the Swiftwick Aspire Seven, a phenomenon in comfort and durability.

Available for purchase in a wide range of cuff heights extending from 4 inches to 7 inches, the Swiftwick Aspire socks benefit tremendously from minimal cushioning and seamless construction.

Made with a combination of nylon, olefin fiber, and spandex, the Aspire socks are lightweight, breathable, stretchable, and durable beyond belief.

I also like the fact that the socks dry out quicker than I can change clothes. Perhaps, that’s a bit of a stretch but you do get a gist of how well-performing it is, don’t you?

Plus, since the Aspire socks have a thin profile with compression features, you won’t feel fatigued even after a long stint on the bike. The Swiftwick Aspire Seven wicks out moisture like it is its worst enemy and prevents odor build-up, making it the perfect choice for summer rides.


  • Reinforced nylon makes the toe and heel areas highly durable
  • Olefin fiber makes the sock lightweight and breathable
  • Impressive at wicking out moisture
  • Can be used while running too
  • Best cycling socks for long riding sessions
  • Cuff height of 7″
  • Looks the part


  • Not a lot of color options
  • Doesn’t offer support to the ankle

5. DeFeet Woolie Boolie 6-inch Cuff Socks

Another DeFeet product edition makes it to our list in the form of DeFeet Woolie Boolie 6” Cuff Socks. Relatively thicker than the Aireator, the DeFeet Woolie Boolie is catered more towards cyclists who ride in the colder parts of the world.

Constructed of nylon, merino wool, and a small percentage of Lycra, this pair of socks offers outstanding warmth while being as breathable as can be. It’s so comfortable that the wife might even snatch it in winter!

I must also speak glowingly of the padded terry loop top cuff and sole on the sock.

However, as I briefly mentioned before, it is quite thick. Therefore, you’d need a large pair of cycling shoes to go with the DeFeet Woolie Boolie.

The sock also does a tremendous job of keeping your feet dry by wicking out the sweat.


  • Best value for money
  • Made of high-quality merino wool
  • Comfortable fit, breathable, and excellent at keeping your feet dry
  • Versatile as it can be used for hiking too
  • Best cycling socks for winter
  • Cuff height of 6″
  • Attractive style and designs


  • Wears out quicker than expected

What to Consider to Find the Best Cycling Sock Pairs?

Manufacturers use a variety of material combinations to produce socks that are comfortable, breathable, warm, and waterproof, etc. Having a good understanding of the materials used in the construction can help you identify the pairs best-suited for you.

For instance, polyester is as good as wool in wicking out sweat despite being much softer.

Many even label polyester as the synthetic cousin of wool. Polyester socks are designed for summer cycling as they are thin, lightweight, and highly breathable.

However, the manufacturers don’t use your standard wool on cycling socks anymore.

They rely on merino wool instead as they are lighter and softer than cotton. Merino fibers outperform cotton even in terms of thermal insulation and moisture control.

Nylon, like polyester, is also derived from petroleum. Sock manufacturers incorporate nylon fabric to the socks to make them stretchable, durable, and soft. Nylon helps tie up the other materials together.

Another commonly used material on cycling socks is elastane. Also popularly identified as spandex or Lycra, elastane makes a pair of socks stretchable without compromising on its breathability and moisture-wicking ability.


In this day and age, there are plenty of cycling socks available for purchase as cycling brands always try to get the better of each other.

There are socks for summer and options for winter as well. Plus, we have waterproof ones that are as breathable as can be.

As you may have gathered by now, it’s pivotal for you to pick a pair of socks while bearing in mind the weather conditions. Also, pay close attention to the materials used to identify cycling socks that are best-suited for you. 

If you’re on the hunt for summer socks with an awesome moisture-wicking ability, go for the DeFeet Aireator 6. You can bet your bottom dollar on this pair to keep your feet dry from sweat.

For winter socks, consider the Velocio Socks as they are lightweight, thin, and can keep your toes comfy in the blistering cold.