5 Best Cycling Shoe Covers in 2022 – Reviews & Top Picks

Cycling has grown in popularity which is why you’ll often find people looking at a site such as Future PLC or Pearl iZumi to get as much information as possible. Whether they’re going to buy a mountain bike for rigorous riding or a road bike for everyday commuting, people take to the internet to explore their options.

When you’re experiencing wet weather, there is something you need to keep in mind: you can’t go mountain biking or ride a normal road bike in your summer shoes for plenty of reasons.

You need to switch up those shoes for a pair of booties perhaps. Booties keep your toes warm and protected from the rain when you’re riding.

However, aside from just ordinary booties, you’ll need to get yourself some cycling overshoes to best protect your feet from the harsh weather conditions.

Overshoes are made from different materials, such as thick neoprene and Gore-Tex. They fit around your ankles and have a layer that keeps you dry despite the cold and rain outside.

It’s best to buy lightweight overshoes for maximum comfort when riding but you might also consider the heavyweight ones for maximum protection from harsh mountain biking conditions.

To help you determine the best overshoes, here’s a review touching on other matters such as the layer inside, the wind resistance, the materials used in making the toe covers, and whether the shoe covers will fit your feet.

At A Glance: Our Top Picks for Best Cycling Shoe Covers

If you’re in a hurry, you can jump straight into our top picks (these are the cycling shoe covers that most people buy).

  • Shimano S3100R NPU+ Overshoes Top Pick
  • Castelli ROS Runner-up
  • Gore C5 Windstopper Runner-up

Top 5 Best Cycling Shoe Covers – Our Reviews:

1. Shimano S3100R NPU+ Overshoes

First on our list of best shoe covers for cycling are the Shimano S3100R NPU+ Overshoes that are well made from neoprene material by a well-known brand, Shimano.

They’re heavyweight and will keep your feet nice, warm, and comfortable in the cold and will fend off the water in damp conditions. They have a bright yellow coating all as well as other reflective details that will help you get noticed easily when you’re riding out in bad weather.

These shoe covers are best for cold and wet conditions and will properly repel anything that might be thrown at them. This is because they come with a 3mm-thick neoprene shell finished with a water-repellent coating.

It doesn’t even matter how deep the puddles are outside because these covers will keep your feet dry throughout. There’s a cut on the calf, with a snug, stretchy fit to the leg to keep water from finding its way in.

The reversed zip at the back stretches down to the bottom of the heel, making it easy to take the shoes on and off.

However, due to the materials used in making the shoe covers, they have that extra bulk that can make them look a little awkward.

Nevertheless, these covers fit great. You might notice some creasing while you’re pedaling, but the stretch will keep you comfortable.

The shoe covers come in both black and bright yellow which both have reflective strips by the zipper to help people on the road see you better. The overshoes also feature cleat holes.

Key Features

  • Waterproof
  • Has insulation
  • Cleat holes
  • Made from neoprene


  • Good insulation
  • Available in two colors
  • Easy to spot on the road


  • Looks a bit awkward
  • Creases while you pedal

2. Castelli ROS

Next on our list of the best-selling shoe covers is the Castelli Rain or Shine or ROS. These Castelli overshoes are designed to give warmth no matter the weather conditions outside.

The fabric on the exterior of these Castelli covers is both wind and water-resistant. The inside has a fleece lining layer that acts as toe warmers and keeps your feet cozy.

These Castelli shoes also come with an extra tall cuff that has a gripper made of silicone to offer water protection as it stops water from getting in through the top part of your shoe. It also has a full-length zipper and a pull tab on the shoe heel to make it easier for you to get your feet in and out.

Most of the time, it’s the wheels of your bicycle that are responsible for the road spray splashed on your feet. To address this, the Rain or Shine seams are placed outside the foot and inside areas more prone to splashes to give you the most moisture protection when you’re wearing them.

Key Features

  • Not waterproof
  • Polyurethane and polyester material


  • Additional spray protection
  • Extra height keeps tights dry


  • Has dividing aesthetics

3. Gore C5 Windstopper

The Gore C5 Windstopper is another that easily falls under the top cycling overshoes. Gore Bike Wear placed its own Windstopper fabric over the C5 cycling shoes’ front panel to ensure the frigid wind is kept outside without compromising on the breathability.

It’s also windproof, thanks to its three-layer construction with an in-built membrane. The overshoes are water repellant although when there’s heavy rainfall, they’ll get wet.

The rear of the cycling shoes is made from a lightweight fabric and the whole cover of the shoe covers is very stretchy giving a close form fit.

The side has a zippered closure that helps you wear the shoe, although keep in mind that they’re a bit small. As such, consider sizing up.

The shoe cover comes in neon yellow and black. You might want to choose black since winter shoe covers get dirty easily.

The disadvantage of these overshoes is that they’re a bit on the fragile side. They come with a toe section that’s reinforced but the underfoot’s middle part is simply a continuation of the fabric used on the upper part of the overshoes.

A pair of Gore overshoes has taped seams around the clean-cut-out area which will most likely have a tatty appearance after you’ve worn the shoe covers for a while. However, the cover shoes’ zippers are found on the outer side so that you don’t feel any rubbing while you pedal.

Key Features

  • Windstopper material
  • Not waterproof


  • Proper Windstopper fabric
  • Has decent water resistance


  • The shoe cover is a bit fragile

4. Ale Neoprene Shoe Cover

Another one that makes it to our best winter cycling protectors designed to keep your feet warm and dry is the Ale Neoprene Shoe Covers.

They’re made from 3mm neoprene fabric which makes them great for winter riding. The Neoprene overshoes extend up the ankle over a good distance and comfortably cover the sock or the tight overlap.

This Ale Neoprene pair of cycling shoes features a simple two-half pattern where the central seam found on top of the foot is taped to make it both waterproof and windproof.

The Ale Neoprene overshoes have a zip at the back. There’s also a non-abrasive fabric that has been used in reinforcing the backside of the heel and underside of the toe.

You’ll also find a silicone gripper on the heel’s inside that holds it firmly to the shoe. The Ales winter shoe covers fit well because they’re open underneath, around the cleat and heel.

Moreover, the shoe covers are designed with a Velcro strap that helps in adjusting the tightness across the top of your foot. While this means the cleat-back and cleat-forward both don’t affect its position, there’s also limited coverage when it comes to water ingress and this Velcro strap can easily get worn out.

The neoprene construction is thick and perfect for cold weather conditions especially when it’s also dry. However, in cold and wet conditions where there’s rain, the shoes can get waterlogged.

It’s an inevitable thing with neoprene material, but you still get protection from filth and muck from the lanes. The Ale Neoprene shoe is a great one among winter cycling overshoes, but sadly it doesn’t come with any reflective strips for visibility.

Key Features

  • Non-abrasive fabric at the back
  • Simple two-half pattern
  • Completely waterproof
  • 3mm neoprene


  • Gives extra warmth in the cold
  • Gives extra protection from muck and filth


  • Neoprene overshoe doesn’t come with any reflective strips

5. Dexshell Heavy Duty Overshoes

The Dexshell Heavy Duty Overshoes also make it to our list of best winter weather protection shoe covers. These toe covers keep your feet warm, fit well, and are not only windproof but waterproof too.

They generally give your feet and toes the kind of coverage you need while riding and are a great choice especially because they’re competitively priced. These overshoes come with a woven fabric that, according to Dexshell, makes them more resistant to abrasion.

Abrasion mostly affects neoprene shoe covers but these Dexshell Heavy Duty Shoe Covers don’t easily suffer rips.

The underside of the shoe has a criss-cross tread pattern for extra grip whenever you’re walking around. This also makes the overshoes a bit more robust considering this area of the shoes easily gets worn out.

Wearing and removing them is easy thanks to a waterproof zip found on the back. This zipper is then secured by a single tab at the shoe’s top to keep it from sliding down when you least expect it.

Another thing that makes the Dexshell shoes great is the elastic cuff that helps in keeping the overshoes in place.

Key Features

  • Waterproof zip at the back
  • Elastic cuff
  • Windproof
  • Water-resistant
  • Woven fabric


  • Has protection against abrasion
  • Easy to wear and take off
  • Gives an extra grip
  • Relatively affordable overshoe
  • Don’t easily suffer rips
  • Affordable price tag


  • Not a variety of colors to pick from


There are many other brands with great ones such as the Sportful Reflex 2, SealSkinz, Endura Mountain Cycling, and Endura Road Overshoes, among others aside from the best ones on our list.

Just like buying a wheel-spray, sidebar, snap-down pull, and other bike products and parts, you need to check thoroughly for certain features when you’re buying shoe covers.

First, are they toe covers?

Toe covers ensure your feet are well protected from the most chilly conditions. So, you’ll want to go for the best toe cover in winter.

Check the sizing too and the material used in making the thermo overshoes you’re thinking of buying.

My Pick

My pick for the best cycling overshoes is the Shimano S3100R NPU+. Aside from being a product of a brand like Shimano which is among the best in anything related to bikes, the overshoes effectively keep your feet nice and warm.

They’ll keep your feet warm in the cold and wet weather since they’re thick and water repellant. While wearing these, the best part is that no matter what’s thrown at them, they’ll be able to repel it.

These toe covers are also easy to wear and take off and will fit you well enough not to allow any water to get into your feet. They give you great insulation which is what you would want in a good overshoe pair.