10 Best Commuter Bike Helmets in 2022 – Reviews & Top Picks

There’s no other way to say it; biking is a dangerous mode of both transport and recreation. From sharp rocks and steep slopes encountered by mountain bikers to recklessly fast drivers on roads, bikers need to make sure they are adequately protected against all threats.

In urban areas, the threats facing commuter bikes increase several-fold.

With the least protected vehicle on the playing field, bikers are already at a disadvantage. Throw impatient drivers and 90-degree turns into this chaos and the situation becomes potentially deadly.

Therefore, a rider of commuter bikes needs adequate protection from a slew of threats waiting to put him or her in the hospital. This is where commuter helmets come in handy.

Commuter helmets are cycle helmets designed to protect the biker from all potential threats of an urban environment. Capable of absorbing head-on collisions, these helmets found significant popularity recently.

The list below lists the top bike helmets for commuters currently on the market. Out of hundreds of commuter bike helmets vying for attention, I feel the ten below are the best bike helmets when it comes to both safety and value for money.

At A Glance: Our Top Picks for Best Commuter Bike Helmets

If you’re in a hurry, you can jump straight into our top picks (these are the commuter bike helmets that most people buy).

  • Bell Annex Top Pick
  • GIRO Camden MIPS Runner-up
  • Lumos Helmet Runner-up

Top 10 Best Commuter Bike Helmets – Our Reviews:

1. Bell Annex

Sporting a futuristic design, the Annex is designed to take hits of all kinds through its impregnable in-mold construction polycarbonate shell.

MIPS technology ensures protection of the head and neck from rotational impacts while static padding made from EPS foam is included in the frame as well for added protection.

In addition, 15 different vents have been strategically placed throughout the frame to keep your head cool while the size adjustment system works by rotating a rubber dial for perfect fitting of the helmet onto the head.

For added safety, reflective straps are provided at the back and sides to make road cyclists easily visible to vehicular traffic.

With a competitive cost, the Annex helmet is a durable, sturdy helmet that is poised to be the first choice of any commuter. Its combination of attractive cost and high safety arguably make it the best commuter bike helmet out there.


  • Combination of safety features makes it invulnerable
  • Very affordable price tag


  • LED lights could have been provided in place of reflective strips

2. GIRO Camden MIPS

Sleek, stylish and sporting an aerodynamic design that covers the whole head, the GIRO Camden might be the safest bicycle helmet out there.

A Multi-directional Impact Protection System (MIPS) is built into the helmet to protect the head from rotating forces in the event of a crash, while impact foam padding ensures that the helmet can take even the most brutal of hits.

A total of 10 air vents on the outer shell ensure good ventilation in all temperatures while Roc Loc fit system ensures the helmet sets snuggly on heads of different sizes with ease.

An added feature is the rear light system that apprises the traffic behind the biker of the biker’s presence by turning the whole rear end of the helmet red.

Although its high price is sure to make customers pause, the fact of the matter is that the helmet is well worth its cost.


  • Great protection against all threats
  • Easily fits on various head sizes


  • High cost

3. Lumos Helmet

The Lumos is a smart helmet that is both capable and stylish. This bike helmet is made from an in-mold construction polycarbonate frame which is supported with EPS liner for maximum protection against head-on collisions.

The best thing about the Lumos Helmet is its dazzling array of several dozen LED lights at both front and back. A wireless remote control is provided for displaying left and right indicators at the back of the helmet, and a bright red rear light is included as well to signal the traffic if the biker is about to stop.

Seamless connectivity with Apple devices is also built into these bike helmets to enable a rider to turn on indicators by gesturing with his hands (if he’s wearing an Apple Watch or other Apple fitness tracker). This helps monitor health indicators and provides a fitness summary after each trip.

Each package not only includes the helmet but also the remote control, a USB connector, and batteries for both the helmet and the remote.

The Lumos Helmet is a formidable piece of technology that melds safety and comfort. Popular among millenials and Gen Z, it’s the perfect helmet for strutting around a dense metropolis such as New York City.


  • Perfect blend of technology and safety
  • iOS connectivity


  • No Android support

4. Bern Parker MIPS Helmet

With a polycarbonate casing, the Bern Parker helmet is a lightweight solution for commuters who want a good degree of safety in the urban jungle.

With a multitude of color options to choose from, this commuter bike helmet comes with more than a dozen vents for regulating airflow. A dial controlled fit system is also included for perfect fitting of the bike helmet.

An LED light at the back comes in handy at night to apprise drivers of the biker’s presence.

With liquid foam instead of EPS, the helmet is a lot lighter than its competitors. A detachable visor is also included for protection from the sun.

Sold at a very affordable price, the Bern Parker combines sleek style with low cost to deliver a product that will be loved by commuters everywhere.


  • Lightweight, thus easy to wear and carry around
  • Very cheap


  • Lack of EPS liner reduces safety

5. Abus Hayban

The Abus Hayban bicycle helmet provides a multitude of features that sound too good to be true. A hard ABS shell is used for fabrication while an EPS foam lining is present inside the helmet to better protect your head against all impacts.

At around 400 grams, this cycling helmet is one of the heaviest on the market. The helmet meets both ASTM and European safety standards as well, making it one of the safest bike helmets out there.

A low profile from the front helps aerodynamically while an integrated rear light is also included for added safety.

Another feature of this helmet is its removable internal padding, which makes it easy to wash the padding periodically for added freshness.

If it wasn’t for its heavy weight, the Hayban would be the top bicycle helmet best for city streets.


  • Shockingly cheap considering the level of features offered
  • Removable internal padding


  • Large weight makes it heavy

6. GIRO Cormick Urban Helmet

Made with an impact-resistant polycarbonate frame, the GIRO Cormick is a MIPS helmet that’s well worth its cost.

The Multi-directional impact protection (MIPS) technology ensures that both the neck and head will survive catastrophic crashes unscathed, while foam padding is also part of the frame to ensure survivability against impacts of all types.

The helmet features include an adjustable visor, reflective stickers, and the Roc Loc fit system that makes the process of fitting the helmet fairly easy and comfortable.

Available in bundle deals, the GIRO Cormick is one of those cycling helmets that give more importance to functionality over design. A well-rounded entry-level cycling helmet, the Cormick has found significant popularity among Gen Z urbanites.


  • MIPS technology included at such a low price point
  • Adjustable visor


  • Only suitable for entry-level commuters

7. Morpher Unisex Helmet

The Morpher is a folding helmet designed for urban use. With several color options to choose from, the Morpher balances style and substance at an affordable price point.

The seamless folding of the shell reduces the height of the cycle helmet, enabling it to be carried with ease. In addition, the helmet has a low profile which reduces drag and improves aerodynamic movement.

18 different air vents are also built into the design to keep you cool. Inside the helmet, foam padding provides added safety from hits and impacts.

As far as foldable bicycle helmets are concerned, the Morpher helmets are unique little gems that prioritize easy carriage over everything else. At their price point, these bike helmets are a steal for the level of functionality that they provide.


  • Folding design makes it easy to carry around
  • Seamless ventilation through 18 air vents


  • Lack of MIPS makes it a little less safe than its competitors

8. Van Rysel Aerofit 900

At a quarter of a kilogram, the Aerofit 900 commuter helmet is one of the lightest out there. It’s also one of the more stylish ones with an aerodynamic design ensuring that the helmet looks as good as it performs.

Made from a polycarbonate shell that is designed to break apart on impact, the inside of the helmet is lined with EPS foam designed to absorb all head impacts. LED helmet lights are sadly not included, which would have made a tremendous difference for those riding around at night.

A total of 10 air vents are dispersed throughout the body of the helmet, ensuring consistent and uninterrupted airflow to keep the head well ventilated.

The dial adjustment system works fine, facilitating good adjustment to a variety of head sizes. The chin strap, however, needs to be longer as larger people would have a hard time fitting it under their chins.

Lastly, this helmet is competitively priced with a slew of features to keep your head safe.


  • Cheapest bike helmet on this list
  • Stylish design


  • No LED lights

9. Thousand Heritage Bike Helmet

Inspired by the design sensibilities of the 60s, the Thousand heritage helmet comes in a variety of colors. Made from a carbon fiber frame with foam padding embedded in it, this city helmet has found enduring popularity due to its sleek and simple design.

A secret pop lock is built into the frame so that one can fasten the helmet to the bike in high-risk areas without any fear of being stolen. This secret pop lock is accessed by removing the circular logo at the back.

Helmet features include a dial adjustment system for perfect fitting, and magnetic straps and side straps made from vegan leather. At around 430 grams, younger individuals may find the helmet somewhat bulky.

This bike helmet has a retro look and feel that will be readily embraced by the urban consumer. With great protection and a comfortable fit, this bike helmet is poised to remain an urban favorite for the foreseeable future.


  • Poplock included for protection
  • Magnetic straps for fastening the helmet


  • Its large weight may discourage young consumers from buying this helmet

10. Headkayse One

The Headkayse One is a tactical looking commuter helmet that has a slew of features to boast. Available in either gunmetal grey or all-black, this bike helmet is designed to survive anywhere.

The Headkayse One is foldable as well, meaning it can fit easily into a backpack. Protection is provided by a patented technology called Enkayse that absorbs all impacts and hits.

Another big advantage of this helmet is its one-size-fits-all gimmick.

A complex strap system is provided so that each user can fit the helmet according to his or her head size. Therefore, the helmet may be used by all members of the same family if they ride at different times.

These bike helmets are one of the most expensive on this list. They’re also on the heavier end, weighing almost half a kilogram.

Overall, these are capable bike helmets only let down by their high prices.


  • Will fit several different head sizes
  • Foldable; will fit easily in backpacks


  • Very expensive


For urbanites going to work or looking for recreation, commuter bike helmets are a necessity. Thankfully, both market forces and science have combined to present a slew of affordable options for commuters.

The list of best bike helmets above thus has a suitable road bike helmet for everybody; from recreational riders who take out their bike once a week to a white-collared office worker who needs to beat traffic every single day.

For those on the prowl for the cheapest commuter bike helmet in existence, I would recommend the Aerofit 900. This bike helmet is a steal at its current price and its safety features are comparable to some of the pricier models out there.

For those who just want the safest and most secure road helmet no matter its cost, there’s no cycle helmet better than the Annex from Bell. Unparalleled safety features aside, the Annex is also beautiful to look at and has one of the best fit mechanism of any bike helmet out there.