6 Best Commercial Recumbent Exercise Bikes in 2022 – Reviews & Top Picks

Cycling in the blistering cold is no fun. So, how do you shed the extra pounds when the challenging weather outside prevents you from partaking in your favorite activity?

Well, I’ve got a quick solution for you—splurge on a recumbent exercise bike.

This home gym equipment helps you maintain your strength and cardiovascular fitness as it mimics the experience of cycling outside. 

Widely recommended for physical therapy sessions, these exercise bikes even come equipped with tall backrests to promote proper spine alignment.

Scientific research reports have also concluded that recumbent bikes allow for a type of exercise that doesn’t put as much pressure or stress on the knees, ankles, and hips as a regular upright bike. Hence, there are even recumbent bikes specifically made for seniors now.

Designed in a way to encourage people to pedal with the legs stretched out front, a recumbent bike performs an excellent job of shifting the pressure away from the ligaments, tendons, and sensitive joints in the lower parts of the body. Conclusively, the top commercial recumbent bikes could play an instrumental role in your road to physical recovery.

At A Glance: Our Top Picks for Best Commercial Recumbent Exercise Bikes

If you’re in a hurry, you can jump straight into our top picks (these are the commercial recumbent exercise bicycles that most people buy).

Top 6 Best Commercial Recumbent Exercise Bikes – Our Reviews:

The market is saturated with numerous commercial recumbent bikes, with each claiming to be better than the next. However, the bikes worth acquiring are very few and far between. 

Lucky for you, I’ve done the legwork, experimented with only the most positively reviewed recumbent bikes, and shortlisted the commercial recumbent bikes that have the x-factor.

Without beating around the bush any further, here are my findings on the best commercial recumbent bikes.

1. Marcy Recumbent Exercise Bike ME-709

The Marcy Recumbent Exercise Bike ME-709 comes second to none in terms of durability. It has been built to stand the test of time with its 14-gauge steel tubing framework and can accommodate weight of up to a whopping 300 pounds without breaking a sweat.

Also, let’s not forget the powder coating finish on the product which makes the recumbent bike completely scratch-proof.

Boasting a step-through layout, getting on and off the bicycle is also a piece of cake. 

Other notable features of the exercise bike include an LCD screen that showcases calories burned, average speed, time, and distance covered in outstanding clarity, 8 varying levels of resistance to accommodate the fitness level of every rider, and magnetic tech that mimics the experience of cycling in challenging terrains.

The counterbalanced pedals also deserve a special mention here. Featuring a textured surface, you can rest assured that your feet won’t slip off the pedals no matter how rigorous your training sessions. The presence of adjustable foot straps further secures your feet, without compromising on your comfort. 

To add the cherry on top, I also like the fact that the commercial recumbent bike can be adjusted to suit your height. No more will you have to outstretch your legs to reach the pedals.


  • You can track your fitness progress easily on the recumbent bike
  • Adjustable height to ensure you have a comfortable striding position
  • Durable steel tubing frame construction
  • Arguably, the best commercial bike around in terms of weight capacity
  • Can be moved from one place to another easily because of the transport wheels


  • Regrettably, the back seat can’t be adjusted

2. Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Exercise Bike

The Sunny Magnetic Exercise Bike has plenty of things working in its favor.

Featuring a magnetic mechanism that facilitates 8 levels of resistance, this bicycle can cover the workout needs of all people. Plus, in addition to working out your legs, the bicycle also comes equipped with movable handlebars for increased effort and calorie burn.

This bicycle is also easy to mount and dismount owing to its user-friendly design.

How comfortable is the recumbent bike you ask? Well, the Sunny Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike comes with a large backrest that encourages correct posture. 

Plus, the seat is comfortable to sit on for hours on end on account of the extra padding.

I’m also a fan of the large platform pedals that feature adjustable straps. Once your feet are secured to the pedals, they won’t slip out involuntarily, irrespective of the intensity of your workout.

I also like the fact that the exercise bike´s seat distance to the pedals can be adjusted even while seated.

Constructed of a heavy-duty, commercial-grade steel frame, expect the recumbent bike to outlast your interest in fitness routines.

Last but not least, let’s talk about the digital display on the bicycle which showcases a wide variety of metrics such as speed, time taken, distance, and burned calories. Plus, the fact that the exercise bike also has a pulse rate monitor only adds to its charm.


  • Quiet operation
  • Comes equipped with movable handlebars to provide arms workout
  • The seat can be adjusted even while seated
  • Extra padding on the seat to promote blood flow


The non-adjustable bicycle arms may be positioned too high for some

3. Nautilus R616 Recumbent Bike

The recumbent exercise bicycle, Nautilus R616 bike, is the largest bicycle on the list and thereby, through default, takes up the most space. However, don’t be deterred from making its purchase yet as the bicycle offers power as you wouldn’t believe.

To be precise, the Nautilus R616 Recumbent Bike offers a whopping 29 resistance levels to cater to the requirements of every person. Also, if that weren’t enough, the bicycle also comes with 209 customizable workout programs, speakers, and a 3-speed fan!

Another aspect of the recumbent bike that I’m really fond of is its useful LCD screen. Since it has a high resolution backlit screen, you can even check the data displayed on the screen under direct sunlight.

Speaking of important data, the bicycle can measure your heart rate either via a chest strap transmitter or a contact bar.

I must also thank the manufacturers for making the back support well-ventilated, allowing you to cycle intensely without discomfort. The makers have also gone above and beyond to make the padded seat as comfortable as possible.

Before I draw the curtains on this product, let me quickly mention that the Nautilus R616 Recumbent Bike features Bluetooth connectivity, giving you access to a plethora of useful fitness apps.


  • This bicycle features speakers, a 3-speed fan, and a bottle holder
  • Well-ventilated back support and comfortable padded seat
  • Has Bluetooth connectivity
  • One of the best recumbent exercise bikes money can buy
  • Offers a whopping 29 levels of resistance
  • Helps in muscle toning
  • Provides a good cardio workout and helps in weight loss


  • Weighs a lot and takes up plenty of space
  • Priced a bit too steeply for my liking

4. NordicTrack Commercial Vr21

Getting started on the NordicTrack Vr21 comes easy as the step-through design of the bicycle makes mounts and dismounts a breeze. It also helps that all the necessary features, accessories, and controls can be accessed at arm’s length.

I’m also a big fan of the adjustable seat that slides back and forth on the rail, giving you the chance to adjust the bicycle’s seat distance to the pedals as per your preference.

Let’s talk a bit about its build quality.

Constructed of a commercial-grade steel frame, you can expect the bike to last a long time. The bike seat is comfortable with just the right amount of cushioning.

What about the backrest, you ask?

Well, not only is it high and comfortable enough to provide relief to back pain, but it’s also well-ventilated to keep you cool during intense sessions. The extra-wide pedals also offer enough grip to accommodate feet of every size.

With 25 resistance levels to choose from, the NordicTrack Commercial Vr21 is certain to provide a good workout session to people of all fitness levels. It’s also worth noting that the bike comes with 32 workout apps designed to optimize your training.

Moreover, if you thought the Vr21 is one of those bikes compatible with the iFit Coach app, you thought correctly!

This bike gives you access to all of iFit´s benefits including simulated outdoor training, customized conditioning plans, and storage of performance data for future references.

To sweeten the deal for you, the makers have also integrated a water bottle holder onto the recumbent bike.


  • Excellent build quality with well-ventilated backrest and adjustable, comfortable seat suspension system
  • Offers 25 resistance levels ideal for workout fitness goals
  • Comes with a bottle holder
  • This bike features a good display unit
  • Low impact


  • Non-adjustable seat back
  • The Vr21 isn’t equipped with a heart rate control monitor

5. Precor RBK 615

If you aren’t shopping on a budget, go for the Precor RBK 615 without any hesitation. The 615 is Precor’s top-tier offering and it doesn’t disappoint one bit.

There are no running costs involved with the Precor 615 as it works as a conventional electrical machine. Therefore, the Precor 615 will be up and running as soon as you hit the pedals and begin your workout.

Boasting a step-through design, getting on and off the bicycle is also a child’s play. Plus, with the seat support stand placed at an angle that facilitates the right distance from the seat to the ground, you can expect to use the Precor 615 with no major discomfort.

I must also mention that the padded seat, with dedicated lumbar support and air-flex cushioning tech, contributes to making this commercial recumbent bike as comfortable as can be during a workout.

Of course, as you’d expect from an expensive commercial recumbent bike, the Precor 615 also has a clear digital screen that displays a wide variety of metrics such as time, distance, burned calories, and heart rate.

To top it off, the Precor 615 commercial bike offers 25 levels of resistance and 6 different workout programs.

Regrettably, all is not gold with the bike. Some may find the pedal length a bit too short for their liking. Leaving that small complaint aside, I believe that the bike justifies its hefty price tag.


  • Offers 25 resistance levels and 6 different preset workouts
  • Clear digital screen displays time, distance, calories burned, heart rate
  • Offers all the benefits that a conventional electrical machine provides
  • Comfortable padded air flex seat with a dedicated lumbar support
  • Well-performing heart rate monitoring system
  • A top recumbent exercise bike for intense workout sessions


  • Short pedal length
  • Priced a bit too steeply for my liking

6. MaxKare Exercise Foldable Stationary Bike

As you must have deduced from its name, the biggest selling point of the MaxKare Exercise Foldable Stationary Bike is its folding feature. So, when not in use, it can be folded into a compact size and stored in a relatively small area.

This commercial recumbent bike is equipped with 8 resistance levels and has a user-friendly adjustment system, allowing you to switch between cycling intensities with minimum fuss. I also like the fact that the MaxKare Exercise Foldable Stationary Bike comes equipped with tension ropes, facilitating a good upper body exercise routine.

Another major plus of the recumbent bike is its digital monitor. As the bike records and monitors your fitness progress, the digital screen shows a wide variety of important metrics such as time, distance, and calories burned, helping you stay abreast of your fitness progress.

The seat benefits from having a high-density sponge and the molded backrest will enable you to cycle for hours on end without discomfort. Special features such as a phone mount also make the bike more charming than others on the list.

All in all, I believe that the MaxKare Exercise Foldable Stationary Bike will be a good introduction to the world of recumbent exercise bikes.


  • Comfortable seat and molded backrest
  • Comes equipped with tension ropes that help provide a good upper body workout
  • Clear digital monitor
  • Features a phone holder


  • Only has 8 resistance levels


When choosing a recumbent exercise bike, you should focus on the perimeter space you have available for storing the exercise equipment.

Additionally, focus on the resistance level offered by the bike and make sure the bike is comfortable and safe to use. Check too if the handlebars offer enough grip, and the pedals are large enough to accommodate your feet.

Also, look at bonus features such as clear LCD screens, desktop working surface, built-in speakers, cooling fan, water bottle holder, and smartphone holder, etc.

Bearing all these factors in mind, the recumbent bike that does the trick for me is the Nautilus R16 bike.

Though expensive, space-consuming, and heavy, this bike has all the features that I’m after. It’s powerful, has good weight capacity, offers a whopping 29 levels of resistance, and has speakers and a 3-speed fan. It even comes equipped with 209 customizable workout programs!