10 Best BMX Brands in 2022 – Reviews & Top Picks

Also known as Bicycle Motocross, BMX is an off-road bike made for kids. These bikes are good for dirt racing and stunt riding.

Many top brands in the market offer great BMX bicycle designs, and this might make it pretty hard for people who want to get the best quality BMX bikes.

Hence, both new and experienced cyclists out there might need assistance in picking the best BMX bike brands. To help you make the right choice, this article presents some of the top brands that can help you perform your favorite stunts and tricks.

We’ll explore a list of best BMX bike brands based on these parameters:

  • Strength of the fork, frame, and steering wheel
  • Assortment of models
  • Price policy
  • Quality of assembly and welds
  • Design
  • Customer reviews

At A Glance: Our Top Picks for Best BMX Brands

If you’re in a hurry, you can jump straight into our top picks (these are the BMX bike brands that most people buy).

  • Mongoose BMX Top Pick
  • We The People BMX Bike Runner-up
  • Fit Bike Co Runner-up

Top 10 Best BMX Brands – Our Reviews:

1. Mongoose BMX

First on our list is Mongoose who, over the years, has established itself as an authority in producing top quality bikes. As a result, the brand has a series of bikes for riders of all levels, from beginners to experts.

The Mongoose BMX stands out as one of the top bicycles on the market as the wheel was made from magnesium alloys. Also, Mongoose bikes come with frames that support sprint riding.

They’re affordable, strong, lightweight, and durable compared to other brands.

This brand is a good choice for people who love to freestyle with their bikes. Stunts will come to you naturally and easily on these bikes.

They’re available in good designs and offer impressive strength and rigidity while cycling.

Overall, Mongoose is a cool choice for everyone that needs a freestyle BMX bike for stunts and tricks.

2. We The People BMX Bike

Established in 1996, We The People stands out as one of the top manufacturers of street BMX bikes. Located in Germany, the company provides spare parts and components for bikes.

The brand stands out for producing quality and standard designs, making it the benchmark for BMX bikes. All output from this brand takes into account the user’s needs.

They have varieties of bikes, and each undergoes strict testing before release. As a result, their bicycles are reliable, safe, steady, and versatile.

This brand’s BMX comes in a series of designs with distinguishing colors, making it appealing to kids (10 years old) and entry-level riders.

They also have beginner’s bikes and a top-of-the-line series for bike enthusiasts. Some of their top models are Zodiac, Envy, Volta, Trust, among others.

3. Fit Bike Co

For everyone who loves freestyle BMX bikes, Fit Bike Co is the go-to brand. They’re known for their impressive and exceptional freestyle BMX bikes with detailed specifications.

In addition to freestyle bikes, they have mountain bikes and professional BMX bikes targeted at pros and enthusiasts.

This is one of the top brands that produce impressive frames, tires, components, and complete bikes. All their bikes are affordable with high-quality parts, making them a good choice for most cyclists.

Fit Bike’s output is perfect for extreme sporting activities, thanks to the strong material used in bike components.

They also have casual riding products as their bicycles come with an impressive mix of beauty and quality. All in all, the company is one of the top BMX bike producers with high-end outputs.

4. Haro BMX Bikes

Haro stands out as one of the iconic BMX bike brands available and they make bikes in various designs for all age groups. Any of its BMX bikes is a terrific choice to surprise your 5-year-old on his/her birthday.

While Haro started simply by manufacturing number plates for racers, his passion for BMX made him delve into designing bike accessories, frames, and other parts. The company is now one of the oldest BMX bike brand producers with reliable products and high standards worldwide.

Their products stand out for intense quality, longevity, durability, and strength, often featuring a top-quality frame and fork. It’s a worthy choice of brand for people who love freestyling with their BMXs.

Cycling professionals and lovers all love Haro bicycles as they’re light and practical with a simple and stylish design. Their product line reveals advanced tech, which matches the quality.

5. Kink

Located in the U.S., Kink is one of the top producers of quality BMX bikes for riders all over the globe. While it’s a new name, it has not failed to establish itself as a reliable brand.

They produce strong, durable, and aesthetically pleasing bikes at reasonable prices compared to their competitors. Their products are lightweight too, which makes them a good fit for kids and beginners.

The affordable price tag is one of the features that set Kink apart. Even at that, it offers superb functionality for all sorts of BMX riding that you need to do.

This is because Kink bikes feature strong and light materials, making them easy to maneuver and a perfect choice for freestyle riders. Kink Curb is one of their top products

They have great bikes for beginners and kids, with special geometry targeted at kids five years old and above.

6. Elite BMX

Even though the Elite is one of the latest arrivals to the field, they have established themselves as a force to reckon with, thanks to their high-end bikes for beginners and professionals. Plus, they have some enviable and top quality bikes for users available at an affordable price tag, too.

Their top products include DESTRO, STEALTH, and CMNDR bikes. All their products come with special builds that allow users to choose what appeals to them.

They also have a professional and entry-level bike for beginners available at a reasonable price and featuring a hi-tensile frame and a 20″ top tube.

The cranks are made of 170 mm chromoly, while the bars are made with high-tensile steel, making them strong and durable enough to stand the test of time.

7. Eastern BMX

When it comes to the best BMX bikes, Eastern is your go-to brand. It’s a cool choice if you want to buy your kid his/her first bike for BMX riding.

They have a terrific array of bike models available for users, all at affordable prices. Everyone who wants a great choice for freestyle riding will find Eastern bikes reliable.

All their bikes come with a hi-tensile frame, forged alloy stem, and heat-treated Chromoly cranks. They have the best choice of a downhill mountain bike that street riders will love.

Eastern is one of the top producers of BMX bikes that have been in the field for over two decades. They have fantastic choices like Eastern Cobra, Natural, Rebar, Talisman, etc.

There are options for experts, intermediates, beginners, and professionals as well. If you need a good bike brand you can trust, Eastern BMX is a terrific choice.

8. Mafiabikes BMX

All BMX riders out there that need a good freestyle bike will find Mafiabikes helpful. They produce top bikes that deliver and serve users for all their stunts and freestyles.

Mafiabikes is the product of a team of enthusiasts and bike professionals who desire to make BMX cycling easy and affordable for all, especially to the little ones.

The brand stands out in the production of a unique series of bikes. Some of their products are street bikes, large bikes, freestyle high-end BMX bikes, jump bikes, and mini bikes.

In 2003, their mini bikes attracted so much attraction that professional riders adopted it.

They use a hi-tensile steel frame for all their products. The forks come with small and clean 14 mm drop outs, giving it the needed feature to stand the test of time.

With Mafiabikes, users can adopt a series of freestyle and riding styles as there are terrific features to hemp hone your skills.

9. Sunday BMX

For everyone looking for the best BMX bikes, the Sunday BMX brand is a good choice. It’s one of the best bike brands noted for some unique features.

The Sunday team started with the production of forks and bars, then eventually made a BMX frame. Over time, Sunday improved its output until the brand’s BMX became known as one of the top BMX with the strongest frame.

They make great bikes that will fulfill all your BMX racing needs. Their products stand out for their unique and strong construction, which makes them last for years.

Sunday also sells individual bike parts like pedals and brakes, all available at a reasonable price. They stand out as one of the most established bikes as their presence is felt all over the globe.

They have bikes for BMX racing, motocross racing, downhill, race, and leisure bikes. If you want an elite BMX bike that you can easily spin and maneuver, the Sunday BMX brand is your go-to brand.

10. Subrosa BMX

Subrosa is a fantastic choice for any person out there who’s looking for the best BMX bike with little wheels and a huge personality.

The major thing that makes the Subrosa brand of bike stand out is that it can be customized to suit your riding taste and style. This way, you get an awesome BMX bike that looks exactly like you want because it lets you add anything you want.

Subrosa BMX bike comes with Chromoly frames and a rant alloy U-brake. They have the best BMX bikes for everyone, be it a pro or novice rider.

Cyclists who love BMX bikes have been impressed by Subrosa’s product and noted its strong and durable construction. This eventually pushed the bike to be a top choice for street biking.

These bikes have superb pedal axles and spindle construction, plus a hi-tensile steel frame. Users also get a chin kit with the package for easy and DIY repair work.

BMX Bike Brand Buying Guide: FAQs and Tips

What a great time to shop for a high-quality BMX bike! With tons of manufacturers venturing into the field, you have a variety of choices to select from.

Thanks to constant improvement, BMX bicycles now come with stronger and lighter body parts like frames. With this, doing your flatland freestyle and stunt will come easy.

BMX bikes are available in various designs and styles, which makes them appealing to many people today. Before choosing your BMX bike though, consider the following questions:

  • Are you racing?
  • Are you already familiar with BMX?
  • Do ramps and riding park appeal to you?
  • Are you interested in clocking airtime on the dirt jumps?
  • Does something bigger appeal to you?

You have to consider the reputation, flagship parts (frames, sealed bearings, mag wheels, and U brakes), reviews, and online reputation if you want to bag one of the best options out there.

To help you further, here are some tips to remember when you go shopping for the best BMX bikes.

Don’t go for cheap BMX brands

For the purchase of the best and reliable BMX bikes, you should budget at least $200. Whatever BMX bike you’re looking for (park bikes, race bikes, or others), make sure you don’t fall for cheap choices.

Qualities like Chromoly or hi-ten steel frame, and U brakes are not cheap. With a quality BMX bike, you save on repairs, and durability is guaranteed.

Do you need brakes on your BMX bike?

A lot of bikers don’t like using brakes on BMX bikes. It isn’t surprising as it makes tricks like bar spins pretty easy.

You, however, need brakes if you use your BMX bikes for racing events.

Explore customer reviews

Reviews from past bikers can guide you in the purchase of the best BMX bikes. Their experience will give you an idea of what to expect as you use it.

Also, you get to learn as much as possible from them.

Consider your riding style

For people who tackle the streets, be sure to select a BMX bike that takes care of your needs.

This is particularly important for folks who will be having race, dirt, freestyle, or park. With a BMX that suits your specific riding style, it will enhance your performance.


This is a comprehensive list of some of the best BMX bike brands available.

I hope that all BMX enthusiasts out there will find this guide helpful as it makes the choice of BMX bike easy. Any of these brands will help you hone your skill in freestyle and various stunts.

Following our buyer’s guide will help you get a suitable choice for your riding preference.