5 Best Bike Wheel Truing Stands in 2022 – Reviews & Top Picks

The part of your bike that suffers the most is the wheel, which isn’t surprising when you consider the road, patches, dirt, gravel, and sand your bike’s tire has to navigate.

As a result, you need constant maintenance of your bike’s tire for an optimum riding experience. This is where a bike wheel truing stand comes in.

When you apply the brakes, it will also make sure the bicycle responds well.

A truing stand helps you save time and money on bike repair, fixing and servicing your bike’s tire. It also keeps you comfortable while servicing it.

It’s a good investment that is worth the price.

I have explored different models of professional wheel truing stand, their features, and the pros and cons. With this, I’m confident that you’ll get the best wheel truing stand for your needs.

At A Glance: Our Top Picks for Best Bike Wheel Truing Stands

If you’re in a hurry, you can jump straight into our top picks (these are the bicycle truing stands that most people buy).

Top 5 Best Bike Wheel Truing Stands – Our Reviews:

1. Park Tool TS-2.2P Powder Coated Professional Bicycle Wheel Truing Stand

When it comes to a good quality wheel truing stand, Park Tool TS-2.2 Professional Wheel Truing Stand is a terrific choice, boasting different features that make it stand out among several products.

This powder-coated TS 2.2 professional wheel truing stand comes with caliper clips that can be removed and replaced. This keeps the painted rims of your bicycle protected.

There are also spring-loaded caliper arms, which helps guard against binding. The knobs are large and comfortable to turn, which makes it easy to use for many.

This TS 2 model is different due to its impressive strength. Coated with heavy gauge steel, it will stand the test of time without any issue.

You can easily mount this Park Tool product on a bench vice or use it while standing free. More importantly, the TS 2 can work seamlessly with wheels of various sizes.


  • Highly durable tool
  • Can accommodate wheels of various sizes
  • Little tendency to corrode
  • Sturdy steel frame construction
  • The TS 2 can work with multiple rim width of various sizes


  • The manufacturer should improve on the calibration

2. Park Tool TS-8 Home Mechanic Bicycle Wheel Truing Stand

The TS-8 is a reasonably priced truing stand that should be part of your bicycle tool kit. It features a special design for everyone who wants to attempt repairing their bicycles from home.

You can use this device on tire sizes between 16″ to 29″. Also, you can use it with or without mounting the tire.

This is a strong truing stand made from heavy steel gauge. As a result, it won’t flex if you use it either freestanding or on a vice.

There are strong caliper arms on the TS-8 home to guard against the binding. As a result, you will enjoy this truing stand tool for a long time.


  • Heavy-duty material (steel) makes it rigid and easy to use
  • Will not flex easily
  • Can accommodate different wheel or rim sizes
  • Removes the need for a dishing tool


  • Assembly could be tedious

3. BIKE HAND Bike Wheel Professional Truing Stand

As pointed out by several reviews, the BIKE HAND Bike Wheel Professional Truing Stand is one product worthy of being called the best wheel truing stand.

It comes with various best features that make it stand out from the many options available. As a result, you can expect it to be durable, accurate, simple to use, and reliable.

If you want to service your bike tire with wheels between 16″ and 27.5″ at home, this truing stand is a top choice. It can work effectively, even without tires.

This professional wheel truing stand will also stand the test of time. It features a nickel-chrome plated heavy gauge steel for extra strength and durability.

There are three knobs present on the device, which gives accurate adjustments. It also comes with bonus spoke tools in different colors to indicate different spoke sizes.


  • Setting up is easy
  • Compatible with various tire sizes (16” to 27.5”)
  • Features strong and comfortable knobs
  • Users get bonus spoke tools
  • Nickel chrome plating ensures added durability
  • Lifetime warranty for users


  • Absence of mounting bolt

4. Park Tool TS-4.2 Professional Bicycle Wheel Truing Stand

For every fat-bike owner out there who needs a wheel truing tool to service their fat bike once a while, the TS-4.2 Professional Bicycle Wheel Truing Stand from Park Tool is one of the best choices.

It features a broad heavy-duty base with alloy pillars and a huge caliper arm that can hold a hub width of various sizes. This improves stability and is one of the ways it stands out from the many truing tools out there.

Calibrating is comfortable, which will give you impressive accuracy when using the tool. The high compatibility makes it applicable to bikes of various tire sizes.

More importantly, the caliper arm will fit wheels that are above 29″ and can also accept hub widths 250 mm or less.

This professional wheel truing stand features chrome-plating, which guarantees durability and strength. Besides, the tendency of scratches or blemish on your rim is really low, thanks to the nylon calipers.


  • Accurate factory calibrated scales
  • Strong, high quality, and robust
  • Flexible design can true any bicycle tire
  • Features built-in thru-axle adaptors
  • Can handle different type of wheels


  • A little pricey

5. Minoura FT-1 Portable Wheel Truing Stand

For people out there in need of the best professional wheel truing stand, the Minoura FT-1 Portable Wheel Truing Stand is one terrific choice.

This is a pretty versatile tool that can handle a wide range of bicycle wheels. The impressive design allows users to easily see and fix lateral and radial issues on the wheels and rims.

Plus, it’s pretty easy to use and very innovative with a straightforward manual that guides users.

The selling point of this product is its portable size. The foldable design allows users to carry it around quickly and also store neatly anywhere.

It also comes with calipers that feature two distinct tip models.

This truing stand has all you need to fix your wheels on the go. You might have to set it on a workbench though for extra stability.


  • Portable, will fit your backpack
  • Setup is easy, can use on the go
  • The adjustable calipers make it fit varieties of wheel sizes
  • Can perform accurate lateral and radial trueness of varieties of bicycle tire size


  • Not recommended for professional use

Factors to Consider When Buying a Wheel Truing Stand

If you need the best wheel truing stand, here are some essential things to consider.

Precision and Accuracy

If you’re looking for the best wheel truing stand, be sure to prioritize accuracy. In other words, the tool should be able to carry out accurate lateral and radial trueness for your wheel and rim.

The wheel’s alignment should be correctly configured with its calipers and axle while moving on the stand.


The material used in making the truing stand is pretty essential as well. You can get more info on the material by checking the product’s website.

Ideally, the best wheel truing stand is made of heavy-duty gauge steel. There are also others that feature a nickel-chrome plate, which adds to the tool’s durability.

Compatibility and Versatility

You should also be able to use your truing machine on wheel and rim of various sizes and specifications. This is one of the most common features of the brands discussed in this review.

Also, there should be an opportunity to use your tool without special bench support or vice.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: Why do you need to true your bike’s wheel?

In applying the brakes, the bike’s tire needs to be straight. This is where a truing stand comes in.

You need this to prevent wobbling of the wheels and its motion against the brake pads, as such could result in an accident or a fall.

Q2: Do I need other tools for this?

You need a couple of other tools in addition to a truing stand park tool. Most of the time, you need some spoke tools, such as a spoke tension or wrench.

Spoke wrench is one of them and there are different types. As a result, be sure to get one that fits the nipple of your wheels.

Q3: Is it possible to true a bike in the absence of a truing stand?

While it’s possible to true wheels without a truing stand, this is something for the professionals.

You need an outstanding level of experience to true wheels without using a truing stand. Risking it can result in damage to the wheels.

Q4: Does truing a wheel take time?

For people doing this for the first time, it might take up to half an hour. With time, however, this process should take about 12 minutes.


If you need a top-quality wheel truing stand, this review will be of tremendous help. With the right truing equipment, you can handle a wide range of bike tire sizes.

This review has provided detailed information on everything you need to know, factors to consider, and FAQs on selecting the best model.

If you have a fat bike, I recommend the Park Tool TS-8 Home Bicycle Wheel Truing Stand. Meanwhile, BIKE HAND Bike Wheel Truing Stand is a good choice for people who want a wheel truing stand park with spoke tools.