6 Best Bike Wheel Lights in 2022 – Reviews & Top Picks

Don’t be fooled into thinking that lights on bike aren’t suitable for a full-grown adult. After all, why should children have all the fun, right?

Having a bike with lights can be exactly what you need to set you apart from the other cycles on the road.

Although bike wheel lights don’t illuminate the path right in front of you like a headlight or rear light, they still increase your visibility and facilitate safe riding by making you highly noticeable to the oncoming traffic. In a way, they help you avoid injury while cycling.

Before you splash the cash on a set of bicycle wheel lights, you should check to see if the shortlisted lights are compatible with your bike wheels. Also, only consider lights that are waterproof. 

Truth be told, bicycle wheel lights aren’t exactly essential bike components.

They are merely decorative pieces that add to the coolness factor of your bike. Additionally, they also add weight to your bike and may slow you down.

Hence, many pro cyclists who prefer a light bike usually shun them like potholes on the roads.

However, there are many who choose aesthetic appeal over functionality and if you are one of them, you´ve come to the right place. I’ve scoured the web for some of the best bike wheel lights you can install on your bikes.

Without further ado, here are a few of my favorites.

At A Glance: Our Top Picks for Best Bike Wheel Lights

If you’re in a hurry, you can jump straight into our top picks (these are the bike wheel lights that most people buy).

  • DAWAY LED Bike Spoke Lights Top Pick
  • Monkey Light M232 Bike Wheel Light Runner-up
  • Activ Life LED Bike Wheel Lights Runner-up

Top 6 Best Bike Wheel Lights – Our Reviews:

1. DAWAY LED Bike Spoke Lights

The DAWAY LED Bike Spoke Lights come in a package of 20 pieces with LEDs capable of flashing light in 8 different colors. The lights feature 30 different patterns which change every 4 seconds to keep them unpredictable.

The installation of this bicycle wheel light is also as easy as it gets.

First, you’d need to simply attach the battery. Then, loosen the screws on the lights and place the lights on the spoke.

Finally, screw the screws back into place and you’re good to go. You should be able to hook your bike with these lights in as little as 3 minutes.

Since the lights are operated by a motion sensor, they only illuminate when you start cycling. hence, if you stop for more than a minute, they automatically shut down.

It also helps that the DAWAY LED Bike Lights are waterproof. So, you can peddle in the rain without worrying about causing damage to the lights.


  • Operated by a motion sensor
  • Features 30 different types of patterns that change every 4 seconds
  • The patterns differ according to the user’s speed
  • Best choice for those who value easy installation


  • User must pedal at a frantic pace to showcase the full pattern visual of the lights

2. Monkey Light M232 Bike Wheel Light

The Monkey Light M232 Bike Wheel Light is one of the best bike wheel lights for a variety of reasons.

First of all, it boasts of 32 full-color LEDs with an intensity of 200 lumens.

The lights are capable of offering up to 42 different patterns and themes. With patterns projecting hearts, stars, lightning, skulls, etc., you can really customize your lights to suit your personality.

Thankfully, the bicycle wheel lights are capable of not only providing ultra-bright colorful patterns but also subtle lights because of the power-saving mode. This outstanding feature makes them less of a distraction to onlookers, bystanders, and other travelers on the road without compromising visibility.

The installation and configuration process of this light on bike is truly convenient and easy. You can easily shuffle between different colors and light patterns with the touch of a button.

Additionally, like all the best bike wheel lights on the market, the Monkey Light M232 LED Bike Wheel Light is also waterproof. Its circuit board even has a plastic coating to prevent water from causing damage.

Powered by 3- AA batteries, these LEDs should last for around 20 hours at a stretch.


  • Easy installation and configuration process
  • Ultra-bright lights increase visibility on the road
  • Can last for up to 20 hours without battery replacement or recharge
  • Best choice for adult riders


  • Only available for a single wheel

3. Activ Life LED Bike Wheel Lights

If you are strapped for cash and not willing to spend a fortune on bike wheel lights, you should opt for the Activ Life LED Bike Wheel Lights.

Despite costing a meager amount, the 22-color LEDs still work exceptionally well. They are capable of flashing lights in a variety of colors including blue, white, pink, green, and red.

Of course, you are provided with multi-color choices as well.

The installation of these lights shouldn’t take you more than a couple of minutes. You won’t need any tool to hook them to your bike either.

As is the case with functional bike wheel lights, the Activ Life LED Bike Wheel Lights are also waterproof, allowing you to ride through the puddles without a care in the world.

Compatible with any bike wheel irrespective of the size, the Active Life LED Bike Wheel Light is the best choice for those looking for fantastic visibility at a low cost.

On the downside, each box only has enough lights for a single wheel. So, if you want to deck both of your wheels with lights, you will have to get two boxes.


  • Can be fitted on bike wheels ranging from 12 inches to 29 inches
  • These LEDs feature 5 different colors and 2 color combos
  • Waterproof features safeguard the lights from puddles and rain
  • Best choice for the budget-conscious


  • Each box only has enough lights for a single wheel

4. Sarissa Bicycle Hub Light

As you may have guessed already, the Sarissa Bicycle Hub Light attaches at the hub. Therefore, it shines out along the spokes.

Featuring 8 LEDs capable of lighting up the dark with minimum fuss, the Sarissa Bicycle Hub light is for those willing to experiment and take a different approach to usual lighting.

Constructed of premium quality IP65 waterproof design and other materials to withstand harsh external elements, the Sarissa Bicycle Hub weighs a mere 0.2 lb per piece and thus doesn’t affect your cycling speed or center of gravity.

The Sarissa Bicycle Hub Light truly boasts all the features you’d want your bike wheel lights to possess.

It provides added safety owing to its bright illumination, has a 3 light function that ranges from slow and steady to quick light modes, and comes equipped with 6 foam pads. What more could you ask for?


  • Unique lighting
  • Easy installation and configuration process
  • Waterproof and durable beyond belief
  • One of the best choices for kids
  • LR-44 batteries included


  • Only fits bike hubs with widths less than 35 mm

5. Willceal Bike Spoke Light

The Willceal Bike Spoke Lights come in a package of six pieces of spoke lights.

The lights are available for purchase in 8 different colors. Plus, you can opt to have the lights in either the same color or multi-color combos.

Installing the lights onto your wheels is also as easy as a walk in the park.

To secure the lights, you are provided with 12 zip ties for your six pieces. Use two zip ties for each piece and you can rest assured that they will remain secure irrespective of the terrain you ride on.

Once you set them up, you won´t have to worry about fastening them repeatedly. 

Featuring three different lighting modes including strobe, blinking, and solid modes, the Willceal Bike Lights are compatible with bikes of all sizes as they only rely on the thickness of the spokes.

Powered by CR2032 batteries, the lights can illuminate for 48 hours without interruption.

I must also applaud the makers for using flexible silicone to construct the Willceal Bike Lights. This construction design makes the lights waterproof and safe to use when cycling in the rain.


  • The Willceal Bike Lights can be used on any bike that has a minimum of 2 mm spokes
  • All six pieces of lights are operated individually
  • Features 3 different modes including steady, slow, and fast
  • Batteries included with the package


  • Using the zip ties to secure the lights can be troublesome
  • The mounting system feels rather flimsy

6. Bodyguard Bike Wheel Lights

What helps the Bodyguard Bike Wheel Light stand out from its competitors is its ability to offer 360-degree illumination.

Available in five different colors including multi-color combos, the Bodyguard Bike Wheel Lights largely benefit from four varied lighting modes. With this product, you can enjoy a steady glow or a slow, medium, and fast flash.

Since the lights are operated by a motion sensor, they only illuminate when you start pedaling. Stop for more than 60 seconds and the lights switch off to conserve the AA batteries.

However, the sensors don’t activate during the day, which makes sense since the lights are only clearly noticeable at night.

Lightweight enough not to lower your cycling speed, the Bodyguard Bike Wheel Lights are extremely durable, waterproof, and easy to install and maintain.

The Bodyguard Bike Wheel Lights are powered by a couple of AA batteries which can last up to 20 hours of continuous use. Pretty decent return, wouldn’t you agree?


  • Operated by a motion sensor and has a smart mode
  • Provides 360-degree illumination
  • The light sensors only activate at night
  • Boasts of 4 lighting modes
  • Best choice for those who value efficiency


  • One package is only sufficient for a single wheel

What to Consider When Buying Light for Bike Wheels?

Mounting Type

There are primarily three types of lights for bike wheels.

You have spoke light that needs to be fitted to the spokes. These lights tend to be more detectable during motion.

Next, we have wheel rim lights that need to be fitted near the edges of the rim. These are comparatively more subtle than a spoke light.

Finally, we have hub lights that attach to the hub. Hub lights are usually preferred by kids as the light illuminates from the spokes to the rim and produces bright colors.

Installation of the bike wheel lights can also differ from one another. While some may need to be secured with zip-ties or adhesive strips, there are others that come with anti-theft clasps, etc.


The best bike wheel lights always come equipped with many lighting modes.

They allow you to experiment with your lights and give you more options to discover your preferences. Having more modes allow you to switch the intensity and frequency of the light as you please.

Intensity of Illumination

If you choose a bike wheel light with a high intensity of illumination, you will be more noticeable while cycling. This increase in visibility allows drivers to take notice of your presence and enable them to steer clear of you while you’re on the roads.

In essence, the higher the intensity of illumination, the safer it is for you.

Power Source

Most bike wheel lights are powered by rechargeable batteries and can work up to 20 hours continuously on a full charge. These batteries can usually be recharged via USB.

If you want to purchase a bike wheel light that doesn’t operate on non-rechargeable batteries, consider the run-time of the batteries before taking money out of your wallet.


There are only a couple of things I look out for in a bike wheel light.

For me, a bike wheel light must enhance the visual appeal of my bike and increase visibility for added safety. One specific bike wheel light that checks all the boxes is the Monkey Light M232.

Featuring 32 full-color LEDs with an intensity of 200 lumens, the M232 will make you the brightest star on the roads. Additionally, the M232 has long-lasting batteries, a wide variety of themes and patterns, and durable construction.

Plus, if you can’t decide on your light pattern, you can always enable the shuffle mode and let the device play out themes automatically.

Of course, choices can differ from one person to another. What works for me may not strike your fancy. 

From the aforementioned options, feel free to choose any light that you think is best suited for your wheels. They’re all worth the investment in my book.