6 Best Bike Seats For Women in 2022 – Reviews & Top Picks

No other bike component is as instrumental in determining the comfort quality of a bike ride as the saddle. The right saddle will boost your performance and enable you to travel far and wide with minimum fuss, whereas the wrong one will have you grinning in pain after each mile.

Now, it has been established that regular saddles are usually made with the anatomy of a man in mind. Such saddles are often not suitable for the female body.

Thankfully, bike seat manufacturers have turned up in large numbers to address the issue, designing women-specific road saddles for the convenience of the female rider. These saddles provide excellent support to the pivotal pressure points of the sit bones, spreading the pressure evenly over an extended area, thereby providing relief to the soft tissues of the outermost genitalia.

Unfortunately, locating a bike saddle best-suited for your proportions can be a challenging task. You’d have to adopt the “trial and error” method to find a bike seat that works best for you.

When searching for a saddle, get one that complements your riding style, fits you well, and is comfortable beyond belief. Thankfully, bike shops these days offer useful fitting services and demo saddle sessions, helping you make the right pick.

If you don’t have time to go through the research, consider the outstanding options I’ve presented below. These saddles are some of the best bike saddles for ladies in general.

At A Glance: Our Top Picks for Best Bike Seats for Women

If you’re in a hurry, you can jump straight into our top picks (these are the bike seats for women that most people buy).

  • Fizik Luce Carbon Women’s Saddle Top Pick
  • Selle Italia Lady Gel Flow Saddle Runner-up
  • Planet Bike Women’s Saddle Runner-up

Top 6 Best Bike Seats for Women – Our Reviews:

1. Fizik Luce Carbon Women’s Saddle

On the lookout for a high-performance women’s race saddle? Well, look no further than the Fizik Luce Carbon women’s road bike saddle. Boasting a three-part construction with the presence of a centrally located carbon-reinforced spine, and the rear section wings made of flexible thermoplastic elastomer, this minimalistic saddle improves race performance as you wouldn’t believe.

With the long nose boosted by the presence of a central cut-out, you can expect this mountain bike saddle to be comfortable when riding in an aggressive position. Even those who prefer upright riding can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that the wide rear area offers enough support and comfort.

The padding on the saddle, along with the carbon rail system, also contributes to making your rides easier and more comfortable.

However, there are some that have complained of the friction produced by the outer point of the wings. Personally speaking, I didn’t experience any of it.

In a nutshell, the Fizik Carbon saddle for women is the best choice for women cyclists who are into mountain biking and prefer a more aggressive riding position.


  • This mountain bike seat has a high-quality construction
  • Best choice for female riders looking for performance saddles
  • Versatile enough to accommodate both comfortable upright and aggressive riding positions
  • Ideal for use on mountain bikes


  • The wings may cause friction

2. Selle Italia Lady Gel Flow Saddle

Many women cyclists swear by the benefits of using the Selle Italia Diva Gel Flow Saddle. With a few rides on this saddle, I’m convinced they are in the right to do so.

Not only is the Selle Italia lightweight, flexible, and comfortable, it’s quite the looker too, largely thanks to the breathable leather draped over the seat.

Boasting manganese rails, extra rear padding, and shock-absorption traits, the Gel Flow Saddle does an impressive job of providing support to the main pressure points of your sit bones. The elastomer suspension shock-absorbing layer also works brilliantly to counter discomfort faced by riders on long rides.

I must also give a proper shout-out to the special flow anatomic cut-out of the saddle. Blended with a gel layer, the soft-tissue parts of your body will experience comfort as never before.

Unfortunately, this saddle isn’t the best choice for female cyclists who prefer riding in an aggressive position as the saddle’s wide nose can be pretty restrictive during rotation.


  • One of the best women´s saddles for long distances
  • Expertly placed cushioning on the important soft tissue areas
  • Extra-wide saddle for women
  • Makes a good exercise bike saddle for women


  • This bicycle seat is not the best choice for use on a mountain bike
  • Priced a bit too steeply for my liking

3. Planet Bike Women’s Saddle

The Planet Bike Women´s Saddle has many good things going for it. It benefits from a durable plastic casing, has thick padding and dual spring suspension, and an anatomical cut with a full-length center recess to ensure total comfort to the rider.

This women´s bike seat is ideal for those who enjoy biking in an upright riding position as the saddle has more than enough foam pads to accompany you on your journey.  

I’m also a big fan of the hexo-skeleton pro platform on the bicycle saddle as the design ensures that road vibration is kept to a minimum.

Also, who can forget the ergonomic gel padding on the Planet Bicycle Women’s Saddle? As expected from a high-quality bicycle saddle, the gel padding does a phenomenal job of dissipating perineal zone pressure.

Add to that the presence of lightweight steel rails, and you have a women’s saddle designed for excellence.

This saddle works best when you ride it wearing padded cycling shorts.


  • Comfortable padding helps reduce pressure on soft tissue
  • Ideal length of the saddle
  • Long-lasting abrasion-resistant filler material and plastic casing
  • Affordable pricing
  • One of the best road bike saddles money can buy


  • Some riders may find the cushion too thick
  • Not as flexible as the makers would have you believe

4. Terry Women’s Butterfly Cromoly Gel Bike Saddle

When it comes to providing support to your sit bones, none comes close to the Terry Women´s Butterfly Cromoly Gel Bike Saddle. This bike saddle is versatile enough to be used for both cruiser rides and professional races

The main selling point of the Terry Women´s Butterfly Cromoly Gel Bike Saddle is the thin layer of cromolyn gel on the saddle. This gel is renowned for increasing the durability of the saddle during long riding sessions.

At a glance, you will also notice the extra-width on the Terry Women´s Butterfly Cromoly Gel Bike Saddle as compared to other women´s saddles. The extra-width does play a factor in providing maximum support to the female hip bone.

You should also know that the nose and middle areas of the saddle have been specifically designed to lower pressure on the soft tissues during rides.

The seat does appear deceptively slippery on account of its shiny leather appearance. However, you needn’t worry about slipping around as the microfiber layer on the seat is more than capable of keeping you secure.

All in all, everything about the Terry Butterfly Cromoly Gel Bike Saddle screams total support and comfort.


  • Wide rear end to provide optimal support
  • Saddle is supported by cromolyn gel
  • One of the best women´s bicycle saddles for long rides
  • Outstanding sit bone support
  • Can be used on exercise bikes too


  • Unfortunately, the gel does add a bit of weight to the saddle

5. DAWAY C66 Foam Padded Leather Bike Seat

Get rid of your safety concerns with the DAWAY C66 Foam Padded Leather Bike Seat. This saddle comes equipped with five LEDs that are capable of illuminating light for more than 36 hours on a single battery charge.

Soft because of the high-density foam pads, abrasion-resistant, scratch-proof, and resistant to water owing to its high ripple waterproof PVC leather cover, the DAWAY C66 Foam Padded Leather Bike Seat can be used without worries under any riding conditions.

It should pique your interest to know that the soft seat cushion is shock-proof on account of its well-performing suspension dual rails, helping you stay energized throughout your riding sessions.  

In order to encourage speedy air circulation, lower stress on the nether areas, and keep your rear end cool and dry, the makers have adopted a hollow air groove design for the bike seat. With the front sides of the seat narrower than usual, you can move your thighs freely while on the DAWAY C66.


  • 5 bright LEDs to keep you highly visible at night
  • Narrow front design frees up the thighs
  • Hollow air groove design to facilitate speedy air circulation and work as a pressure relief channel
  • Best bike saddle for long distances
  • Suitable for both men and women


  • Many have complained that the seat positions itself too far from the handle
  • Not as durable as other bike seats around

6. Specialized Oura Pro Women´s Saddle

The Specialized Oura Pro Women´s Saddle has all the features you’d want a premium women´s saddle to have. Equipped with medium-density, firm but supportive foam padding, a long central groove, and a large cut-out, you can expect the Specialized Oura Pro Gel Women´s Saddle to provide ultimate relief to your soft tissues during rides.

While you´re in action, you can feel the perfect combination of flex and stiffness on the saddle. Basically, irrespective of your riding position, this saddle supports your body weight on the sit bones without discomforting your soft tissues.  

I have a love-hate relationship with the over-sized carbon rails on the saddle. Though the extra size helps provide great strength and does brilliantly to absorb vibrations, it isn´t really compatible with all types of bike seat posts. For instance, this saddle is not compatible with 7 mm side clamps.

While shopping for the Specialized Power Pro, you get the option of choosing from three different width options. This definitely helps you get the perfect fit.


  • Light level 2 padding for support and comfort on long riding sessions
  • Over-sized carbon rails for extra strength and shock-absorption
  • Water-resistant Micromatrix cover
  • Carbon composite shell features women´s tuning
  • Constructed of high-quality materials
  • Not compatible with all types of road bikes


  • Downward slope not suitable for all types of riders and road racers

What to Consider to Make the Right Road Bike saddle Choice?

Design and Shape

Ideally speaking, you should only look to acquire bike seats that are wider at the rear end and narrow at the front. Wider seats accommodate women´s hip bones better and narrower front-end seats allow the rider to move her thighs freely.

The general rule of thumb also implies that you should go for a seat that supports your hip bones comfortably.

If you aren’t certain of a design, shape, or size, ask an expert at the bike shop for a professional fit.  The expert will look at your body shape and measure your sit bone width to recommend the best saddle.

Cushion Type

Only go for bike saddles that come with foam or gel cushioning. While gel provides a luxurious type of comfort and compresses faster, foam padding excels at providing support.

Weigh the pros and cons of both materials and go for any that suits your needs.

Groove Hollow

A road bike saddle that comes with a hollow air groove design can be an inspired choice. This special design facilitates speedy air circulation on the sensitive areas, improves blood flow circulation, and provides an added layer of comfort.

However, be careful when making a choice as even hollow air groove bike saddles come with different anatomies.


We’ve now reached the end of the article. I hope you are, by now, able to choose a women´s bike saddle best suited for your anatomy.

If you’re still struggling to make a choice, it’s in your best interest to head to a nearby bike shop and ask for a professional fit. Upon doing so, the expert will be able to figure out the bicycle saddle that fits you best.

Don’t have time to do that? Choose from any of the bike seats listed above with your eyes closed.

Looking for my recommendation? Well, I would suggest you go for the Fizik Luce Carbon women´s saddle. This bike racing saddle is comfortable, suitable for both leisure and competitive rides, and has excellent construction.