5 Best Bike Racks for Prius in 2022 – Reviews & Top Picks

The Toyota Prius is a modern vehicle with excellent fuel efficiency and great gas mileage. The Prius model is also eco-friendly and is safe to use for different day-to-day activities for families.

For this reason, the Prius is popular around the world. However, it’s not easy to find the best bike rack for this vehicle model, especially when you’re carrying kid-size bikes.

When choosing mountain bikes or road bikes, you often look at different things such as the seat tube, bike frame, wheel removal or installation requirements, and even shipping. In the same way, there are different things to consider when getting the best bike rack for your Prius.

Now, a trunk-mounted bike rack is suitable if you have trunk mounts, hitch mounted with hitch mounts, a fork-mounted one with a fork-mount style, or a roof-mounted rack if you have roof mounts.

A roof rack for Prius is great if you prefer a roof-mount style for your bikes although it might not be the easiest to use.

You also need to consider other factors like the rear hatch, whether the bicycle racks come with an EPDM rubber or maybe some nylon straps, and the size of the bicycle the rack for Toyota Prius can hold.

Since it’s not easy to pick the best bike rack, I’ve done some of the work for you. Here are five bike carriers you could pick.

At A Glance: Our Top Picks for Best Bike Racks for Prius

If you’re in a hurry, you can jump straight into our top picks (these are the bike racks for Prius that most people buy).

  • Thule T2 Pro XT 2 Hitch Rack Top Pick
  • Saris Bones 3 Trunk Rack Runner-up
  • Allen Sports Deluxe Hitch Mounted Bike Rack Runner-up

Top 5 Best Bike Racks for Prius – Our Reviews:

1. Thule T2 Pro XT 2 Hitch Rack

First on our list of the best bike racks available for Prius is the Thule T2 Pro XT 2Hitch Rack which comes with Auto Attach. This allows you to easily detach the bike rack from the Toyota Prius without having to grab any tools for the task.

It’s a secure and easy-to-use bike rack with a fast set-up process. All you need to do is attach it to your car using the tool-free Auto Attach System, lock the bikes to your rack, and then secure it to the hitch receiver with the help of the lock knob and the integrated cable lock.

In case you’re not using it, the T2 Pro XT folds easily towards the car and then tilts away from it to allow for easy rear access. It has a load capacity of up to 120 pounds, but since the bike rack holds two bikes, that means 60 pounds for each.

The bike rack eliminates bicycle interference by adjusting side to side, which creates space between each of the two bikes. This bike rack can carry two bikes whose wheel inches are between 20 and 29, and it can carry up to five of these tire inches without the help of an adapter.

It also comes with a 190mm allowance between each bike to prevent any bike contacts when in transit.

This bike rack also comes with a powder coat finish that to a great extent helps it look great and withstand the usual wear and tear. Its coating is also helpful whenever it’s exposed to the worst weather conditions as it prevents rust.

Key Features

  • Powder coat finish
  • 190mm allowance between bikes
  • Carries two bikes
  • Tool-free auto attach system
  • Load capacity of 120 lb
  • Hitch mounts


  • Corrosion-protection
  • Carries up to 2 bikes
  • Easy to install
  • Accommodates different bike types
  • Anti-sway feature keeps bike rack in place
  • Easy to fold


  • Not suitable for bikes with odd frames
  • You might need to drill holes onto the car’s chassis
  • It may ruin your car’s appearance
  • Extra expense for a trailer hitch

2. Saris Bones 3 Trunk Rack

Next on our best bicycle racks for Toyota Prius is the Saris Bones 3 Trunk Rack. This bike rack, aside from being pocket-friendly, is a high-performance one.

This bike rack for Prius comes in a stunning yet durable design, so no need to worry about getting another one too soon. This bike carrier also has the strongest frame, thanks to its injection-molded legs and arms. 

It’s generally made of steel which, aside from promoting its durability, prevents corrosion. The bike rack is also composed of recyclable materials that help discourage rust.

When you get this rack for your Prius, you’ll be able to use it for three bikes. Its Arc-based design is suitable for hatchbacks, minivans, sedans, and other vehicles that have rear spoilers.

It has rubberized feet to keep your vehicle safe from damage and coated straps to protect your bike.

The bike rack weighs 11 pounds and is available in a wide range of colors, so you can pick the one that best suits your preferences.

This bike rack safely carries three bikes weighing 35 pounds each and will work well with most cars around.

It also has anti-sway straps that hold the bike securely and both the articulated feet which are made of rubber and the vinyl-coated hooks protect the car. The bike’s paint is protected by a spring buckle.

Overall, the Saris Bones is definitely one of the best Toyota Prius bike racks you can find.

Key Features

  • Weighs 11 lb
  • Carries 3 bikes weighing 35 lb each
  • Arc-based design
  • 100% recyclable materials


  • Available in different colors
  • Lightweight
  • Ratchets easy to adjust and hold down
  • Easy to store in the car trunk
  • Fits different bike sizes
  • Materials are resistant to corrosion


  • Straps could loosen
  • Could damage your car if not well installed
  • Not suitable for bikes with unique frames

3. Allen Sports Deluxe Hitch Mounted Bike Rack

Another one of the bestselling bike racks for Prius is the Allen Sports Deluxe which comes with a load capacity of 120 pounds. It’s among the hitch mount racks that can carry the heaviest bikes at a time without the fear of the racks getting damaged.

It features a strong steel body that can carry many bikes, with a bike capacity of 70 pounds per bike.

The bike racks also carry up to four bikes at one go. They feature individual Tie-downs that protect the rack, and the bike rack frames are padded to protect the paint on your vehicles from damage.

The side straps of this bike rack for Prius help it remain stable and sturdy even when you’re on the sharpest corners. With this Allen Sports Deluxe Prius hitch bicycle rack, you get the easiest access to the rear of your car since the bike rack will tilt away from the vehicle.

The cradle arms will fold easily when you’re not using this hitch-mounted bike rack for your Prius. With this, you get enough space for its storage.

Moreover, the installation process is generally easy thanks to the no-wobble bolts.

Considering its features, this bike rack is affordable. Plus, it’s rust-free thanks to the black finish paint.

Key Features

  • No wobble-bolt
  • Side straps
  • Adjustable arms
  • Tie downs


  • Strong steel material
  • Fast installation
  • Bike rack comes pre-assembled
  • Affordable
  • High performance


  • No anti-theft security features
  • It could damage your car

4. Hollywood Racks Expedition Trunk Mounted Bike Rack

This Hollywood Racks Expedition trunk mount rack is great for those who don’t like using complicated manuals. The rack arrives fully assembled so it’s always ready to use.

Storage can be a bit of an issue during road trips but not with this rack. Aside from the foldable cradle arms, the Hollywood Expedition rack occupies less trunk space as you fold it down flat.

This rack is created with the best technology making it among the best trunk mount products. The rack is designed with anti-vibration technology that stops any excess vibrations from straps.

Its rubber anti-sway cradles will make sure the rack for your Prius is held firmly into place.

It’s an adjustable trunk mount rack that will fit most cars and it comes with quick-release levers that are easy to use. It carries up to three bikes at a time, weighing 35 pounds each.

Key Features

  • Fully assembled
  • Foldable arms
  • Anti-vibration technology


  • Easy installation
  • Stable when loaded
  • Fits bikes of any size and frame
  • Simple loading and unloading


  • Straps loosen on the road
  • No security features

5. Tyger Auto TG-RK1B204B Deluxe Black Bike Rack

The Tiger Auto TG-RK1B204B Deluxe Black Bike Rack comes 100% assembled and fits most vehicles. The installation process will just take you a few minutes.

However, it’s not the best for a vehicle with rear spoilers.

It is perhaps the best rear-mounted bike racks for your Prius vehicle but not suitable if you need to carry more than one bike.

The rack features a sturdy construction and a padded lower frame that helps tilt away from your vehicle. It also has some individual soft cradles to keep your bike secure.

Lastly, it comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Key Features

  • Comes 100% assembled
  • Carries one bike
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • Easy installation
  • Compact
  • Simple design


  • Restricts rear window visibility


In case you need to find the best racks for your Prius vehicle, feel free to refer to this buyer’s guide as it incorporates only the best.

If you’re asking what I think is the best Prius bike rack among these, then my pick is the Thule T2 Pro XT 2 hitch bike rack.

The hitch mount style rack is easy to use and doesn’t need any tools to install. The Auto-Attach system securely locks your bike to the rack and secures it to the tow hitch.

It’s also a 2-bike rack that’s strong and durable, so it’s an excellent choice if you’re keen on long-lasting bicycle carriers. The 2-bike load capacity of the rack is 120 pounds, so it can handle up to 60 pounds for each bicycle.