10 Best Bike Phone Mounts in 2022 – Reviews & Top Picks

When watching a pro cyclist race down the road or if you’ve watched a big race on the screen, I’m sure you’ve seen at least once in your life the little bicycle phone mounts on the handlebars that hold phones or a bike computer.

A bike phone mount does exactly that, acting as placeholders for mobiles, holding them securely in place, and no matter how many bumps you run into or how many ditches on your way, they won’t fall to the ground.

Now, why would a cyclist need a phone while cycling?

There are many reasons, the main one is to keep track of what they’re doing, fitness and healthwise, as they power down the road. There are many smartphone apps that have the ability to do this, allowing the phone to double as a fitness tracker.

We’ll review some of the top bicycle phone mounts on the market, and look at some of their best and limiting qualities.

At A Glance: Our Top Picks for Best Bike Phone Mounts

If you’re in a hurry, you can jump straight into our top picks (these are the bike phone mounts that most people buy).

  • Quad Lock Bike Kit Top Pick
  • Vibrelli Universal Bike Phone Mount Runner-up
  • Morpheus Labs M4S iPhone XR Mount Runner-up

Top 10 Best Bike Phone Mounts – Our Reviews:

1. Quad Lock Bike Kit

Starting us off is the Quad Lock Bike mount kit that’s one of the most secure, lightweight, and efficient bike mounts you can ever choose to use. The bike phone mount is super versatile as it can be placed just about anywhere that has room for attachment and an out-front mount for a better view while riding.

The quad lock bike mount comes with an extra sticky universal adapter that you can attach to any phone case, be it something as big as the Samsung Galaxy, the iPhone 8 Plus, or any other brand.

Caution has to be exercised as the universal adapter on this quad lock case is permanent; so, you may want to use disposable phone cases that will stay on the mount for as long as the device is operational. The mount has very secure hold with a dual-stage lock feature that allows the user to twist the adapter a little to secure the phone well.

For those that may need extra protection from the elements, the Quad Lock Universal Bike Mount has a slip-on cover that they sell separately; this cover will protect your phone. There are quad lock-specific bike phone covers on the market that fit with almost all phone brands.


  • Quad lock universal adapter
  • Easy phone mount
  • Versatile front mount
  • Very secure
  • Easy to install


  • Attaches permanently to the phone case
  • Protective case is sold separately
  • Expensive

2. Vibrelli Universal Bike Phone Mount

The Vibrelli Universal bike phone mount is simple in design and functions exactly as intended. It has an adjustable clamp that can fit all frames, holding on fast and secure to stop your phone from even moving an inch as you plow through rough roads.

It has a ball and socket design that allows you to angle the phone by 360° in all directions. This has the advantage of giving you the freedom to set the phone screen at a visible angle on top of making it easy to plug in a charger or headphones while you ride.

Each bar mount comes with 4 silicone bands; this is why the Vibelli is called the universal mount that can accommodate all types and sizes of phones without any issue. This bar mount is highly versatile as you can use it on other vehicles like scooters as ram mounts; this saves you from the costly affair of having to buy one for each machine you may have.


  • Ball and socket set up for varied angle settings
  • Easy to use
  • Accommodates all types of mobiles
  • 4 silicone bands for a secure hold


  • Fits the handlebar only

3. Morpheus Labs M4S iPhone XR Mount

The Morpheus Labs M4S is a uniquely designed iPhone bicycle phone mount holder that can be found in various stores online.

The case in use here is one of the thinnest in the market and can fit a good number of iPhones. This makes it convenient as it can be used as the daily carry-along phone case; all you would ever need to do is slide it onto the mount.

This best bike phone mount is integrated with a magnet for extra security, making it impossible for the phone to drop to the ground no matter how heavy it is or how bumpy the terrain may be.

These bike phone mounts have a screw clamp that can be attached either on the stem mount or the handlebar and can be removed just as easily. It’s the ideal mount for that rider who loves swapping bikes all the time.


  • Sturdy build
  • Beautiful minimalist design
  • Affordable


  • Incompatible with many mobiles
  • Doesn’t fit every handlebar

4. VUP Silicone Bike Mount

The VUP has a design that almost mirrors the Team Obsidian munt, but where it has the edge over the latter is the fact that you don’t need a phone cover or an adapter to secure the phone; it uses Velcro straps to hold the phone inside an elastic web clamping system instead. This is then attached to the handlebar.

The elastic webbing is made of silicone and can accommodate phones of any size as it can stretch and contract at will. As one of the best bike phone mount also allows the phone to be rotated the full 360° giving you unlimited viewing angles.


  • Fits any phone size
  • Elastic
  • No need for a case or an adapter
  • Convenient
  • Works with many handlebars


  • Limited protection due to a minimalist design
  • Can’t hold heavy mobiles well

5. Rokform V4 Pro Series Bike Mount

The Rokform mount has a straightforward design. It’s small to the point where you can literally just let it be on the handlebar permanently, and you’d never notice it. It is made using aircraft-grade aluminum, which makes it very sturdy, durable, and lightweight.

The bike phone holder is so low profile, barely reaching 5mm at its thinnest point, that it can lie flat on the stem and appear to be part of the bike. It allows for a maximum tilt of 55°, which is just enough for the best viewing when you’re staring at the bike from the top.

The Rokform uses a twist-locking mechanism for attacking compatible cases, which is bolstered by a magnet for an added secure hold. It’s a versatile mount that can be swapped from many bikes to another, and at the same time, it can be used on cars and as ram mounts on motorbikes.


  • Quality build
  • Can stay on the bike permanently
  • Lightweight and sturdy


  • Requires a steerer tube for mounting
  • Only works with Rokform compatible phone cases

6. Blackburn Local Plus Top Tube Bag

This is something slightly different from the conventional bike mounts. It’s actually a frame bag that the cyclist can use to store everything important like mobiles, cash, and any other thing you can think of.

The phone bag then can be attached securely to the top tube of the bike and can be further held into place with straps on either side.

The top of the phone bag has a transparent touch screen pocket that gives you a magnificent view of the phone inside. This frame bag gives your phone the protection it needs not just from physical falls but also weather elements like rain and dust.


  • Spacious frame bag
  • Transparent touchscreen
  • Protective  against rain
  • Portable product


  • Can only be attached to the top tube only
  • A bit bulky for most people

7. Team Obsidian Bike Mount

This is a compact bike phone holder mount that’s designed for the most secure hold of a phone or a bike computer to give you the freedom to speed as much as you want without having to worry about your precious gadget falling.

It’s constructed using silicone with bands on the sides that hug just the bottom and the top side of the phone without putting any scratch on it. This setup is beneficial as you get to see the whole face of the phone without the holders obscuring any part.

The mountain bike device can be installed vertically or horizontally on the handlebars or stem mount. It comes in two sizes, a small one that accommodates mobiles and bike computers up to 5.2 inches long and a bigger one that can handle anything up between 5 to 6.2 inches.

The silicone mount bands are sturdy enough to hold their shape for a very long time without the grip diminishing.


  • Great option sizes
  • Can be mounted horizontally and vertically
  • No screen obstruction
  • High quality
  • Washable


  • Limited adjustability
  • Not ideal for smaller mobiles

8. Topeak RideCase

The Topeak RideCase mounts come in two parts, a phone case made out of plastic that comes in varying sizes depending on the bar size of the phone, and a slide-on mount that can be attached securely either on the handlebar or the bike stem.

All you have to do after attaching the mount on is to slide the case into the waiting holder, then put the phone into that case, and you’re good to go. The mount also allows the rider to tilt it at different angles until they get the right position to see the screen clearly against the sun glare.

The one unique thing about this bike phone mount is the ease with which it can hold the phone securely through a bumpy bicycle ride, but if you need the phone, ideal for someone who loves multitasking. This feature makes it ideal for people who may want to quickly pick up an important call or take a picture on a ride.

There’s a separate protective cover that shields the phone from rain; that’s a good addition even though you have to pay extra for it.


  • Easy bike phone mount
  • Convenient slide-on feature
  • Can tilt 360 degrees
  • High quality
  • Great option for racers


  • Handlebar mount only
  • Mount works with specific cases; this forces you to buy a new case when you upgrade your phone

9. Spigen Gearlock

The Spigen Gearlock is a good bike phone mount with a fascinating design. At first glance, it looks like a simple contraption, but under the surface, it packs more capabilities than what it leads on.

The mount comes with its own universal mount adapter, which saves you from buying a matching phone case for it to work.

The phone slides into lock mode on the adapter once it has been fixed to the handlebar. The little device is very secure, and you won’t get as much as a jiggle even when your bike jumps up and down over rocks and bumps.

In case you want to take a quick photo while in transit, you slide it out and back in once you are done.

The bicycle phone mount also works with different types of handle bars as it comes with an adjustable rubber spacer that allows you to attach it to varying handlebar girths. The mount is also flexible and can be roasted through different angles for that perfect screen view.

It has an Allen wrench that you can use to make it tighter and more secure, which is different from the normal flexible band that other mounts use that requires you to apply your own strength in making it more secure for a long ride.


  • Lightweight
  • Aerodynamic
  • Low profile
  • Secure


  • Attaches to your phone case directly, forcing you to have an extra one for the road

10. Roam Co-Pilot Bike Phone Mount

The Roam bike is one of the best phone options with side clamping hooks reinforced with a silicone mount net to give your phone a tight and secure hold as you deal with tricky terrain. The angle of view can be adjusted to suit your needs so that you don’t struggle too much to look at the screen while mountain biking.

As one of the best bike phone holders, the mount is compatible with some of the most popular phones on the market and can accommodate even the big ones. It also has the largest diameter clamping system and can fit some of the biggest handlebars around.


  • Secure grip
  • Phone holder fits bigger handlebars
  • Accommodates all phones


  • Bulky

The Bottom Line

Bike phone mounts are essential accessories you can gift yourself if you are serious about cycling.

Considering how tight cycling pants and most biking clothes can be, there’s simply no space to squeeze your phone into the pockets. This could hamper your movements during a ride, and nothing is more uncomfortable than that.

If you’ve been looking for the best bike phone mount, this product guide would be the best place for you to start looking.