5 Best Bike Pedal Straps in 2022 – Reviews & Top Picks

Having your feet slip off the pedals is annoying not only for those who take up cycling as a serious endeavor but also for amateur riders.

Fortunately, there exist a few simple fixes to prevent this problem—you can choose to install larger platform pedals, consider using cleats, or head to the nearest bike shop and purchase bike pedal straps.

Today, we’ll discuss the latter solution as I highly regard this fix as the best, most-effective, and budget-friendly out of the lot. So, make sure you get one!

A bike pedal strap, as you may have already deduced, is a strap that attaches to your bike pedals. Upon its set up, you slide your foot in and then tighten the strap, thereby securing your feet to the pedals, ensuring maximum efficiency or output from your pedaling efforts. 

Pedal straps are compatible with all types of shoes and they provide a means that’s much cheaper than shoes with pedal cleats.

Thankfully, you have numerous bike fixed gear pedal strap options to choose from.

However, the sheer number of options can be overwhelming at the same time. Fret not as I have you covered in that department.

After extensive research and countless hours of experiments, I’ve compiled a list of the top bike pedal straps available on the market.

At A Glance: Our Top Picks for Best Bike Pedal Straps

If you’re in a hurry, you can jump straight into our top picks (these are the bike pedal straps that most people buy).

  • Origin 8 Pro-Grip II Pedal Straps Top Pick
  • SEQI Bike Pedal Straps Runner-up
  • Fyxation Gates Pedal Strap Runner-up

Top 5 Best Bike Pedal Straps – Our Reviews:

1. Origin 8 Pro-Grip II Pedal Straps

Looking for a bike pedal strap that offers unmatched grip? If so, go for the Origin 8 Pro-Grip II Straps with your eyes closed.

These pedal straps come equipped with a revolutionary anti-slip construction design, cementing your shoes to a specific position from start to finish. Also, with the exceedingly large Velcro strap cover ensuring your feet stay secured to the pedals, your cycling performance will receive a boost as never before.

I also like the fact that the thick straps’ covers are constructed of polyester. This material guarantees durability and makes the pedal extremely compatible with platform pedals.

The tight stitching on the Velcro strap is also quite reassuring.

In short, the Origin8 Pro-Grip II Pedal Straps do the job they are meant to do. They’re quite easy to maintain too.


  • Thick and sturdy, wear-resistant straps built to last a long time
  • The straps mold to the shape of your feet and thus hold your feet in place, irrespective of the cycling conditions
  • Neat and tight stitching on the straps
  • One of the best choices for BMX platform pedals
  • Easy to install
  • Excellent foot retention
  • Positive online reviews
  • Compatible with all cycling shoes


  • Priced a bit too steeply for my liking
  • Isn’t compatible with standard cage pedals

2. SEQI Bike Pedal Straps

Renowned for its multi-functional traits, the SEQI Bike Pedal Straps will have you scaling heights you’ve never reached before on your trusted bike. It also helps that the SEQI Bike Pedal Straps are compatible with any 9/16 spindle bicycle out there.

The clips on the SEQI Bicycle Pedal Straps are constructed of alloy and resin. So, in terms of durability, you won’t have issues with these pedals.

Also, the fact that the strap is constructed of high-quality nylon only adds to the charm of this pedal. Of course, the straps can be adjusted as per the size of your feet, giving you optimum control and grip as you pedal on your spin or spindle bike.

Best of all? If you aren’t feeling the SEQI Bicycle Pedal Straps all too much or you see wear and tear, you can have your current set exchanged with new ones i.e. if you change within two months.

With the SEQI Bike Pedal Strap, you can expect a product that works as both a strap and a pedal clip, offers excellent grip, is lightweight, and comes with an easy assembly and installation process.


  • Functions as a strap and pedal clip
  • Easily adjustable clips
  • Offers excellent grip
  • One of the best in terms of versatility ( can be used on a exercise bike too)
  • Easy assembly and installation process
  • Lightweight and versatile
  • This one size fits all,wear-resistant thing does a brilliant job of keeping your feet in place


  • Only available in two color options
  • Not compatible with all types of bikes

3. Fyxation Gates Pedal Strap

Almost all products manufactured in the US are of high quality as they need to pass strict guidelines and adhere to stern protocols. Thankfully, the US-made, Fyxation Gates Pedal Strap, lives up to the billing and offers cyclists a chance at a fantastic riding experience.

However, these straps are only compatible with Fyxation Gates pedals.

On the upside, the Fyxation Gates Pedal Straps are available in 14 different color combinations. I’m also a big fan of the stiff lower strap on this product; this feature keeps the product tight and in place, preventing any sort of shifting around.

However, I will mention that this product/thing, when subjected to plenty of “stepped on” abuse, is susceptible to losing its shape after a period.

The pedal straps don’t have any design flaws that can restrict your cycling performance nor are they flimsy in any way.  In fact, the straps have been designed to offer maximum protection to your shoes during cycling sessions.

You’ll get your money’s worth with the Fyxation Gates Road Bike Pedals Strap.


  • 14 different color combos for you to choose from
  • Straps best suited for offering max protection to your shoes
  • Comfortable fit for every foot size and shoe size
  • Positive online reviews
  • Does an exceptional job of keeping your feet on the pedals


  • The straps don’t hold up well against curved outsoles

4. Outgeek Straps

Are you on the hunt for a pedal strap for your fixed gear bike? If so, you can end your search with the Outgeek Toe Clips Straps.

Specially designed for use on a road bike and a mountain bike, the Outgeek Straps are suitable for both kids’ and adult bikes. Also, since the straps are constructed of heavy-duty nylon, you can expect the Outgeek Toe Clips Straps to stand the test of time.

Of course, the straps are highly adjustable too and can go up to a whopping 18.5 inches.

I must also mention that I’m a big fan of the top toe clip pedals on the bicycle. They’re lightweight, making them ideal choices for newbies hoping to keep their feet fixed to their pedals or land new tricks on the fixie.

I also like the fact that the installation process of the Outgeek Straps is as easy as it gets.

Simply spread the strap first. Then, put the strap through the foot treadle and stick the strap together. That’s it!


  • Best pedal bike strap for newbies learning to ride
  • Affordable price point
  • Easy to set up and maintain
  • Compatible with any shoe size
  • Best option for road bikes and mountain bikes


  • The material lining can wear off easily

5. Fat Cookie Outdoors Fixie Bike Pedal Straps

Measuring 5 cm wide and with a length of 45.5 cm, the Fat Cookie Outdoors Fixie Bike Pedal Straps are widely sought after in the market.

Installing the fixie straps also come easy; you’d simply need to place the two straps through the holes, keeping in mind that the broader part has to end up on top to go over your foot. That’s it!

These foot straps are compatible with any pedal that has mountain holes or tunnels in the cage.

You won’t face durability issues with these straps either, and the fact that they’re easy to clean definitely plays to its advantage.


  • Affordable price point
  • These gear bikes’ straps are compatible with a wide array of bike type (including exercise bike)
  • The fixie pedal straps are easy to adjust, clean, and maintain
  • Provides high comfort level


  • The straps may require frequent readjustment if your feet are wider than normal


When shopping for bike pedals’ straps, there are many factors for you to consider.

For instance, you have to make sure that the bike pedal strap is adjustable and of the right fit, constructed of high-quality materials such as rubber straps, has an easy installation process, and suits your riding style. It would also be beneficial if you’re provided with a safe warranty option.

The bike pedal strap that does the trick for me is the Origin 8 Pro-Grip II Pedal Strap. Which one do you fancy?