5 Best Bike Messenger Bags in 2022 – Reviews & Top Picks

When you’re riding a bike on the way to school or to get to work, you save a lot of money from fares while keeping your body active and exercised. It helps you stay healthy and is an exercise that’s in no way harmful to the environment.

The only problem that a lot of cyclists face is that bikes generally have no pockets or racks that they can use to carry and store their belongings. However, that can easily be solved by getting yourself a messenger bag.

Bike messenger bags take the weight out of your hands and allow you to focus on the road, knowing that your belongings are safe. These bag products come with different features that facilitate their ease of use.

Bicycle courier bags could have features like a reflective logo, a laptop compartment or laptop sleeve attached to the main compartment, a seat belt buckle, a compartment for your water bottles, a cotton canvas, shoulder straps, a slash pocket, and a number of other pockets for all sorts of things and accessories.

It could be a shoulder bag or one that comfortably sits on your back. There are so many types of such bags, like Timbuk2 Especial and Banjo Brother’s Bags, just to mention a few.

However, how do you find the right bag? We’ve put together a review of the best bike messenger bags to help you have an easier time finding that one bag that will suit you best when riding a bike.

At A Glance: Our Top Picks for Best Bike Messenger Bags

If you’re in a hurry, you can jump straight into our top picks (these are the bike messenger bags that most people buy).

  • Timbuk2 Classic Bike Messenger Bag Top Pick
  • Banjo Brothers Bike Messenger Bags Runner-up
  • Chrome Citizen Bike Messenger Bag Runner-up

Top 5 Best Bike Messenger Bags – Our Reviews:

1. Timbuk2 Classic Bike Messenger Bag

The Timbuk2 Classic Bike Messenger Bag is first on our list of best messenger bags. It comes with separate compartments for anything you might need to carry when you pedal around.

It has a laptop compartment to keep your laptop safe, as well as different ones for your phone, files, and a water bottle compartment.

The bag features a flap at the front for easy access when opening and closing it. It also has enough ventilation in the shoulder strap, thanks to its air mesh material that makes the bicycle messenger bag comfortable even if you’ll be riding the bike for long periods of time.

This messenger bag is available in 35 colors, so there’s enough room for you to choose which best matches your needs. Better yet, you could go for the color that matches your bike.

This classic messenger bag also features a coordination strap pad.

The Timbuk2 Messenger Bag is made of a strong water-resistant Cordura material that makes it lighter than any other backpack fabric that can be used in bag manufacturing.

Available in four sizes, I suggest you go with Medium or Large since the remaining two size options are both not the most practical for a bike commuter to use.

Plus, the TPU liner found at the top flap makes the bag weatherproof. This makes it one of the best bag options to serve you for the longest time.

Key Features

  • Available in four sizes
  • Quick access
  • Coordination strap pad
  • Available in 35 colors
  • Ventilated shoulder strap


  • Made of strong material
  • Light weight
  • Available in many colors
  • Different compartments
  • Easy to clean


  • Can’t hold too many items

2. Banjo Brothers Bike Messenger Bags

Next on our list of best cycling messenger bags is the Banjo Brothers Bike Messenger Bag. It has a 33-liter storage capacity meaning it offers plenty of room for you to store your items.

This messenger bag is carefully made of ballistic nylon which is a durable and very sturdy fabric, so there’s no need to be worried about it getting torn. It features a cellphone holster and padded laptop divider inside, too!

Although the Banjo Brothers Messenger Bag is equipped with reflective piping at the front, it’s better to always ride your bicycle with the bike lights on for maximum visibility. Thanks to the many pockets this bike comes with, it can hold keys, bike locks, loose paper, and other items.

It also has a plush shoulder pad that makes sure you don’t feel tension when the load you’re carrying is a bit on the heavier side. This is definitely the cycling messenger bag for the urban cyclist who appreciates a lot of storage room.

Key Features

  • 33L capacity
  • Ballistic material
  • Cell phone holster
  • Many pockets
  • Plush padded shoulder
  • Reflective piping


  • Easy to organize belongings in
  • Easily visible on the road
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Removable shoulder pads
  • Ideal for different cyclists heights


  • The larger strap is not fully adjustable

3. Chrome Citizen Bike Messenger Bag

This messenger bag Chrome Industries created is truly a unique one that easily makes it to our best messenger bags list. The reason why it’s so unique is that it has a seatbelt buckle attached to the main shoulder strap.

The messenger bag also comes with a bottle opener that’s integrated into the bag’s buckle which is a good thing in case you forget yours. It’s also a stable messenger bag that will not budge since it has a cross-chess strap.

It’s made from abrasive-resistant nylon to make sure normal usage will not lead to tearing. Thanks to the truck tarpaulin, this messenger bag is weatherproof so no need to be worried if it’s raining, snowing, or if there’s a lot of humidity.

It’s an American built cycling messenger bag with a 26-liter capacity that accommodates a 17-inch laptop with the main compartment giving it extra leverage. It’s the perfect bag that will make sure bicycle commuters have a premium high-quality fixie and a touch of originality.

Key Features

  • Bottle opener
  • Cross-chest strap
  • Abrasive resistant nylon
  • Track tarpaulin
  • Fits 17-inch laptop


  • High-quality bag
  • Resistant to wear and tear
  • Water-resistant
  • Stable and durable
  • Compact and light
  • Quick-release straps


  • A bit pricey

4. Manhattan Portage Bike Messenger Bag

The Manhattan Portage Bag is a simple commuter message bag perfect for the cyclist who rides in through rough and fast city streets. The bag is also made from tough Cordura material, so you can be sure it will last a long time.

It features two large reflective stripes that ensure you are seen by everyone around or near you even when it’s dark outside. This cycling messenger bag is 100% waterproof with a vinyl lining inside it. 

It also comes with an indestructible strap adjuster made of tough metal. This makes it easy to adjust with just one hand, which is great when you’re riding.

A huge added advantage to this fixie bag is that it comes with a lifetime warranty just in case you encounter any defects

It’s the best bag to buy if you’re after a highly visible, extra sturdy, and waterproof bag. It’s also a zippered pocket bag.

Key Features

  • Vinyl lining
  • Cordura material
  • Strap adjuster
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Reflective bands


  • Pockets have zippers
  • Waterproof fabric
  • Makes you more visible in the dark


  • Only big enough for small items

5. Timbuk2 Custom Laptop Messenger Bag

If you commute but only ever need to bring your laptop then the Timbuk2 Custom Laptop Messenger Bag is what you need. It’s an intelligently designed small bag that’s sturdy and well-padded to safely hold your laptop inside, making it a top choice for college students.

It also comes with an organizer for your phone, pens, and other small belongings, as well as a water bottle pocket and a key keeper.

When it comes to side pockets, it features a Napoleon side pocket with a zipper that’s great if you’re not looking to undo the bag cover.

It’s a sling bag that stays in place thanks to its crossbody strap. Since the strap is also removable, it helps keep the weight and bulk down.

This bag from Timbuk2 also fits well and makes good use of the Timbuk2 Double-Loop cam buckle.

It also has a bicycle light attachment and is a great choice if you want to pack your stuff in it safely from the rain or moisture. The flap corners, together with the TPU lining, help your stuff stay safe from the rain.

You can get this bag in two size options: Small and Large. It also comes with customizable colors that allow you to get all creative.

Key Features

  • Napoleon pocket
  • Removable shoulder strap
  • Two sizes
  • Organizer
  • Padded


  • Strong
  • Keeps your laptop safe
  • Keeps rain out of your things
  • Convenient size


  • Only limited to carrying laptops and smaller things


Whether you prefer a backpack that comfortably sits on your back or a shoulder messenger bag, you need to sit back and do a little bit of research on a site like Amazon .com for reviews.

There are also other reviews on different websites with a menu containing details and links that may earn you the best image and information on the right bag depending on the type of cyclist you are. The image is particularly useful in showing you what the bag looks like.

Regardless of the group or country you ride in, a messenger bag is a must-have!

My Pick

While there are many great ones such as the Timbuk2 Especial, my pick for the best is the Timbuk2 Classic Bike Messenger Bag. It’s a great bicycle courier bag which is easy to use and light in weight.

It’s always great to use waterproof messenger bags that have a laptop compartment and this is among them. Whether you have a 13-inch laptop or other sizes of laptop, you can be sure that it will be safe since it’s a waterproof messenger bag.

The bag has enough ventilation on the shoulder strap making it comfortable even if you’ll be riding for a longer period. We also love that it’s an easy access bag.

If a bike messenger bag isn’t to your liking though, take a look at our review of the best bike saddle bags.