7 Best Bike Baskets in 2022 – Reviews & Top Picks

Now that you’ve splurged on a commuter road bike and have a helmet ready, the next logical step for you to undertake in terms of bike upgrades is to acquire a bike basket.

With a basket, no longer will you have to ride around town fumbling your messenger bag or tote bag. Bike baskets offer an ample storage solution and can keep your valuable possessions including wallets, keys, and phone secure.

Additionally, a bicycle basket can also be used by pet owners to take their smaller pets for a ride.

Having a bike basket eliminates the need for you to take your vehicle with you en-route to the grocery store as the basket can easily accommodate basic necessities. Food,beer, medical supplies, and toiletries—bike baskets can store them all.

Unlike the unfashionable bicycle baskets of yesteryears, modern ones, whether front bike baskets or rear bike baskets, are styled to cater the personal taste of each cyclist. There are more than enough options for you to choose from and each comes with its unique advantages and disadvantages; you’d simply need to pick a basket that suits your needs.  

I completely understand that the abundant bicycle basket options can be overwhelming, to say the least. For those who couldn’t be bothered with conducting their research, I have just the best bike basket list for you.

Here are some outstanding quick-fire solutions you can choose from to fulfill your bike basket requirements.

At A Glance: Our Top Picks for Best Bike Baskets

If you’re in a hurry, you can jump straight into our top picks (these are the bike baskets that most people buy).

  • Sunlite Rack Top Wire Basket Top Pick
  • Topeak Trolley Tote Folding MTX Runner-up
  • Nantucket Bike Basket Co Cisco Collection Classic Runner-up

Top 7 Best Bike Baskets – Our Reviews:

1. Sunlite Rack Top Wire Basket

In search of a large bike basket that can comfortably secure a massive load? If so, go for the Sunlite Rack Top Wire without hesitation.

Boasting a rear carrier rack mount design, the Sunlite Rack Top Wire Basket comes second to none in terms of durability as it’s constructed of high-quality coated steel construction. Plus, you needn’t worry too much about the installation process either as the mounting hardware is provided along with the basket.

If you’re worried about the safety of your items as the metal wire basket does have some gaping holes, there’s an easy solution for it. Purchase a basket liner or simply place a blanket in the bottom and you can cycle easy knowing that your items won’t fall through, come what may.

I also like the fact that the rear basket is deep enough to keep items from bouncing out.  Despite its massive size, the Sunlite Rack Top Wire bike basket doesn’t look out of place on a bike.


  • This rear bike basket is made of durable coated steel construction
  • Can be fitted on all types of rear racks
  • Mounting plates and hardware included with the package
  • Suitable for carrying small pets too
  • Good storage space and weight capacity
  • One of the best rear bike baskets around


  • Can be a little too heavy for some

2. Topeak Trolley Tote Folding MTX

If you’re looking for rear baskets that can store all your grocery hauls with minimum fuss, look no further than the Topeak Trolley Tote Folding MTX. Boasting a whopping 25 L capacity and boosted by strong frame construction, the Topeak Trolley Folding Basket is more than capable of storing 20 pounds of product weight at a time.

Also, as its name suggests, the rear rack basket is foldable too for easy storage when not in use. I also like the presence of an aluminum handle on the basket; this allows riders to transport the basket anywhere they like.

Plus, the extendable, telescopic-grip handle, along with the trolley wheels, also allow you to roll the rear bike basket like a suitcase, eliminating the need for you to carry the heavy load.

To add the cherry on top, there’s also a rear clip that keeps your bike’s tail light secured.

All in all, I must admit that the Topeak Trolley Folding Bike Basket is worth the investment.


  • Carrying capacity of 20 lb at a time
  • Durable and extendable aluminum carry handles allow you to transport the basket anywhere you like
  • Features a rear tail light clip
  • Folding feature makes it easy to store when not in use
  • Excellent design
  • One of the best bike baskets for performance and functionality


  • Susceptible to making a rattling noise
  • Mounting and dismounting the basket can be complicated in the beginning
  • Only compatible with Topeak racks

3. Nantucket Bike Basket Co Cisco Collection Classic

The Nantucket Bike Basket from the Co Cisco Collection Classic is an excellent bike basket choice for rides around town or picnic at the local park.

Largely constructed of sturdy and thick woven rattan cane, it also helps that the Nantucket Bicycle Basket Co Cisco Collection Classic mounts onto your bike quite easily; this Nantucket bicycle basket comes equipped with two adjustable metal hooks for easy mount. Detaching the basket is a child’s play too.

I’m also a big fan of the high-quality adjustable leather straps on the basket; the leather straps help keep the basket secure during rides on rough terrain. Also, the fact that the Nantucket Bike Basket features carrying handles for transportation only adds to its charm.

However, this Dutch basket doesn’t have the highest load capacity as it can only accommodate weight of up to 13 pounds.

It would be an injustice to talk about this bike basket and not speak glowingly about its looks. This bike basket has been styled and designed in a way to augment the beauty of vintage bikes or beach cruisers.


  • Compatible with almost all types of bikes
  • Easy to install as it comes with two adjustable metal hooks
  • Features adjustable leather straps to keep the basket secure
  • One of the best bike baskets around
  • Affordable price point
  • Perfect for a quick ride to the grocery store


  • Unfortunately, the bicycle basket doesn’t have waterproof properties
  • Isn’t equipped with tie-downs

4. Lixada Bike Basket

Widely advertised as the best bike basket for carrying pets and grocery items, the Lixada Bike Basket truly lives up to its billing.

According to the manufacturers, this bicycle basket is capable of accommodating a load of 22 pounds without breaking a sweat. Looking at its durable aluminum alloy construction, I think the front bike basket is capable of handling more load.

Although the basket may appear deceptively fragile, it has a cloth interior protecting against spills and tears.

I must also applaud the manufacturers of the Lixada Front Bike Basket for integrating a useful quick-release function on the basket; this special feature allows riders to detach the basket for transportation to tough-to-reach areas.

I also like the fact that the bicycle basket can provide more interior storage when you undo its two plastic straps.

However, the feature I enjoy best is the basket’s adjustable closure system. This system provides you with more flexibility as you haul items in the basket.

This front basket can go on any 8.7 to 12.5″ handlebars with relative ease.


  • This front basket can be detached to serve as a handbag or a grocery bag
  • Features a cloth interior to provide protection against tears and spills
  • This front basket is compatible with a wide range of bike handlebars
  • This basket is designed as a pet carrier as it comes with adjustable safety leash for pets
  • Quick release handlebar mounting system
  • Nice and convenient design makes it ideal for a quick ride


  • Unfortunately, this  basket isn’t waterproof
  • May not support pets over 15 pounds
  • Not too fond of the flimsy locking mechanism

5. Retrospec Bicycles Mesh Apollo Bike Basket

The Retrospec Bicycles Apollo Basket is marketed towards cyclists looking for a basket while on a strict budget.

At a glance, you’ll easily notice the steel sides and the mesh bottom of the basket. The steel sides help keep the basket secure and durable whereas the mesh bottom prevents small items from falling through.

Unlike the aforementioned baskets, the Retrospec Bicycles Detachable Basket is, thankfully, weather-proof. The basket will hold up well even if you get caught in a quick downpour.

Since it’s detachable and comes equipped with handles, you can even use the Retrospec Detachable Steel Half-Mesh Apollo Bike Basket as a handbag for your shopping trips.

Installation of the front bicycle basket also comes easy as there’s no need for any bike tools. Plus, it comes in a variety of color combinations to blend in well with your bike.

Overall, I think that the Retrospec Bicycles Detachable Basket is best suited for those looking for a minimalistic basket.


  • Features a detachable option  that allows you to use it as a handbag for grocery runs
  • Compatible with almost all types of bikes
  • Available for purchase in a variety of colors
  • This basket is made to withstand all harmful external elements
  • Simple and elegant design 
  • One for the minimalist rider


  • Some may find the bicycle basket too heavy
  • The mesh bottom isn’t durable enough for heavier items

6. COFIT Collapsible Bike Basket

The makers of the COFIT Collapsible Bike Basket sell this front bicycle basket as a practical choice for storing grocery items and small pets. Thankfully, there’s no case of false advertising here.

Boasting a durable rustproof aluminum frame benefited tremendously with the inclusion of a reliable oxford cloth construction, you can expect this front basket to easily stand the test of time. It also helps that the cloth material used on this basket is waterproof, so spills or rides in the rain aren’t much of an issue.

Spacious enough to even accommodate small dogs up to 11 pounds, the basket, as you may have deduced, is collapsible for easy storage when not in use. Lifting heavy loads will also not be a problem as the COFIT Collapsible  Basket comes equipped with sponge pads and soft handles.

This front bike basket is compatible with any front handlebar that measures between 22 to 32 mm.


  • Arguably, the best front  handlebar bike basket for storing grocery items and small pets
  • Can be cleaned easily with a wet cloth
  • Features waterproof properties
  • Sturdier than it appears


  • Doesn’t come with a cover
  • Mounting the basket onto your handlebar may be troublesome
  • Absence of a phone pocket can be a deal-breaker for some
  • Only has a weight capacity of 11 lb

7. Nantucket Children’s Surfside Wire Basket

Another basket from Nantucket makes it to our list merely based on merit. Although the Nantucket Children’s Surfside Wire Basket is largely advertised as a child’s basket, it can even be used by adults looking for a mobile storage option.

Weighing a mere 8 pounds, the Nantucket Children’s Surfside Wire Basket is lightweight beyond belief. I also like the fact that this  basket is available for purchase in a wide range of color options.

Largely constructed of fine mesh, the holes on the basket won’t have you worrying too much about the safety of your possessions; they’re only small enough to keep things breathable, not to let smaller items pass through.


  • Simple hooks make the installation (attachment) process easy
  • Handle for easy removal and transportation
  • Available in a wide range of colors
  • Features durable wire mesh construction
  • One of the best portable bike baskets around


  • Weight limit of only 8 lb
  • Limited storage space

Details to Consider When Buying Bike Baskets

Before you settle on a bike basket, you need to assess your requirements.

Looking for a bike basket with a heavy load capacity or want one with a mobile storage option? Want easy access to your items with front handlebar bike baskets or do you want a rear rack basket capable of carrying larger loads?

Pay attention to the construction material of the basket, too.

For instance, metal baskets are the strongest and capable of carrying the most loads. However, they’re prone to rust and may not carry small items because of the gaping holes.

Meanwhile, fabric baskets are safer options for carrying smaller items as they usually come with a closing top. Most of them have waterproofing properties too.

We also have traditional-styled baskets such as the wicker bike basket. Quick-release wicker baskets are commonly coated in a clear lacquered finish to provide protection against the external elements.

Natural baskets are all the rage at the moment owing to its use of eco-friendly materials.

Finally, we have plastic baskets, the cheapest option around.

They’re easy to maintain and durable enough to be used under any weather condition. However, they can succumb to heavy loads.

In essence, as I have said before, you must assess your requirements carefully before splashing the cash on a basket.


By now, you must have shortlisted a few baskets already.

If you’re looking for my suggestion, I would recommend the Retrospec Apollo Basket. It’s waterproof, features a mesh bottom to prevent your smaller prized possessions from falling through, has good weight capacity, and is detachable for use as a handbag on grocery runs.

What more could you want from a bike basket?