5 Best Bicycle Motor Kits in 2022 – Reviews & Top Picks

Modern inventions and products have increasingly made our lives much easier and more interesting than ever imagined.

Major developments have also been made in the cycling sector as normal road bikes can now be transformed into a motorized bike with the help of gas motor or electric bicycle kits—and the installation process couldn’t get simpler.  

With a motorized bicycle in your garage, no longer will you have to exert as much effort while climbing hills or going the distance in your riding sessions. With a motor installed on your bike, you can choose to pedal to achieve your fitness goals or get the motor going when you need a bit of assistance, thereby extending the range of a daily commute.

Senior riders wanting to keep up with younger ones during club rides or those looking to rehabilitate their niggling injuries will benefit plenty from using a motor on their bikes.

The selling point of a motorized bicycle you ask? Well, it’s simply pure fun.

Try one and you’ll never go back to your pedal-powered bikes. Plus, you have the option of choosing an electric motor over gas-powered ones if you’re the eco-friendly type.

Listed below are some of the best bicycle engine kits money can buy. These products have been shortlisted through extensive research and experiments for your convenience.

Read on and gain more information and category knowledge on engine kits before buying one.

At A Glance: Our Top Picks for Best Bicycle Motor Kits

If you’re in a hurry, you can jump straight into our top picks (these are the bicycle motor kits that most people buy).

Top 5 Best Bicycle Motor Kits – Our Reviews:

1. Iglobalbuy 2-Stroke Motorized Gas Engine Motor Kit

Boasting a 50 cc engine, the Iglobalbuy 2-Stroke Gas Engine Motorized Bicycle Kit is a high-performance option that can help you reach top speeds of 38 mph with minimum fuss.

Plus, the fact that this bicycle engine kit has easy assembly also gets more plus points.

Installing the engine is a piece of cake too as the guidelines provided are all clear and thorough. There are enough instructional videos online to assist you.

The Iglobalbuy 2-Stroke Kit is particularly compatible with traditional V-shaped bike frames that have a 9 to 11” size clearance between the top tube and the bottom bracket. It would also be suitable if the frame tubes have a diameter size that ranges between 25 to 29 mm.

This motorized bicycle kit looks stunning as well with the components, muffler, and engine all coated in black. So, for those planning to create a classic cruiser, this kit will fit the bill.

On the downside, the Iglobalbuy Two-Stroke Motorized Bicycle Kit isn’t the cheapest around. Still, you know what they say—you pay for quality, and this kit’s reliability, durability, and quality justify its high pricing.


  • Speed motor can help you reach a top speed of 38 mph
  • Excellent construction
  • Easy to install  because of helpful guidelines
  • Positive online reviews
  • More suited for those looking for a hassle-free ride


  • Exorbitantly priced

2. Seeutek Bicycle Engine Kit Set

Arguably, the most sought-after bicycle engine kit set on the market, the Seeutek Engine Kit Set benefits tremendously from the use of non-corrosive alloy bolts. Not only are they lighter than found on most engine sets, but they’re also comparatively stronger.

The Seeutek Bicycle Engine excels in the power department as well, helping you get up to speeds of 35 mph. Best of all, you can check your speed on the speedometer offered along with the purchase of the Seeutek Bicycle Engine Kit Set.

I also like the fact that the kit is pretty economical. In terms of stats, the combustion engine should be able to deliver fuel economy up to 150 miles per gallon!

Although the installation process can be a bit time-consuming, it isn’t tough at all as there are useful instructions to help you find your way through the components. It’s also helpful that you are provided with all the extra parts required for the setup process.

Compatible with most 24”+ bikes, other notable features of this 80cc 2 stroke bike motor include air-cooling and 55” chain. 


  • One of the best choices for the rider with a larger cycle frame size
  • Reliable powerful engine
  • Delivers good fuel economy
  • Speedometer provided with the package
  • Outfitted with an expansion chamber
  • No need to wait for Black Friday as this kit is inexpensive


  • You might need an additional motor mount
  • Drilling may be necessary for larger frame size

3. AW Front Wheel Electric Bicycle Kit

If you’re searching for a tidy looking powerful electric motor, look no further than the AW Front Wheel Electric Bicycle Kit. Boasting a powerful output of 1,000 watts, you can reach 35 mph on flat surfaces with minimum effort.

The installation process of the AW Front Wheel Electric Bicycle Kit is also easy as you’d simply need to remove your wheel to install the battery, controller, and other components.

Weighing a mere 20 pounds, the addition of the AW Front Wheel Electric Bicycle motor and its accessories won’t negatively affect the performance of your bike. Equipped with a pedal assistance system, you can pedal your way through the terrain to assist the motor should you require more power.

Also, if you want a breather while climbing steep hills, you can operate the motor without pedaling. You’d simply need to twist the throttle.

I also like the addition of an LCD with the kit that showcases the battery power of the cycle, speed, time, gears, and mileage.

Regrettably, this motor bike kit doesn’t come with its own battery and charger, so you’d have to source those essentials from elsewhere. Those products are often in stock in most shops though, so you shouldn’t have a hard time.


  • Full motor bike kit with front wheel
  • Pedal assistance and throttle both included
  • A hand carry bag is provided with the package
  • Operates more quietly than others
  • One of the most popular bike engines around


  • Doesn’t come with a battery or charger

4. Goplus Bicycle Motor Kit

Boosted by the presence of an 80cc 2 stroke engine with a power rating of 6 HP, the Goplus Bike Motor Kit will help you reach a top speed of 30 mph on flats. Plus, if you need to ride slower, you can always rely on the motor kit’s useful speedometer.

Compatible with most large bikes with a V-shaped frame, the Goplus Bicycle Motor Kit comes with all the products and tools you’d need in the installation process.

However, I must admit that assembling the components may be tough despite the manual instructions. You’ll need to have a bit of mechanical experience if you want to assemble the parts correctly.

Weighing near and around 25 pounds, the Goplus motorized bike kit should fit your bike like a glove, doing little to affect your ride quality or performance on the bike. It also helps that the 80 cc engine is extremely quiet.

When you look at the shape and design of this engine motor kit, you’ll be immediately taken back to the early days of cruiser conversions to motorbikes. So, if that’s more like the look you are aiming for, you can add the Goplus Bike Engine Kit to your shopping cart without any hesitation.


  • Powerful engine
  • Low noise and vibration
  • Compatible with most bikes, including mountain bikes with a wheel size of 26” or above
  • One of the best bicycle engine kits for the budget-conscious
  • Backed by a 6-month warranty


  • Tough to assemble
  • Possible requirement of a universal mount

5. Zeda 80 Complete 2-Stroke Engine Kit

What sets the Zeda 80 Complete 2-stroke Engine apart from the rest is its ability to reach top speeds of 40 mph. This may not qualify you for a racing series, but this feat is pretty unheard of when talking about bike motor kits.

Take note though that since this motor gets you to high speed and weighs 30 pounds, it may be in your best interest to upgrade your brakes as your bike will require the extra stopping power.

What I like about this kit, in particular, is that it lets you choose between a 36 and 44-tooth rear sprocket.

So, if you intend to ride in hilly terrains, you can always choose the 44-tooth rear sprocket. For those living in flatter areas, the 36-tooth sprocket is the way to go.

From the outside, you’ll bear witness to a fine finish of the stroke engines. The engine also benefits tremendously from the application of a high-quality anti-corrosive coating.

All in all, I can’t find too much fault in the Zeda 80 Complete 2-stroke Engine Kit apart from the fact that its replacement parts aren’t always in stock and are tough to find.


  • Can reach a top speed of a whopping 40 mph
  • Easy to install
  • Engine colors available in either silver or black
  • Good fuel economy
  • One of the best motorized bicycle kits on the market
  • Positive online reviews


  • Tough-to-find replacement components

What is a Motorized Bicycle Kit and How Does It Work?

In a nutshell, a motorized bike engine kit can be categorized as a mechanical kit that enables a rider to upgrade his or her standard pedal bike into a motorized bike.

How does the motor work exactly? Well, most of the motor controls in the market either work on throttle alone, where the motor does most of the work, or with pedal-assist, where the rider pedals to provide more power to the motor.

Of course, there are also motor control options where the throttle and pedal-assist work hand-in-hand to generate power.


When looking to purchase the best motor kits, look for one that can be installed without professional help. Also, assess how you’re going to use your bike.

If you aren’t looking to travel frequently, you won’t need a kit with a large fuel capacity. If you live in a hilly area, you’ll probably require more powerful bike engine kits.

Also, pay attention to the fuel economy, charging time (electric motor), and the maximum distance the shortlisted electric motor can get to on one single charge.

My pick from the lot of motorized bike kits is the AW Front Wheel Electric Bicycle Kit. It’s fun and safe to ride, comes with both throttle and pedal assistance, and operates quietly.