7 Best Bicycle Bells in 2022 – Reviews & Top Picks

A bicycle bell is a staple for anyone who loves to cycle especially in an urban area. When you’re on a bicycle, it announces your presence on the road to everyone else on the road who’s either riding or walking.

Today, there are so many bike bells in different materials, such as brass, and finding the best ones can be a huge task because you’ll most likely be spoilt for choice. These bells also come in different shapes and sizes.

To help you in making a good decision, we’ve put together a list of the best bike bells you could go for. Read on!

At A Glance: Our Top Picks for Best Bicycle Bells

If you’re in a hurry, you can jump straight into our top picks (these are the bicycle bells that most people buy). 

  • Knog Oi Classic Bell Top Pick
  • Firmstrong Cruiser Bicycle Bell Runner-up
  • Nutcase Thumbdinger Runner-up

Top 7 Best Bicycle Bells – Our Reviews:

1. Knog Oi Classic Bell

Knog Oi Classic is an innovative, yet classic bike bell that’s very loud and easily grabs the attention of anyone on a cyclist’s way. It’s also very sleek and looks great on any cyclist’s handlebar.

This classic bike bell works great although it would’ve been better if it allowed you to push the hammer back a bit more. Another amazing thing about this is the fact that it doesn’t exactly look like a bike bell.

When you first see this bell for bike, you might wonder what exactly you’re seeing since it simply has an appearance of a thin, brushed metal piece that’s been wrapped well around the bar. However, it’s solid and is sturdy, and thus reassuring.

It’s also very easy to install because all you have to do is open the bracket’s back then slide it properly over the bar. After that, use the bolt to tighten it into place.

This bicycle bell’s large version is perfect for a bike that has a thicker bar, while the smaller version is suitable for those whose diameters are thinner. These two sizes make the bike bell versatile and to add to that, they come with two recesses that are found within the bracket.

The two recesses make it easier for the cable to sit underneath the bell. This bell works when the simple hammer mounted on a spring hits the metal bar also mounted alongside it, leading to the “ding” sound.

The Knog Oi bike bell works well with soft to medium pressure. In case you apply too much, the bell will not ring too well and will sound slightly muted.

Key Features

  • Distinctive tone
  • Handlebar fit is between 23.8-31.8
  • Low and slim profile
  • CNC-manufactured
  • Features a spacer for the handlebars
  • Weighs 1.5 lbs.


  • Stylish design that doesn’t look like your ordinary bell so it really stands out
  • Easy to attach to your bicycle
  • Fits different handlebar diameters
  • Durable bell of great quality


  • Not as loud as many other bike bells in the same category
  • Expensive

2. Firmstrong Cruiser Bicycle Bell

One of the best bike bells on our list today is the Firmstrong Cruiser Bicycle Bell. It’s a classic bell that comes in a number of unique colors and designs to match the kind of bike you have almost perfectly.

The Cruiser Bicycle Bell has a great metal design that makes it one of the top bike bells you can find on the market today. The construction makes it sound very loud and clear too.

This bicycle bell has an attaching ring that fits bikes that are between or around an inch in diameter. This means it’s one of the most versatile bells especially if you have a bike that’s got thick handlebars.

Its attachment can be just a bit awkward in case you’re not quite familiar with the different metal mounting rings. Despite that, this is one of those easy to use bells and it’s easy to install, making it a great option even for smaller kids.

Key Features

  • Metal construction
  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • Has a classic design
  • Weight is 2.4 oz.


  • Very easy to install
  • Fis a lot of bicycles that come in different sizes
  • A highly rated bicycle bell


  • Misses some of those very necessary screws
  • May be loud but others in the market surpass it in this sound area

3. Nutcase Thumbdinger

There isn’t a single bicycle rider out there who enjoys looking unkempt when they need to communicate to joggers, pedestrians, or other riders that they’re on the road. This bicycle bell is, therefore, a great option for cyclists as it has a nice, clean design.

It’s from the Nutcase company, a well-known manufacturer of not just the nicest bicycle bells, but also other bicycle parts such as helmets for kids. The one word that can best describe this amazing bicycle bell’s sound is “polite.”

Don’t be fooled by the small size of this Thumbdinger because it makes a sound loud enough for pedestrians and joggers to get that message that you’re on the way and right behind them, but not in a way that would give them some kind of heart attack.

A bell for a bike is better simple, which this one most definitely is since it only requires you to push down the flap and then release it. This makes it spring back and ring.

Key Features

  • Super small
  • Very mighty knell
  • Weighs 27 g


  • Comes in a simple, yet great design
  • The sound is loud enough to be heard from a distance


  • Not very versatile for different bike sizes

4. Trigger Bell

The design of this trigger bike bell allows you to easily work it without necessarily having to move your hand from the brake or gears. That way, you can use it safely while you’re turning, hitting the brakes, or even changing the gears.

Another great feature of this bicycle bell is that it’s cheap despite the fact that it’s a good-looking bell. You might want to buy this one especially if you have a fancy bike such as a mountain bike or a BMX because it’s sure to add to the aesthetic of your bike, but it really just works great for any other kind of bike too.

The Trigger Bell might be rather small in size but is well designed and works great on a wide range of handlebars. It’s one of those bicycle bells with adjustable straps that fit different handlebars from 22mm all the way to 45mm in diameter.

So with that, it does not really matter whether your grip is thick or thin. This is one good-looking bell that will suit your bike just fine.

It will only require you to adjust a single screw so that it fits on your bar—you don’t need an instruction manual to do it.

While you can place this great bike bell on the right bar, it’s mostly suited for the left side with the idea being to leave your right bar free since a lot of the bikes position the brakes on the right-hand side.

If all these aren’t enough to make you like this bike bell, take note that it also comes with a warranty of up to two years.

Key Features

  • Good-looking design
  • Small in size
  • Adjustable straps to fit different handlebars


  • You don’t need to loosen the handlebar grip with this
  • Very affordable
  • Suitable for use on many different handlebars
  • Comes with a good warranty


  • Designed only for the left side of the handlebars

5. BONMIXC Mini Brass Bike Bell

The BONMIXC Bike Bell Mini Brass is a popular choice, which is totally not a surprise considering how affordable it is. It has a very simple and easy-to-use construction just like many other traditional bells, except it comes in a modern design that a lot of users would appreciate.

It’s a ding-dong style kind of bell which means when you’re going up cracks or over the bumps, it will not ring. However, you are less likely to hear this bell in a busy area unless you continuously ring it a couple of times.

Everyone appreciates machinery that does not give them a hard time to install. This brass bell is one of such that will give you a very easy time when it comes to attaching it to the bike’s handlebars.

As for the fit, you can use it on bars with a diameter measuring up to 23mm which, when it comes to size, is the average for most bike bars. 

It has a clear ring thanks to the brass material although in some cases, you might end up finding the smaller dome and large height annoying.

Key Features

  • Double-ring sound once rung
  • Very easy to attach to the brass bell handlebars
  • Works great for flat or straight handlebars
  • Brass bell weighing 2.4 oz.


  • Distinct and clear sound when it comes to the ring
  • Available at a very affordable rate


  • Mounting ring isn’t big enough for thicker handlebars

6. Schwinn Classic Bicycle Bell

The Schwinn Classic Bicycle Bell is a tool-free bike bell that comes in a nice classic design, very vintage.

It’s easy to install and will fit in with most bike bell handlebars. All you need to do for the installation is to simply take the thumbscrew off and away from the mounting bracket then put the bell on the handlebars.

After you’ve done that, you need to tighten the screw.

The bell is very light, simple, and stylish. It’s very easy to use as the only thing you have to do to make it work is to flick the lever.

This Schwinn bell is fortunately very loud and clear, producing a sound that easily resembles that of an ice-cream truck.

It does not quite move or twist around and the sound intensity can easily be controlled by the amount of pressure exerted over the lever. With this bike bell, the positioning of the button that is required to ring the bell makes it best suited for the left side of the handlebar.

The one thing that might dissuade you from choosing this is that when compared to its rival bike bells, it’s not as loud.

Key Features

  • Comes in a vintage design
  • Fits a number of different handlebars
  • Clear ringing bell
  • Weighs 0.03 lbs.


  • Very light
  • Stylish
  • Nice vintage design making it a good-looking choice


  • Small bell that’s not as loud when compared to others

7. Wideck Crown Bell

If you’re looking for a great bicycle bell that’s old-fashioned, then this chrome bell will do the trick for you. The Wideck Crown Bells is an old-fashioned, durable one that produces a great sound.

You really can’t go wrong with the Wideck Crown Bell if you’re after bells for bikes that come at hefty prices. As a result, many people really love these bikes and since shops like to make sales, stockists often keep the bells in stock and readily available.

Aside from emitting the archetypal type of cheerful ring that a lot of bike riders will appreciate, the Wideck Crown Bell is also shiny and comes with a spring mechanism on the inside. The only problem with this bell, however, is the fact that it just jangles when you are rolling on a bumpy surface or when you are riding over cobbles.

Key Features

  • Charming, old fashioned-design
  • Shiny
  • Inside spring mechanism


  • Vintage looking and very stylish
  • Highly durable
  • Readily available in many bike shops and even online stores


  • Jangles rather loudly when you’re riding over some tough surfaces


Bike bells let you announce your presence when you’re on the road cycling. Considering everything, our verdict is that the Knog Oi bicycle bell is the best one to go for, as it stands out from the rest of the bicycle bells we’ve reviewed.

It’s the best bike bell if you want something classic that will fit many types of handlebars. You will also really appreciate the slim light profile of this bicycle bell particularly if you’re into something that does not only look cool but also makes your bike more appealing in the process.

Our bells for bike review should steer you in the right direction in case you’re on the hunt for a good bike bell, be it for one made of brass or any other material. Feel free to refer to it anytime.