10 Best 16 Inch Bikes for Your 4-6 Year Old Kids in 2022 – Reviews & Top Picks

16-inch bikes are meant for kids, especially for those around the age of 4 as these bikes will allow them to ride until they’re 6 years old. There are many such bikes today, which makes it difficult to choose the best one for your child as you find yourself spoilt for choice.

You might wonder what’s the right seat height, which color will the child love, what tires are great, or if it’s best to get one with training wheels or one without. However, we’re making things easier by putting together some of the most noteworthy 16-inch bikes that are safe for your child.

Keep reading this 16-inch bikes review to find out which one among these kids’ bikes is best to get for your child.

At A Glance: Our Top Picks for Best 16 Inch Bikes

If you’re in a hurry, you can jump straight into our top picks (these are the 16-inch bikes that most people buy). 

  • Prevelo Alpha 2 Top Pick
  • Guardian Ethos Runner-up
  • Co-op Cycle Red Runner-up

Top 10 Best 16 Inch Bikes – Our Reviews:

1. Prevelo Alpha 2

The Prevelo Alpha is one of the best bikes meant for kids who like the idea of going on long rides with the family. It’s one of the best lightweight bikes designed with a low center of gravity and high gearing ability.

The bike only weighs 15 pounds, not exactly the lightest 16-inch bike you can find in the market but it comes very close to the lightest ones. It also comes with a gorgeous frame that kids will surely appreciate.

The Prevelo Alpha 2 is made of the 6061 type of aluminum, with custom-formed tubing and attractive welds. This bicycle lacks paint and shows off its brushed aluminum material.

This bicycle also has a rear cable which is routed internally to make things even tidier.

When it comes to the bike’s geometry, it’s neither leaned over, too upright, nor even aggressive, making it ideal for your child to ride fast and feel comfortable at the same time.

It stands out from other bikes as it also has a slight dip around the tube top of the frame, allowing your kids to easily stand over. It also gives them an easy time when it comes to getting off the bike.

Moreover, the Prevelo Alpha has Tektro brakes, tires from the Kendall Small Block Eight brand, and a sealed bearing bottom bracket. This means your kids will enjoy riding it every time as the process is nice and smooth.

It’s a great balance bike that can last years, which means you can pass it on from one kid down to another and still manage to sell it after your kids have outgrown it. Not many bikes are that durable among the 16-inch ones which is why this is one of the best to get on our list.

This 16-inch bicycle doesn’t come with a coaster brake but has dual handbrakes instead that are easy to reach. They also don’t require too much effort to operate.

So, although your child can’t exactly have a race car, they can have this fast, shiny bicycle that has amazing sporting race stripes. It’s a beautiful 16-inch bicycle that’s also functional, wrapping almost everything a child would want their bike to have.

Key Features

  • 3.8 gain ratio
  • Beautiful aluminum frame
  • Sleek design
  • Lightweight bike
  • Child-appropriate design
  • Top-notch componentry
  • Dual handbrakes


  • Has great child-appropriate geometry
  • It’s a no coaster brake bicycle
  • Top-notch components


  • Lacks kickstand, name decals, fenders, and other extras
  • No steering limiter

2. Guardian Ethos

The Guardian Ethos from Guardian Bikes is a well-designed 16-inch bike with a proprietary brake system called SureStop. This system helps prevent any braking that’s unsafe for the child.

When riding at faster speeds, bikes can sometimes tilt forward when you brake using the front hand brake. This could actually buck your child off the bike, throwing him or her over the handlebars.

The SureStop on this Guardian Ethos bikes can prevent this from happening by ensuring only one brake lever is engaging both the front and rear brake. The system makes it safe especially for children and is also very easy for them to use compared to many other traditional dual hand brakes.

It’s also a budget-friendly choice compared to the original line, except that Ethos is a bit heavier because it’s constructed using steel and not aluminum.

The Guardian Ethos 16-inch bike boasts a steel frame that’s very lightweight, something that makes it easy to control yet very durable that it could end up outlasting your child. This bike is also already kid-tested to ensure that it’s very safe for your 4 to 6-year-old child to ride on.

The colors and design of this kids’ bicycle make it an eye candy for children and will make them feel very cool while they ride it. This line of bikes in particular uses water transfer decals that have clear coat finishes that are responsible for giving this kids’ bike that lovely polished shine.

The Guardian Ethos has been designed with kid-specific geometry incorporating the right proportions from the ground up so that your kid remains comfortable. The pedal bike has smaller grips and less distance between the pedals.

Moreover, the bike has low step-over height and its low crossbar makes it very easy for the kids to step on and get over it. It also makes it easier for them to get off the bike especially when they are in a rush.

The 16-inch bicycle seat height is also very adjustable and it will take you only a short time to adjust and lock it. That means you’ll be able to adjust the seat of the Guardian Ethos as your child grows to ensure they’re always very comfortable while they’re on it.

It’s also among those kids’ bikes that never incorporate coaster brakes, so new riders can always start by backpedaling to maintain their balance. Plus, the brakes of this bike stop much faster and will make sure your kid has much more control.

Key Features

  • Weighs 17.5 pounds
  • The seat height is 18 to 23.5 inches
  • Proprietary braking system


  • Prevents unsafe braking
  • Easy to use
  • Budget-friendly
  • Adjustable seat


  • A bit heavy

3. Co-op Cycle Red

The Co-op Red retailer is a great 16-inch bicycle that’s an excellent choice for your 4 to 6-year-old child. The most notable thing about it is its aluminum frame which is the reason for it being lighter compared to similar bicycles made of steel.

It’s one of the best 16” bikes available with either a white or red blank palette that’s complete with a chain guard matching the bicycle’s frame.

You’ll notice that this bicycle’s palette is too blank but it’s because the manufacturers want your 4 to 6-year-olds to customize their own kid’s bikes. It’s also part of the reason the Co-op Cycle Red 16 comes with a lot of stickers.

In addition to the Co-op Cycle Red’s design features, you get the riser handlebars in BMX style. These come with a complete padded crossbar.

Key Features

  • Aluminum frame
  • Lightweight
  • White or red palette


  • Light because of the aluminum frame
  • Easily customizable by your 4 to 6-year-olds


  • Palette is a bit too blank

4. Raleigh MXR 16

The Raleigh MXR is a fun and very durable bike that easily makes it to our 16- inch bike list. It’s a fun and reliable one that your 4 to 6-year-old child will love.

This bike gives the child a newly found freedom when they are riding around the neighborhood.

It’s a very well-built kids’ bike with a coaster brake and no hand brakes.

While the Raleigh MXR is not exactly top of the line, it’s worth the affordable price. This bike type can also be found in 12 and 20 inches.

This Raleigh MXR bike provides a smooth ride that’s quite comfortable. It can also easily last for years because of its impressive durability.

Moreover, the bike features handlebars that are slightly low-rise which let it perform better especially if your child’s adventurous and prefers to go over the small jumps or curbs when cycling around.

The MXR is a great choice for active kids especially if you’re on a budget. It comes in bright colors that make any 6-year-old eager to take it around for a ride.

The only thing the child might complain about is the fact that this bike requires more effort than usual to start pedaling. However, they could always stand up when they start pedaling to gain some momentum.

Inexperienced riders can also enjoy the experience with this bike but might have a wobbly start because of the highly placed handlebars, but they can always get the hang of it.

The seat height of this bike ranges from between 19.5 to 24 inches and the bike’s stand-over height is a little over 16 inches. This seat height and the bike’s stand-over height make it very suitable for kids with inseams of 18 to about 21 inches.

So, the way this kids’ bike generally fits your 6-year-olds is highly dependent on how much their experience riding a pedal bike is and their inseam measurement.

Key Features

  • Seat height between 18-24 inches
  • Weight of 18.3 pounds
  • Good basic components


  • Lightweight
  • Relatively cheap
  • Upright geometry comfortable for neighborhood rides
  • Comes in two colors, blue and green
  • Durable
  • Almost maintenance-free


  • Has coaster brakes instead of hand brakes
  • A lot of effort is required when the child needs to pedal
  • Has a very tall minimum height, 16 inches

5. Woom 3

This is one of the best 16” kids bikes for beginners between 4 to 6 years old. It’s made by the WOOM Bikes company which is known to make child-specific bikes that are high-end and top-quality.

The company particularly takes interest in designing bikes for children with smaller frames. These Woom Bikes are lighter, smaller, and have a low COG (center-of-gravity) compared to many other 16-inch bikes available.

The Woom 3 is very easy to balance and comes with a special brake system that allows a newbie to easily learn how to use dual handbrakes quickly for the first time.

When your child learns to operate the front and rear brakes faster, it becomes easier for them to use a pedal bike later. The specially designed brake lever of the Woom 3 facilitates easier pulling with the kid’s small hands and will only require them to put in little strength to safely stop the bike.

The Woom 3 16” bike also has ergonomically designed bike grips that make it significantly easier for your child to stop it. It also has a super-light aluminum frame that allows the bike to give your child some much-needed balance, aside from helping your child ride safely.

Plus, its seat post and open seat tube let the bike be adjusted a number of times as your child grows. Woom has also designed the saddle of the bike to fit the child’s pelvis so that the child remains in a good upright position while they ride this kids’ bike.

With this kind of saddle design, the bike is suitable for riding in all kinds of positions, be it standing or sitting. The manufacturers of Woom 3 have come up with the Woom steering limiter which also contributes to the safety of the child, as its role is to make sure the handlebars don’t overturn.

The Woom steering limiter helps the kid maintain a steady and straight posture so as to limit the possibility of them getting into an accident while they ride the bike.

This bike also features the Woom stem which is what connects the handlebars to the headset. This Woom stem comes with no single protruding bolts, so you need not worry about children hitting their knees and hurting themselves.

The Woom bike also comes with some great tires that have low rolling resistance to ensure that your child rolls smoothly, regardless of the kind of terrain they are on. They are some of the best training wheels, too.

Lastly, the tires also have a reflective stripe that ensures they can be seen properly even in low lighting.

Key Features

  • Ergonomically designed grip
  • Lightweight bike
  • Small size
  • Woom stem
  • Woom steering limiter
  • High-quality lightweight tires
  • Low rolling tire resistance


  • Easy to handle because of low seat height
  • High-quality lightweight tires with good shock absorption
  • Reflective stripes on tires give it good visibility


  • The bikes are high end and can be expensive

6. Goplus Freestyle Kids Bicycle

This is another bike that easily falls among the best in the 16-inch bikes for kids category, although it’s also available in 12 and 20 inches. The Goplus Freestyle 16-inch bike allows for children of different heights to ride it because it comes with an adjustable seat and handlebars.

This is something that also ensures the 16” bike grows with your kid, so you won’t have to think so much about replacing the bike for them too soon.

When it comes to performance, the Goplus ensures you’ll have an easier time teaching your children how to ride the bike. It has training wheels that help in enhancing your child’s stability when they’re leaning on the pedal.

The balance bike also has a dual suspension steel frame and suspension fork that make it easy for your child to have the smoothest ride. The Goplus also has a front caliper brake and a rear pedal brake which helps in giving your child multiple stopping options when they’re learning how to ride, making the learning phase safer.

Plus, this bike has two rubber wheels that give maximum traction. Its fully enclosed chain guard ensures the child’s fingers don’t get pinched or soiled, and its non-slip bars make sure they have full control over the bike when they’re riding it.

This bicycle comes in blue, red, and white colors so that you have lots of options to go for.

As for construction, the bike’s tires are well structured to ensure that your child remains safe while riding. The steel construction is also very strong, so your child can enjoy the bike for much longer.

The bicycle comes with an additional bike water bottle and a holder to store your kid’s drinks. It also features a bicycle bell that your kid can use to announce their presence on the road.

Generally, this would be the best 16” bike to go for if you would like your kid below 6 years of age to have fun while they exercise. The multiple safety features that come with this particular bike allow for beginners to ride it very comfortably.

Key Features

  • Adjustable seat and handlebars
  • Training wheels
  • Caliper brake
  • Dual suspension steel frame
  • Available in blue, red, and white
  • Water bottle and holder
  • Durable steel constructions


  • The saddle height is easy to adjust
  • The handlebar is easily adjustable
  • Sturdy training tires
  • The handlebar doesn’t slide


  • Comes with tools that will require assembling

7. Joystar Kids Bike

The 16-inch Joystar Kids Bike is made of a high-quality first-class steel material that can ensure beginners learning how to ride. This is a durable bike that a parent will be able to pass from one child to the next.

This 16” bike comes with training wheels that enhance the learning process, letting beginners balance and pedal better.

The bike also comes with an easily adjustable seat, so regardless of your child’s height, they will be able to use the bike comfortably. Plus, its saddle holder comes in handy when you want to help your child as they slowly learn how to ride.

The bike’s roast brake ensures it stops when the pedal gets pushed back. It also comes with some reflectors on the seat post, rear, front, and handlebar for extra safety.

You might also be happy to know that this kind of bike will ensure your child will not get stuck in the chainrings, thanks to the enclosed chain guard that prevents such a scenario.

The Joystar Kids Bike comes 85% assembled. When you make a purchase, it includes some tools that will help you in the assembling process.

Once you decide to buy it for your kid, they can choose the one that fits their style since it comes in a variety of colors ranging from silver to red, blue, and beige.

Thanks to its sturdy construction, this is the kind of 16” bike that will get rid of your worries when you think of your child out there cycling.

Key Features

  • Made of steel material
  • Training wheels
  • Adjustable seat
  • Enclosed chainguard
  • Silver, red, blue, and beige colors
  • Roast brake


  • Easy to assemble
  • The brakes are easy to use
  • Simple design
  • Training wheels for learners
  • Durable
  • Comes with a limited warranty


  • Lacks a kickstand

8. Cube Cubie 160

If your child will be doing a lot of off-road cycling, for example at trail centers, then you might like the Cube Cubie 160 bike for them. It easily makes it to our best bikes list because it’s comfortable for such kinds of riding.

The style of this 16” bike is similar to that of the company’s adult-type best mountain bike range but the features have been made to suit children more.

This Cube Cubie Bike has a rear coaster, brake meaning the child has to backpedal when they’re riding it so that it stops. They also have to use the front rim brake, which is more common.

While this coaster brake is something a number of kids and even adults like on their bikes, many do not. However, they’re very useful to children who are still unable to use the brake levers to stop.

The 16” Cube Cubie 160 also has a rear mudguard that helps keep off a lot of dirt. It also has a chain guard to help It stay clean.

This 16” bike is not exactly the lightest because it weighs 7.5 kg and has a rear coaster brake that adds weight to the bike’s aluminum frame and components. Still, the bike has a reputation for being very durable and high quality.

Key Features

  • Standover height of 44.6 cm
  • 7.5 kg weight
  • Alloy frame
  • Steel forks
  • Coaster brake
  • Available in pink, white, and black


  • Mudguard keeps dirt off
  • Durable
  • High-quality bike


  • Coaster brake hard to use

9. Carerra Cosmo 16

This Carrera Cosmo 16 bike happens to be one from Halford’s brands. Should you buy this 16” bike, you’ll realize that it’s significantly lighter than other steel-framed bikes in the Halford’s range.

The Carrera Cosmo 16 bicycle comes with an aluminum frame and has child-sized components, meaning your child will find it quite easy to ride and will be able to do so safely which is the most important thing.

Every time you choose to go for lighter bikes instead of heavy ones which in most cases will be the cheaper options, you will realize that there’s a significant difference in how children ride the bikes. It will often be easier for them and they’ll be able to use the bike much longer.

The Carrera Cosmo 16 bike’s manufacturer even builds up the bike for you when you decide to buy it so that your kid wastes no time and can start riding it as soon as you take it home. They even go the extra mile to properly dispose of your bikes’ packaging for you.

It’s important to keep the tires, wheels, seat, and other parts of the bike in good condition so that the bike doesn’t get out of action for a long time. Buying this 16-inch bike also means you get access to the manufacturer Kids Cycle Care service.

With this service, you can be sure any wearing bike components are fixed, so the bike gets back in good working condition much faster and your kid can once again get to riding.

Plus, this Carrera Cosmo 16 bike also comes with a lifetime warranty when it comes to both frames and forks.

Key Features

  • 112 – 27 cm
  • 6.8 kg in weight
  • Aluminum frame and forks
  • Kenda tires
  • Available in blue, white, and purple
  • One-year warranty for the bike parts


  • Easy to ride
  • Lifetime warranty on frames and forks
  • The manufacturer builds it for free


  • Warranty limited to a few parts and not the entire bike

10. Pello Revo

The Pello Revo is one of the best 16” bikes you can find. It’s a wonderful starter bike for kids who are just learning how to ride.

It was started by a dad looking for a lightweight kind of bicycle for his child, one that comes with high-end components but easily obtainable without having to spend so much. He succeeded in building this.

The Pello Revo comes with some very impressive components. It has wide knobbly 16″ tires great for trail riding and single tracks; they can also keep up with the kids as they grow and advance their skills.

This 16” bicycle comes built with the right kind of geometry and has a semi-upright positioning. It has a narrow stance that provides the child with comfort and is quite a natural fit for a learner on paved surfaces.

The Pello Revo is one of those 16-inch bikes that come with a standard backpedal and because of that, it’s highly recommended that you buy the freewheel kit which is usually optional. This removes coaster brakes, something that will allow the kids to regain their balance by naturally pedaling backward.

The coaster brakes are not the best since they can be frustrating on aggressive terrains and can sometimes affect the bike balance of the kid who’s cycling. The freewheel kit easily solves this problem.

Moreover, the Pello Revo gives the child an aggressive enough position that allows them to grow well into a more aggressive style of riding with time. This position lets them sit straighter and in a more natural way.

The handlebars of this 16” bicycle can be rotated either towards or away from the kid while they’re riding, which will slightly alter their position while they ride the bike.

While this does not make much of a difference, the bicycle rider will find themselves rotating the handlebars either inwards or outwards to feel comfortable. It actually depends on their preference.

Key Features

  • Stable tires
  • Semi-upright positioning
  • Narrow stance
  • Wide 16″ tires


  • Handlebars can be rotated
  • Freewheel kit available


  • Standard backpedal
  • Frustrating brakes

My Pick

If you ask us which one’s the best among these 16” bikes, then the Prevelo Alpha easily takes the win. It’s got great tires which is necessary for a 6, 5, or 4-year-old child to smoothly ride the bike.

Aside from just the tires, this is one of those 16” bikes that provide comfortable seat height for the child and when they’re on it, they won’t be too leaned over or too upright, thus letting them ride much faster and easier while they’re on it.

Compared to many other 16-inch bikes, it has more child-friendly features that will make 4 to 6-year olds enjoy riding anywhere.


When trying to figure out the most ideal 16-inch kids bikes to get for under six-year-olds, it’s important to consider the seat height because it determines the comfort level, and the tires or the wheels as they determine where the kid will be able to ride.

If they’re still new to riding, it would be a great idea to get them 16” bikes with training wheels for extra support.

Feel free to use this 16” kids bikes review next time you want to buy your child an amazing one.